Best Knee High Boots For Women Reviews 2017

Knee high boots are a type of footwear that rises up to the knee. For a lot of women, it is one of the leading types of boot because it is a great addition in anyone’s wardrobe. They make any lady look elegant, make them ooze confidence and increase sex appeal. More importantly, they are wonderful alternatives in case anyone wants to wear fashionable outfits.

Knee high boots are typically made out of leather, synthetic leather and suede. They can be extremely helpful not just in regular sunny days, but on rainy or snowy seasons because they can keep you and both of your foot warm. Also, in terms of aesthetics, knee high boots makes your legs look longer and slimmer, especially when paired with the right clothes.

If you are curious to check which products are the leading the knee high boots industry then you must certainly read what we gathered below. We collected models from the leading brands, so it is a must to give attention for these products. We believe that every lady must have this item in their wardrobe, so if you are ready to discover your next collection then read our list below.

Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot

Joules Women's Welly Print Rain Boot, French Navy Stripe, 5 M US

The Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot is among the top knee high boots for women that you must definitely try. To give you variety of options, this one is available in 26 different colors and design like the French navy stripe, Olive horse, grape leaf floral and silver posy. It comes with a heel with a size about 1 inch and shaft about 13 inches from the arch.

Furthermore, it also comes with a boot opening with a circumference of 15.25 inches around. It is made out of imported rubber sole along with a buckle on the other side, so you can adjust its tightness according to your liking. As an inexpensive knee high boot, we fully encourage you to give the Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot a few tries.

DailyShoes Women’s Western Cowboy Knee High Boots

Women's DailyShoes Embroidered Legend Western Cowboy Knee High Boot, 5

Want a good knee high boot? Then try the Embroidered Legend Western Cowboy Knee High Boots by DailyShoes. This one comes with a shaft with a measurement about 14 inches from the arch. Also, it comes with a classic cowboy design, which never fades away from style. It uses a vegan leather and synthetic non-slip rubber sole that is stitched together to make sure that it is durable and tough.

It is made for every woman or lady as it comes with a 14 inch circumference, which can be adjusted to all types of leg sizes. Besides its natural color black, this one can also be purchased in other attractive colors like tan pu, red pu, white pu and brown pu. As one of the cheapest knee high boots for women, we advocate getting the Embroidered Legend Western Cowboy Knee High Boots.

Timberland Women’s Savin Hill All Fit Tall Boot

Timberland Women's Savin Hill All Fit Tall Boot, Black Smooth, 5.5 M US

As one of the best knee high boots brand in the market, we thought that you would love spending time with the Timberland Women’s Savin Hill All Fit Tall Boot. This design is only currently available in two colors namely: black smooth and wheat forty. It comes with a shaft that measures about 14.5 inch from the arch.

To give you an easier access, this one comes with a convenient side zip. Moreover, it is made out of premium full-grain leather, which makes it long-lasting, durable and comfortable for a long time. It also comes with an all-fit calf, so it can easily accommodate to different calf sizes. This one may not seem like a cheap knee high boot for women, but with its name and durability, it is a pretty hard thing to miss.

Chooka Women’s Top Solid Mid Rain Boot


Aiming for an affordable knee high boot? Then take a look at the Chooka Women’s Top Solid Mid Rain Boot. Despite being cheap, this one is readily available to be bought in 18 different colors such as pearlized gray, turquoise, forest, mint and black matte. It is made out of 2 materials, which is rubber and leather to make sure that you have an attractive yet durable pair of boots.

It features a heel about 1 inch, a shaft around 8.5 from the arch, an opening in the booth about 15.25 inches and a platform around 0.5 inch. It comes with a moisture absorbing fabric along with a removable insole, so you can be comfortable in sunny and rainy days. With this one, never run out of fashion paraphernalia again, especially during rainy or cold days.

Kamik Women’s Olivia Rain Boot

Chooka Women's Top Solid Mid Rain Boot, Black Matte, 5 M US

Planning to buy a knee high boot for sale? Then we endorse getting the Kamik Women’s Olivia Rain Boot. This one is being sold in 9 distinct colors namely: green, berry, blue, charcoal and black. Furthermore, it is made out of imported synthetic sole and rubber along with a decorative side buckle, to make sure that you have a convenient yet innovative high boots.

It features a shaft around 13.5 from the arch, heel about 1 inch and platform about 15 inches around. Moreover, it also has a removable comfort footbed, so you can use it according to your desired comfort. If you are looking for new knee high boots deals that are guaranteed to be worth it, then you urge you to try the Kamik Women’s Olivia Rain Boot.

What are knee high boots?

Knee high boots can immediately make a woman from 0 to 100. Whenever someone is wearing this, it typically makes them look chic and sexy. Moreover, they match a lot of fashionable clothes, so it can be really helpful if you like going out a lot. More than anything, knee high boots can also be helpful cold and wet seasons because it protects your foot 100%.

Knee high boots were first introduced in the fashion market way back to 1950s, ever since then, it’s been making a name in the industry and is still being sold worldwide by different manufacturers. Also, they mostly contain wedges and high heels, so it may also add a significant amount of tallness to your overall height.

There’s no doubt that knee high boots are timeless regardless being invented over 60 years ago. It gives your legs that slimmer look and offers you to create the illusion that you have longer legs. For people with shorter legs, knee high boots can be extremely beneficial as it may add more tallness in your height.

Additionally, knee high boots may overwhelm some women as it may only fit other women’s looks and some, not. If possible, it is recommendable that you try the boots yourself and give it a few tries walking and even running. This is to make sure that you get the right type of boot for you and not regret it later thinking that you shouldn’t have bought it.

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