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If you’ve been into different bars or restaurants where alcoholic beverages are served, for sure you’ve noticed someone carefully measuring wine using a small stainless-steel cup. You might think every drop of wine counts and that’s how a successful business should be.

In a way, that’s correct, but not quite. For a measuring device like jigger, it plays a more important purpose rather than as a budgeting tool.

In this article, we will list down some of the best jiggers for sale today to aid you with your choices.

Continue reading to learn more about them.

OXO Steel Double Jigger

Best Jiggers

The OXO Steel Double Jigger seems to be well-designed and well-constructed, thus you can be confident to have it in bars or at parties at home. It has a stylish look and a nicely brushed stainless body that makes it all the more attractive.

Moreover, there is arubber around the middle of the jigger that helps prevent users from slipping it. This complements very well to thewelds that are neatly andnicely done in between the 2 cups of the jigger.

As for the measurements, this OXO jigger almost has everything available. On one side, there’s 0.25oz, 0.5oz, and 1oz, while there’s 0.33oz, 0.75oz, and 1.5oz on the other. All the measurements inside it are displayed as incremental markings, thus they’re easy to view. Most importantly, they’re all very precise.

This is the top jigger we have today.

OXO Steel Angled Measuring Jigger

Best Jiggers

The OXO Steel Angled Measuring Jigger has a rugged stainless-steel design that really feels solid and seems indestructible. It’s created with a unique shape that makes itsimple to handle and easy to clean. In addition to this, the spout that’s pressed on its upper rim allows you to easily pour some wine without mess.

Compared to its plastic version, this OXO jigger has fewer measurement increments. It only has 0.5oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, and 2oz markings. The good thing though is they are easy to read courtesy of the angled measurement surface. Even those who do not have very good eyesight should not have any problems reading the laser-etched markings.

Just so you’ll know, this OXO jigger is dishwasher safe.

Barmix Double Jigger Measure Shot, Stainless Steel (Set of 2 Jiggers)

Best Jiggers

The Barmix double-sided jigger is one of the best-looking wine measuring accessories you can find in the market today. It has a chrome finish that’s not only shiny, but is also clean and even. If you look closely, a Barmix label has been lightly-etched into its surface and this has been stylishly done.

It likewise looks very durable. The weld between the shot glasses look secure and there’s no any sign of it leaking after a couple of uses. Its base is very stable too. It cannot be easily knocked down not unless you do it intentionally.

As for accuracy, this Barmix jigger appears to be a reliable one. Comparing its measurements to another gauging device will give you exactly the same results.

If there’s something that could be improved, it would be the lips. Instead of having the lips somewhat sharp,Barmix should have come up with a rounded edge.

Dozenegg Double Cocktail Jigger, Set of 3

Best Jiggers

The Dozenegg jigger is not as elegant as its expensive counterparts. It even appears plain and simple which may be good for those who prefer things that work rather than on how they look like. Its quality is not topnotch. Nonetheless, it still feels good on your hand as it’s veryeasy to use and carry.

In addition to being a very affordable jigger, the selling point of this tool is its precision. Its accuracy is outstanding, thus it can really be relied upon in terms of measurements.

If you’re sight is not that excellent, there may be a need for you to wear your glasses to be able to view the measurements. Although the measurements are not that visible, you can still tell what theamount is merely by the size.

For the price, this Dozenegg device can be a very good jigger in households and even in bars.

1oz & 2oz Double Sided Jigger – Make Perfectly Poured Cocktails In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Best Jiggers

This jigger from Arctic Chill has a stylish stainless-steel finish that seems to be sturdy and well-designed. It alsohas a cylindrical shape that makes markings a lot easier to read from the inside. Compared to the conical ones, this jigger has a slimmer profile that makes it a lot easier to store along with other pieces of kitchenware.

One side of this jigger is 1oz with 15mL and 30mL markings, while the other side is 2oz with 20mL and 40mL marks. So far, the markings are very precise which means the gauge itself is properly calibrated.

Moreover, instructions claim that this jigger is dishwasher-safe. While you can always wash it with soap, the jigger should still be fine if you wash it under running water after each and every use.

So far, this double-sided jigger works as expected and can therefore be an asset in bars or in any households.

What is a jigger?

A jigger, sometimes called measure, is a bartending device used to measure liquor before it’s poured into a cocktail shaker. It was named for the unit of liquid it measures. Each jigger or shot is equivalent to 1.5 US fluid ounces, or 1.6 imp fl. oz.or44 ml.

Most of the time, a jigger is comprised of two unequal-sized opposing cones that are made of stainless steel. Usually, one cone measures a regulation single shot, while the other gauges about a fraction or sometimes a multiple of it.

The actual sizes of jiggers are sometimes dependent on customs and local laws.

What are the things to consider when buying a jigger?

Accuracy of measurements. The main purpose of a jigger is to precisely measure ingredients in making cocktails and other wine mixtures. Just like when baking, you should pay attention to detailsby clearly definingingredients that should be included. If you think you’re not getting accurate measurements, then it means it’s about time to get a new jigger.

Ease of use. The jigger should be helpful in every way. As much as possible, the measurements should be clear enough for everybody to see. It must also be easy to handle so that it doesn’t slip or it doesn’t easily knock itself down. Moreover, it would also help if it can be easily cleaned.

Design and durability. Like any other products, the jigger should be well-designed in a way that its physical features provide real benefits to the user. It should be made of quality materials that do not easily break and it must be built to last. It would also be a plus if it’s designed to be classy so it can be used in any type of occasion or special gathering. There are several jigger brands to choose from that can offer all these basic requirements.

Price. Jiggers are not like any other products that cost a lot, but still we would have to consider price as a factor to influence our choices. Having a cheap jigger does not often mean having a mediocre product, but it sometimes imply that not all jiggers cost high to be the best. Get an inexpensive jigger that really serves its purpose.


Mixing, preparing, and serving wine have indeed gone several notches higher. The process has become more systematic and much more methodological.

Since then, we have enjoyed some of the best wines and have indulged ourselves to some mixtures that are often only served at bars or in any other establishments offering expensive beverages.

As a measuring device, the jigger has helped eliminate the guessing work and has made wine preparation a hobby for everyone to enjoy.

Moreover, we get to experience and take pleasure in the most expensive wine mixtures in the convenience of our home.

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