Best Jigsaw Reviews 2017

When looking for the best jigsaw to use, performance is one of the main points you usually look into. Whether the product delivers good results depends on the accuracy and the finesse of the saw, and the workmanship of the person using it. If you’re looking for the best jigsaw with the intention of utilizing it to make your own furniture, for your DIY projects anywhere at your home or if you’re using this for your business as a professional carpenter, then you might want to check this list we’ve compiled to help you choose the best jigsaw in the market. There are a lot of products to choose from with varied reviews and ratings from users so it’ll be hard to pick the best tool that will suit your needs. A jigsaw is not cheap, so it’s better to choose the best one that is worth its price.

Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw

First on our list of the best jigsaw in the market is Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw. Many good reviews were given by users of this tool. This product has a special feature wherein a smart select technology can automatically set the jigsaw in giving optimum output in any cutting application you wanted. It also has unique variable speed dial options which provide you seven settings of power ranging from 800 to 3,000 rpm. You can cut curves and shapes without any difficulty whether you use it on wood, plastic, metal and other material. This is made possible with its powerful 5 amp motor. You don’t need to trouble yourself in changing blades since this has tool-free blade change.

This is an impressive product which has great precision in cutting any material. Of course, no one is perfect on their first try. No tool can make a perfect product if you don’t know how to use any device or make any design, so practice still makes perfect. Keep in mind that jigsaws are made to make shorter cuts and scrolling cuts but not perfect straight cuts so don’t expect to have perfectly straight, long cuts with any jigsaw. With this tool, though, you can have an almost straight cut unlike other jigsaws other there. For such a price, this product can deliver good outputs. No wonder people loved this product.

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw with Keyless Blade Change

Here’s another jigsaw tool we came across online which is a good product based on the many satisfied feedbacks from users. This has a high satisfaction rating and review from users and is highly recommended even by professionals who were able to use it. This jigsaw has an all-metal lever-action blade that is keyless so when you change the blades you don’t have to do so many things that are burdensome. You can do blade changes quick and easy, unlike other jigsaw products in the market. The shoe bevel in this jigsaw has detents at 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees and 45 degree which gives you versatility in choosing the right one for your work in order for you to have easy bevel cutting.

Another great feature this product has not usually encountered with other jigsaw products is it has 4 positions orbital action that allows the worker to manipulate the tool in order to control the quality and speed in your cutting. You can use this for any DIY work you need to do. You won’t experience the hassle of unscrewing each bolt in order to change the blades, unlike other products. This is very handy and easy to use, it’s quite versatile too. This is powered by a battery so you don’t have to battle with a power cord when you use it anywhere in the house. The weight is conveniently balanced so you don’t have to carry around with a heavy equipment. Although this quite pricey, it’s worth every cent.


If you’re looking for an affordable jigsaw that will make your work easier and guarantee to give good output in cutting materials, you might like to check this product. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jigsaw is an inexpensive jigsaw which has amazing reviews from satisfied users. It has a high rating too and is recommended by many people. What makes this product great is it has a curve control technology not usually seen in other jigsaw products in the market. You can adjust the saw’s orbit when you do the tricky curves by adjusting the customized settings of 1-4. Cutting those tricky edges won’t be a challenge anymore with this jigsaw.

This jigsaw is powered by a 5 amp motor of variable speed and can even reach 3,000 SPM cutting power, how amazing is that? It also has a special adjustable shoe stability that you can manipulate for your convenience. In making 45-degree bevel cuts, it’ll be easy breezy when you use this tool. The newly improved version has an improvised wire guard for your protection and convenience. The improved grip makes it easier and safer for you to use. You can also control the speed you want thanks to its customized settings. This is easier to use compared to other pricey jigsaw products.

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw

Introducing to you another jigsaw tool you can use for your DIY projects or for professionals who needed a new jigsaw for their work. Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw is an ingenious tool you can use which can deliver good output and has a convenient system for changing blades. You don’t need to use any device when you change the blades. With other jigsaws, you’ll notice changing the blades involve unscrewing and screwing which can be dangerous as well as such a hassle in your part. When you change the blade of this jigsaw, it’s fast and easy since it has a blade ejection level you need to press and just like that, the blade comes off. You don’t even need to touch the blade which is such a safe system.

When you want smooth yet aggressive cuts, you can have that thanks to its special feature of four orbital-action settings which can give you different blade strokes. It has a set of dials you can choose from for maximum speed and an accelerator trigger which control the operating speed of the tool. When you use a jigsaw in cutting materials such a sheet of wood, you’ll notice some jigsaws have this distracting vibration which affects your output. This product has a low-vibration design for a high-accuracy result. It also has a plunging system for optimum precision. You won’t experience any disturbing jumpy motions when you use this in cutting, unlike other fidgety jigsaws.

PORTER-CABLE PC600JS 6 Amp Orbital Jig Saw

A highly recommended jigsaw tool you can use is this PORTER-CABLE PC600JS 6 Amp Orbital Jig Saw. For such a high-performing device, this sure has quite good reviews and ratings. The satisfaction level is quite high from users of this tool. What’s even more appealing about the product is its reasonable price. This jigsaw is powered by a heavy-duty motor of 6.0-Amp which can handle tough applications. This has varied speeds you can adjust ranging from 0 to 3200 SPM. For optimal cutting in any materials, you can adjust the various applications this has. In changing the blades, you don’t need to do much since it has a keyless blade change for a fast and easy application.

An orbital level with 4-position option gives you the freedom to maneuver the tool in whatever design you might have in mind when cutting any material. Best cutting performance is achieved even when you use this to different materials. This high-quality product is reasonably priced so you get the best performance for every cent. You’ll love the feel of this jigsaw when you use it even with ¾ inch ply boards you’d still have a smooth cut. You might experience some wobbliness, but only a little bit. You need to have a firm grip in using any tool such as in using a jigsaw.

Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable-Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw

We’d like to introduce to you another jigsaw device which has great features and a high recommendation from people who were able to use it. Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable-Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw is ergonomically designed for your comfort. It has a rubberized handle for a good grip to make your work easy and comfortable. You’ll have optimum control when you cut any materials, whatever they may be. This jigsaw is powered by a 3.9 AMP motor and has 3 orbital settings you can choose from in handling tricky curve cuts. You can even use this in cutting a straight line which is not usually seen in other jigsaw devices.

You can choose the speed you want in cutting. A variable speed control dial ranging from 500 to 3100 SPM is available with this product. This enables you to coincide the speed of your cutting application for optimal cutting performance even when you use this to various products of different width and composition. It has a die-cast aluminum base you can adjust up to 45 degrees in either direction of left or right, and a solid cutting angle of 90 degrees stop. You’ll have an easier cutting application thanks to its large trigger switch conveniently placed for easier access. It also has a lock-on button for longer operation. If you want a jigsaw which can deliver quick and easy output then this is the one for you.

SKIL 4395-01 5.5 Amp Orbital Jig Saw

Another product on our list of the best jigsaw in the market is this SKIL 4395-01 5.5 Amp Orbital Jig Saw. This is the most affordable one we’ve found, yet it promises good cutting performance that is quick and easy which is quite awesome when you look at the price and compare it with other pricier products. This jigsaw is easy to use and has a powerful motor which can withstand even heavy-duty materials and workloads. It even has a Skil foot design made stable for you to have a more controlled start when you initially do the cutting. You won’t worry about having wobbly a wobbly jigsaw and an uneven cut when you start cutting your material.

Even though you’re not a professional carpenter, you can use this jigsaw with ease. It’s very convenient and easy to use you’ll have amazing outputs on your own. Even if you use this to a variety of plywood, it’ll be like slicing a warm knife through butter. That’s how amazing this tool is. The powerful motor gives clean and easy cut while the weight of the jigsaw actually helps you since you won’t need to apply more pressure when you do your cutting application. Being a small and handy jigsaw, it gives good output. The price is quite affordable, too, and the device is long-lasting even after multiple uses.

Ryobi P523 Cordless 18V One Plus Lithium-Ion Orbital Jig Saw

Last on our list of best jigsaw tool you can check out is this Ryobi P523 Cordless 18V One Plus Lithium-Ion Orbital Jig Saw. This jigsaw is operated by a motor which has the speed of1,100–3,000 SPM. What’s good about this device is it’s not connected to a power cord. Instead, this jigsaw is battery operated which is convenient especially if you need to do some projects in a tricky position. Another feature not seen in other jigsaw is this product has a blade saver which is a profitable innovation in extending blade life. You don’t need to use any tool in changing the blades and it has a line blower which can clear debris so that you’ll have a clean and accurate output.


Whether you needed a jigsaw to do some DIY furnishings at home or you needed it for your work as a professional carpenter, you need a durable and efficient jigsaw to make your job easier for you. It’s important to have a jigsaw that is safe and easy to use, as well as a high-performance one that is able to give you good output. Making sure that you purchase a reliable and worth it jigsaw is hard with various jigsaw products available on the store. We hope with this list of the best jigsaw you’re able to choose the best tool for your projects.

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