Best Kayak Carts Reviews 2017

Kayaking as a form of transportation dates back thousands of years, originally created by the Inuit for hunting and movement between tribes. Now it is a sport that can be undertaken leisurely in lakes and rivers, or for the more extreme, down white water rapids and even at an Olympic level.

Kayaking is easy to learn and it is also great exercise, requiring the individual to have great balance and coordination as well as upper body strength to power the vessel forward.

Kayaking is similar to rowing in many ways. The biggest difference between Kayaking and rowing is the shape of the paddle. They vary in length and shape, and have tilted blades on either side, helping to reduce wind resistance to increase speed. The person controlling the vessel also faces forward, unlike rowing where the rowers face backwards.

TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley

TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley

If you’re looking for a cheap Kayak Cart that is easy to navigate, then the KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier is the perfect Kayak Cart for you. With a solid metal frame, foam bumpers for protection and a long tie-down strap, this is a simple yet effective Kayak Cart for people of all ages to use. It also boasts large pneumatic tires, which roll smoothly across sand and gravel and is easy and quick to assemble. With a spring-loaded stand for quick loading out of the water, this robust Kayak Cart is a great buy for beginners and professionals alike.

Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

If you are looking to get the family into Kayaking, then the Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart is considered as one of the top Kayak Carts. With an oversized padded aluminum frame that is easy to load your Kayak on to, even by yourself, it also has a stabilizing locking kickstand and tie down straps. It makes this Kayak Cart perfect for loading up and heading down to the river. It even folds up and fits inside your Kayak! Complete with “Never-Go-Flat” removable tires and a two hundred pound loading capacity, this easily assembled Kayak Cart is one of the best.

Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart For Sit-On-Top Kayaks

In buying a Kayak Cart it is always important to make sure your Kayaks width and length will fit easily. The Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart fits all standard Kayaks and has a variable width locking control that adjusts from 6.5” to 16.5”. The sturdy non-corrosion aluminum frame has a two hundred pound capacity and comes with Malone’s lifetime warranty. Easily stored and with 10” airless “Never-Go-Flat” tires, this all-purpose Kayak Cart covers all of the needs of a Kayaker.

C-Tug Boat Cart with Solid Kiwi Wheels

This affordable Kayak Cart is one of the easiest to navigate over any sort of terrain, getting you to the water safely. Weighing in at only 9.3lbs, this awesome Kayak Cart can still carry up to 300lbs and is currently one of the best Kayak Cart brands available. With puncture-free wheels, the C-Tug Boat Cart also comes with swivel pads to accommodate the bottoms of different Kayaks, which allows for an easier launch into the water.

Coloured a funky green and black and made up of composite materials, the C-Tug Boat Cart will never rust or erode.

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

This Kayak Cart costs more than a regular Kayak Cart. This is justified by the fact that this lightweight and durable Cart can carry two full sized Kayaks, all the while being easy to maneuver, and it folds up after use to be transported while in the water. With quick release locking pins on the airless 10”tires, a dual-arm kickstand for balance and a black mesh carry bag, the high quality Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart is a great buy for families who have more than one Kayak and need something that can transport Kayaks in the toughest of terrains with ease.

What is a Kayak Cart?

Originally made from driftwood, Kayaks can now be made from metal, fiberglass, wood, plastic and inflatable fabrics such as PVC or rubber. Different materials have different advantages, and will depend on whether the Kayak is for performance, maneuverability, stability, flexibility or simply storage and transportation.

It is important to have the right Kayak Cart to transport your Kayak to and from its intended area of use. When choosing a Kayak Cart it is important to keep in mind that there are many different shapes and weight factors, not to mention that the intended area for use is often over rough and unstable terrain.

An inexpensive Kayak Cart is generally configured with two wheels. These are usually rubber so they are suitable for any surface and won’t puncture. The surface area is set out to hold the sides of the Kayak over the wheels and is held in place by a strap. They are designed for the easiest transport possible and storage is also easy, as most fold up. This is very useful when transporting a Kayak individually, as once it is folded, it can be taken on board the Kayak itself to the intended destination and then used again once back on solid ground.

Advantages of owning your own Kayak Cart

Owning a new Kayak Cart will open up a whole new world of water sports. Whether it is on flat water or white water, Kayaking is a sport that can be calm and peaceful one moment and extreme and fast paced the next.

Providing great exercise, which requires a lot of upper body strength and balance, Kayaking can be fun for the whole family and will allow you to discover areas in nature that would have otherwise been impossible to reach.

Purchasing your own Kayak Cart deal will give you not just convenience but also comfort, because you will avoid a heavy and awkward walk that usually requires two people. Using a Kayak Cart means that you can do the job yourself. Without a Kayak Cart, the often hard to reach launch areas are not as easily accessible, and can be potentially dangerous if you are walking beside water while carrying a heavy object.

What to look for when buying a Kayak Cart

A number of Kayak Cart stores offer carry bags with the purchase of a Kayak Cart, which is handy when folding, storing and transferring the Kayak Cart when on the water. Having a Kayak Cart that can be stored is one major advantage when using a Kayak individually, as most Kayaks will have a storage area on board for such items. Once easily folded up, the Kayak Cart can be transferred and taken on the water and then utilized when needed to return back to solid ground.


Investing in a good Kayak Cart is an investment in your health and wellbeing, as it will allow for Kayaking to be undertaken more frequently and easily, without worrying about the carrying and transporting of your Kayak. Ultimately you will be saving time and preventing injuries to muscles.


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