Best Juicers Reviews 2017

Waking up in the morning, going to the fridge and realizing that there is no more juice can start a bad day. This would never happen if you were able to make your own juice. For that, the best tool you can use is a good juicer.

Juicer does not take too much space on your counter, but they are a live-saver. You and your family can enjoy fresh orange juice in the morning, but not only. As these little machines are quite powerful, they can deal with a large range of fruits to match your taste.

It is easy to be lost looking at all the different types of juicers. Here is a little list of great juicers to help you make your mind.

Black+decker je2200b 400-watt fruit and vegetable juice extractor with custom juice cup

Best Juicers

This is a very affordable juicer. It has a good 400-watt motor and will take care of every fruit with efficiency.

This good product has the advantage of having an integrated pulp receptor, so you will save room on that in your kitchen. Enjoy the best of orange juice without getting your counter invaded! Your kids will appreciate a nice juice in the morning, and you will not have to worry for hours on where to put your new tool.

This top juicer also comes with a 2-years guaranty, as it was built to last.

Epica powerful whisper-quiet citrus juicer-70 watt motor

Best Juicers

This product costs a little more than the one above, but it is totally worthy it. It is the best ally for your mornings since it will provide you with a nice freshly pressed juice in a few moments.

A great feature of this good juicer is that it will pour the juice directly to your drink, so it is less effort when you are still quite sleepy. The two different reamers are adapted to fit various fruit size, so you can change your habits and try some new juices.

Now relax because it comes with a one-year guaranty.

Breville bje200xl compact juice fountain 700-watt juice extractor

Best Juicers

This product is a great deal for a juice fountain! The price might be located in the high range, but it remains inexpensive for what you get.

The design of this top juicer will impress everyone comes across it, and really makes you feel like sky is the limit. The motor is extra-powerful with its 700 watts, so you can extract the best of any fruit.

Some parts are adapted to dishwasher, so it does not take you hours to clean it. To reassure you on the quality of your new tool, it comes with a one-year guaranty. Enjoy.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Best Juicers

Here is one of the best juicer for sale! It is not a cheap juicer, but it is a very powerful one.

The design of this product is very inventive. The juicer is low speed to reduce to oxidation of the machine by reducing the foam. It ejects the pulp while working, so the juice does not stop flowing.

A great feature of this product is that you can make more than juice. Make butter out of nuts; mince garlic and herbs for your meals. It is perfect to crash all your ingredients.

Hamilton beach 67601a big mouth juice extractor

Best Juicers

If you are looking to buy a juicer to make yourself clean juice in a fast way, here is the best juicer for you. It is quite cheap, but really powerful.

Do you hate wasting? No worries, it does too and produces 24% more juice than its competitors. Make the best out of your fruits for an affordable price.

Your tool will be able to deal with the toughest ingredients, to provide you with unique fresh juices from various vegetables and fruits. Some of its parts can be put in the dishwasher. The famous brand just did it again!

What Are Juicers?

Juicers are these little machines that produce juice directly from the fruit. You usually put the fruit inside the juicer and then simply get the juice and poor it in a glass. The pulp is mechanically separated from the juice, so you do not have to worry about it.

Juicers are mainly made to obtain juice from fruits such as oranges or grapefruits, but some also deal with vegetable.

Advantages of Owninga Juicer

It is always annoying not to be sure what exactly is in your glass. This is often the case when you buy fruits at a supermarket and read the list of ingredients. Once you’ve made juice with your own juicer, you know exactly what it contains. If you are willing to drink only organic juices, you can make sure that no other ingredient has been added.

It is said that freshly made juices are good for the health. They also contain less sugar and calories that juices bought in supermarkets and other shops. To help your family stay fit and without health issues, a juicer is a great idea. It will also enable your kids to develop their creativity as they choose new ingredients and come up with brand new recipes.

Also, if you were scared to buy a blender because of the size, be aware that juicer is way more convenient because they are smaller. Do not get invaded by your dream of being healthy!

What To Look For

It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in your new juicer. The price range for these products is quite wide, so be sure you do not go too cheap and to end up disappointed by your product.

Some juicer only deals with fruits such as orange and grapefruit that you can directly press on the machine. If this is enough for you, still have a look at the pulp receptor and the speed. You do not want to wait for ages for your juice when you are already late to work.

If you are more of a creative person and want to experience with a wider range of ingredients, some juicer are able to extract juice from vegetable and various fruits. Sometimes, they can even make life easier and chopped your garlic and your herbs, to make the perfect pasta sauce.

Since juicers are usually smaller than blenders, try to go for one that does not take too much space on your counter. They are easy to find and usually have a nice and convenient design.


Breakfast can become a great moment when you have the right tools. The perspective of drinking a cold, nice fresh orange juice will certainly get you out of bed faster than you used to.

Juicers are great everyday-life products. They do not require a lot of maintenance, they are usually quite affordable and do not take too much room in your kitchen. In the end, you will get the reflex of buying fresh fruits and get fitter and healthier.

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