Best Kettles Reviews 2017

Chances are, once in your life, you stopped doing something to get yourself a cup of hot drink – be it coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to energize yourself. The kettle is one of the most frequently used and underrated kitchen appliance of all time.

Usually made of metal and specifically designed to boil water, it is a staple for every kitchen that you probably don’t notice it until you found out that it broke while you are planning to drink your usual hot caffeine fix.

To help you choose the best kettle here is a list of the leading kettle brands in the market.

Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle

Best Kettles

A cheap kettle that has a rather large volume capacity, this whistling kettle is made of thermal shock-resistant glass, a heat-resistant handle, a drip-free spout, and a removable lid for your extraordinary coffee experience. It can be used on gas, electric range coils, and electric stovetops. It is also completely dishwasher-safe, so it is convenient to clean.

A good kettle to have for those who cannot live without at least 5 cups of coffee to get through the day.

Mr. Coffee Flintshire Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.75-Quart

Best Kettles

This kettle’s cost varies with the volume capacity (there are four available volumes), but they are all made of stainless steel with a satin finish and a Bakelite handle. This device whistles as your water is put into boil so there won’t be a chance that you might forget it on your open stove. The spout also has a lid so you won’t spill boiling water while you are pouring yourself a mug.

An inexpensive kettle for tea and coffee lovers alike.

Revere 2-1/3-Quart Whistling Tea Kettle

Best Kettles

A stainless steel kettle with a mirror finish and phenolic handles, this affordable kettle is available in three sizes. It features a copper bottom so it rapidly absorbs heat perfect for those who want to conserve gas or energy and, at the same time, in a hurry to drink their hot beverage.

From the top kettle maker, purchase this item if you had grown up with a Revere brand in your kitchen.

OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle

Best Kettles

A uniquely designed stainless steel kettle with a loud whistle, its handle follows your every move as it automatically rotates out of your way for easy filling or pouring. The handle is made of silicone so you don’t have to worry that it will melt with the heat.

This is probably the most expensive kettle for sale in this list, but with features like these, it all seems worth it.

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 1-3/10-Quart Brooklyn Teakettle

Best Kettles

Big volume capacity with a polished stainless steel finish, it features a practical, easy flip-up spout and an ergonomic handle to match its classic design.

A simple, no-nonsense kettle that does the job.

Chef’s Secret KTTKC Surgical Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Copper Capsule Bottom, Mirror Finish, 2.75 Quarts

Best Kettles

There are probably more affordable kettles out there, but having a surgical stainless steel body, a copper capsule bottom for rapid heating and a stylish design probably have something to do with the high-end cost.

A perfect kettle to have for tea parties.

What are Kettles?

The first real kettles are made from pottery. Kettles are then considered more as an art rather than a useful device to boil water. The ancient kettles are either made of clay, porcelain, or ceramic and are usually decorated or painted.

It is hard to point out when in history did the ancient people figured out that these intricately designed pieces are useful in the kitchen. The Chinese were known to be the first people who used a kettle made of metal (iron) for the purpose of boiling water for drinking.

There are two types of kettle: those that are heated by placing on a stove, and those that are heated via electricity.

What to Look For

On buying kettles, you must first decide whether you want the traditional stove, kettle or the modern electric kettle.

Electric kettles have the advantage of boiling water quickly and are quite known for having additional features that a stove top kettle cannot have (like illumination capability for easy use even in the dark or with a built-in filter to ensure the quality of water). Available in different shapes and sizes, electric kettles can be either corded or cordless.

Aside from the rapid boiling, most electric kettles have an auto shut-off feature, which makes it safer and more energy efficient. They are also portable and easy to use as long as there is an electric socket.

Unfortunately, most electric kettles are silent, so if you forget that you had boiled some water, then you would have to do it all over again. Also, electric kettles are tough to clean since any wrong contact with water and its heating part can be rendered useless. They are also easily scratched so you have to be careful in wiping it clean. Finally, electric kettles are really more expensive than the stove top model.

Stove top kettles, on the other hand, are mostly made of stainless metal with insulated handles for easy use, though there are new kettles that are made of shock-proof glass. Most stove top kettles nowadays have a whistle function to remind the user that their boiled water is now ready for use. The whistling is made when the build-up steam from the boiled water tries to escape using the tiny space provided on the spout’s lid.

The greatest advantage of stove top kettle is its aesthetic style and design that enhances your kitchen’s domestic look. Aside from being more affordable, stove top kettles can go and be used anywhere – with or without electricity. A better kettle deal for those who love the great outdoors and camping.

Furthermore, stove top kettles are a lot easier to clean as most are already dishwasher-safe. If by chance, your tap water is hard (meaning has a high mineral content, which then leaves that white slimy scale on your kettle wall), the only things you’ll need are vinegar and baking soda to rid of scales.

After deciding what type of kettle to purchase, you need to decide how large your kettle should be. Just remember, the larger your kettle is, the more water you can fill it in. Now it might be either a good or bad thing, depending on where you plan to use all that boiling hot water.

Another thing to consider is the handle. Whether you choose electric or stove top, the handle should be heat-resistant and easy-to-grip. A handle made of plastic will be entirely useless since it is prone to melting when placed in high heat. Also, the handle should be able to carry both the weight of the kettle and the boiled water. A loose handle or a poorly made handle can put you at risk of scalding yourself when it breaks.

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