Best Kabuki Brush Reviews 2017

Make up is one of the essential things that a girl must have. It enhances her beauty and gives her additional confidence to face her everyday activity. And when you have your own makeup, it is a standard operating procedure that you also must have a makeup brush set. One of the most popular brushes in makeup is the kabuki brush. It is also called a mushroom brush and it was first used in Japan. You must get the best kabuki brush to evenly spread that makeup on your face and without leaving any uneven sides.

Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

If you are a girl, and you are into makeup. I’m pretty sure that you have tons of brushes at home that you have already misplaced or have already shed. The Kabuki Makeup Brush Set does not just provide a soft touch on your face as you apply your makeup and does not shed easily. It comes in e pieces per set all the basic makeup brushes that you need is already here in this set. So that you will no longer have to buy a different piece or search your entire house for that missing brush of yours because it comes in a traveling container where you can place your brushes after use. This Kabuki Makeup Set is also durable and can last for as long as it is been taken care of. All makeup brushes need cleaning after every use. Just as our toothbrush needs a little rinsing after we brush our teeth. It is also similar to make up brushes. But this kind of brush does not need any extra scrubbing on the brush pad. But a little soap and water will do to clean them.

If you are in a hurry and always on the go, this makeup set is for you because it is handy and very compact. All of the makeup that you applied on the brush will be smoothly transferred to your face without reapplying more makeup on your brush. This will save you time and effort in making yourself look good.

Beauty Junkees Flat Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush

Each makeup brush has its unique and own feature. And each kind of makeup brush has its own function and has a different designated area for applying. The Beaty Junkees Flat Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush is a single brush that covers the entire surface of your face. In other words, it is a brush for applying the base makeup or the foundation. It spreads the foundation evenly on the face without the worry if you left a part of your face uneven. This kabuki brush is small enough to fit your makeup kit and very easy to use because of its size. It can be easily grabbed even if you are in a hurry. Its synthetic bristles are soft enough to keep you comfortable in spreading the foundation on your face. This kabuki brush can be used in all types of foundation. There is the liquid type of foundation and there is those cake type of foundation. This brush can evenly spread that foundation on your face evenly and smoothly.

The Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush is made out of dense bristles to maximize the makeup effect, a wooden handle and a copper ferrule to make it stabled no matter how long you have been using your brush. There are other brushes that in just two to three uses the middle part will tend to get loose and makes the bristle shed.

BS-MALL(TM) Makeup Brushes Premium Makeup Brush Set Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

Those people who are highly involved in makeup they will need the BS-MALL(TM) Makeup Brushes Premium Makeup Brush Set Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set. It is a complete set of makeup brushes. It has 10 different kinds of makeup brushes for a fuller coverage. Other makeup brush sets often only come in an only 3-6 piece. And there is a possibility that you might mix the colors of the makeup, and will usually end in uneven complexion due to the mixing of colors. But with the BS-MALL Makeup Brushes Premium makeup Brush Set, you will no longer worry about uneven complexion anymore. It is on of many brands that provide all the basic brushes that you will need as you enhance your makeup.

This makeup is suitable for beginners and professional makeup artists. It has a soft bristle that does not harm your face and glides through as you apply the makeup on your face. Unlike other makeup brushes, they tend to shed as you use them. But with the brushes of this makeup brush set, you will have a continuous makeup session without the falling bristles.

Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki

Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki for Face - Perfect For Blending Liquid, Cream or Flawless Powder Cosmetics - Buffing, Stippling, Concealer - Premium Quality Synthetic Dense Bristles!

Similar to the Beaty Junkees Flat Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush, the Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki is also ideal for a full facial coverage. Spreading the base or the foundation on the face, this kind of kabuki brush is the best tool to use. It spreads out and even out the foundation on your face. But not just foundation but also some concealers, bronzer, and setting powders. It has a soft bristle-like any other makeup brushes and it won’t shed no matter how long you have used them. If you have a sensitive skin and often reacts to anything rough that touches your skin, this kabuki brush is for you. Its bristles are made out of synthetic materials to make it feel smooth every time it touches your face. It may be smooth because of its synthetic material, but it does not shed, unlike other makeup brushes that are sold ou in the market.

In order for this brush to last long, make sure that you will be able to take extra care of it. Clean every after use and place it in a place where it can be air dried. Here is my tip, hang your brush upside down to retain its original shape.

Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki

Just like any other flat Kabuki Brush the Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki has similar features like theBeaty Junkees Flat Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush and the Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki. They all spread evenly the foundation on your face and leaving it with a fine finish. These flat kabuki brushes are few of the most popular kabuki brushes in the market. Because they have the same quality and all have fine and dense bristles to make the application easy and soft to your skin. When it is not used it is still best to clean so that there will be no unwanted bacteria spreading all throughout your face. There are so many kinds of foundation brushes out there in the market. But the highly recommended by the makeup artists is the flat kabuki brush.

It is compact, it fills your face evenly and does not irritate your skin even if you have a sensitive skin. Its dense bristles will make you feel as if it was a feather that is on your face because of its softness. These brushes are no ordinary brushes. These are Kabuki.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

For hygienic purposes, we want a brush that does not absorb any dirt on our face. And also does not absorb the makeup that we want to be on our face. The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, designed by Samantha Chapman a famous makeup artist, is one of the best sellingmakeup brushes in the market. It has synthetic taklon bristles that do not absorb anything that may touch them which makes it lighter to use, unlike those other brushes that use thick hair bristles which are uncomfortable as it touches your face. And this material also keeps the foundation in its surface so that it will only be applied on your face. There are other brushes that when you use them and apply on your face, some of your dead skins will be trapped in between the bristles of the brush. But with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, it sweeps them away.

There are a lot of different kinds of kabuki brushes in the market, and the Real Techniques is one of the best selling brushes. Its long handle makes it easier for you to handle and to make your grip stable, and its abundant thin bristles are one of its best features that make it unique from the other brushes in the market.

BESTOPE Makeup Brushes Premium Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

If you are looking for a compact make upt brushes that can still give your face the exact bloom that you want if you are putting on your makeup, BESTOPE Makeup Brushes Premium Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set is for you. It has eight different kinds of brushes for you to use on the different parts of your face. This is to avoid mixing the colors on your brush so that the result will be perfect. It has a brush for the eyes, foundation, blending and even for contouring. Not all makeup brushes have these kinds of kabuki brushes. They are all soft and does not irritate the skin once you use it. Just be sure to clean them once you are done. We do not want to have any bacteria formig inside your favorite makeup brush. When it comes to cleaning, it is advisable to add a little bit of soap and olive oil whenever you are cleaning them. This is to retain the softness of the bristles and to avoid and tnagles between them.

And whenever you purchase this brush set, you will have a 12-month warranty if you receive the item with a missing piece or one of the has a defect. This is to ensure the satisfaction of all makeup artists and other customers.

Travel Makeup Brush Set

Travel Makeup Brush Set - Professional Kit with 6 Essential Face and Eye Makeup Brushes - Kabuki Eyeshadow Powder Foundation Blush - Synthetic Bristles of Premium Quality for Airbrushed Finish - Available in White and Black

There are makeup kabuki brushes that are very bulky. And some of them eats up space in our makeup kit or even in our bag. But with the Travel Makeup Set is small and yet very durable. It has extremely soft bristles and it does not absorb the liquid make or the oil on your face. It is very common that there are some brushes that does not get the enough amount of make up and some makeup artists usually dips their brushes under water. But with the Travel Makeup Brush Set, you will no longer need water for dipping. Because its bristles are made to get the exact amount of eyeshadow or powder that you need to apply on your face. This is one way to save more time, makeup and money. Because some brushes needs to be pressed down and can sometimes destroy the colors of our makeup pallette.

These kabuki brushes are ideal for people who are always traveling and still are into makeups. If you are always on the go, make sure that you have spare makeup brushes in your bag so that you will not have to worry about searching for the right brushes in your room. Buy a separate makeup brush set that is intended for your travels, and the Travel Makeup Set is the one for you.


Kabuki brushes were first used in Japanese theater. And the name of their Japanese theater is “kabuki”, this is where the name of the brush was derived. The Kabuki Artists use the kabuki brush to apply full foundation and powder on their face for them to be emphasized. There are a lot of kabuki brushes out in the market and it also comes in different shapes and sizes. There are some that can be found in a set of brushes when you buy them and there are some that can be sold individually. Be sure that you will be able to wash them every after use. It will help the brush retain its original shape and can help avoid bacterial growth and to keep your face clean and healthy whenever you will reuse them.

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