Best Knee Wraps Reviews 2017

Knee wraps are commonly used by athletes who are into competitive powerlifting sports. Bodybuilders also use this in protecting their knees from the great stress exerted when they are lifting heavy weights. You can wrap it around your knees either in a spiral way or diagonal method and it’ll help you in doing your squats without adding too much stress on your tendons. There are many knee wraps in the market. Here are some of the best knee wraps we found.

Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap

This knee wrap is used for medical purposes especially for those who are suffering from joint pain as well as those patients who underwent knee surgeries. Cold therapy is a usual post-operative management given to patients who underwent a surgical procedure involving the knees. Part of the rehabilitation and management of knee injuries is putting ice on the affected knee.

This product is one of those post-surgical tools used in providing long lasting cold therapy for patients. This has a soft fleece cover that helps protect the skin from the extreme cold of the ice but still gives the intended purpose of numbing the affected area. This knee wrap is large enough to cover as much of the knee as it can. The ice pack included in your purchase can actually be replaced. This gives a cooling effect around the knees and gives you comfort even when you are experiencing some form of knee discomfort from injury. The materials used and its design is made to last for a long time. This is reasonably priced too so it’s worth the purchase.

Mava Sports Knee Wraps

This knee wrap is the type athletes use in their field of sportsactivity such as weight lifting and those who does powerlifting. The material used in this knee wrap is made of elastic one which is the usual fabric used. This can provide compression to the knee area and aid your muscles who are hard at work when you do someheavy lifting. The stretchable, elastic fabric gives a high performance in giving you the right compression. You can easily adjust this according to the right compression and support you’ll need by arranging how you wrap it to your knees.

You can have superior comfort with this knee wrap. You don’t have to worry about slipping, unrolling or falling off of the knee wrap unlike other cheap knee wraps in the market. You can really feel a strong support this knee wrap brings to you. It’s made of a strong material which gives heavy support when you do your squats, leg presses and powerlifting which can be intense. This knee wrap is 72 inches in length and you can use this to wrap your knees as a knee sleeve, knee brace, knee band, or a knee defender easily with its special design and velcro. You won’t have to fret about what to do with the loose end of the knee wrap. With this product, it has a velcro end you can easily close with a breeze.

CAP Barbell Elastic Knee Wraps

Here’s another knee wrap we found in the market that you might be interested in. This pair of knee wraps called CAP Barbell Elastic Knee Wraps is an inexpensive product which delivers good performance. These knee wraps are relatively lightweight yet it gives the extra support your muscles and tendons needed when lifting heavy weights. Your loose joints won’t complain when you do track or shift loads. You can have a good forward and have a little more bounce when you set this properly on your knees. Unlike other neoprene knee wraps which can be one size too small for you, this gives you the perfect you need.

This is a cheaper knee wrap but definitely not lacking in performance. This product is highly recommended by gym goers and athletes alike. When you’re handling aheavy weight, this is the perfect knee wrap for you.Even if you do multiple squats during training or at the gym, this knee wraps helps you do the deed by supporting your knees. You won’t get tired easily and your knees won’t give way fast. You’ll notice to have a bouncier squat with no effort, it’s all thanks to the great support this knee wrap does to crucial parts of your knees. You can adjust the tightness and style of wrapping your knees that makes you comfortable. Many recommend this product for its good performance.

O2 Cold and Compression Knee Wrap

Another knee wrap we’d like to introduce to you is the O2 Cold and Compression Knee Wrap. This knee wrap is usually used for post-operative patients who underwent surgery and needs cold therapy as a rehabilitation for their injured knees. You can pump air into this knee wrap and have a cold compress applied directly to the affected part to alleviate the discomfort caused by the knee injury faster. Without this specially designed knee wrap, you’d have to suffer a devised option of placing direct ice pack to your knee injury and have drips of water running down your legs. With this, you stay dry enough but have the cold compress that your knee needs.

It has a removable gel liner in between the knee wrap that you can place inside the freezer compartment of your fridge to cool then replace it back to the cold compress knee wrap to proceed with your cold compress treatment. It’ll lessen the pain from your joints and knee easily and conveniently. This has a universal size that can fit anyone. You can place this under your pants or over your pants but it still delivers its purpose of providing cold compress effectively. This is used for strains, sprains, muscle tension and rehabilitation from fatigue and sports injuries as well as in osteoarthritis of the knees.

Meister MMA Power Lifting Knee Wraps with Velcro

Here’s another heavy duty knee wrap you can use for your training or when you go to the gym. Athletes use this knee wraps and find it amazing in giving support for their knees when they do squats and heavy lifting. It’s made of elastic and heavy duty fabric you can wrap conveniently around your knees. Wrapping this around your knees helps you when you do multiple squats and when you do powerlifting. It has a loop and wrap design and has a velcro closure at the end so you don’t have to stress about what to do with the loose ends of the knee wrap unlike other products in the market.

This knee wrap has the perfect dimensions you can use for any sports you’re in. It’s 72 inches long and has 3 inches width, perfect for wrapping around your knees. Most athletes and gym goers experience knee discomfort or injury at least once in their lifetime. Knee wraps are one of the best ways to prevent further injury as well as support your injured knee when you do your squats and heavy lifting. Other knee wraps tend to get loose in the middle of training or when doing squats, but not this one. The velcro helps in securing the fit of your knee wrap stays all throughout your sports activities.

Harbinger Red Line 78-Inch Knee Wraps for Weightlifting

Next on our list of the best knee wraps available in the market is the Harbinger Red Line 78-Inch Knee Wraps which is good for weightlifting. This is an inexpensive knee wrap you can use for your training if you’re into sports as well as a protection for your injured knees to prevent further injuries. It has a distinctive red line design which marks the high level of quality and performance this product can give to you. This has a standard length of 72 inches which can wrap the entirety of your knees snugly for full support and an extra 78 inches to perfectly give your knee extra support.

This knee wrap is guaranteed to give you maximum performance when you do your training and participate in your favorite sport. When you have knee ailments such as patellar tendonitis, the pain can be excruciating. When you do your squats, it seems like your knees are on fire. Wrapping your knees securely with a knee wrap can help alleviate the pain since your knees will not exert too much effort in doing squats as well as bear the weight of your whole body when you do your heavy lifting. It’s big enough to cover every part of your knees. It’s quite a good buy, you won’t be disappointed with its performance.

Ixion Gear Knee Wraps for Squats

You can alleviate the pain of your knees from knee injuries by using an efficient knee wrap. Securely wrapping your knees with a heavy duty knee wrap is important when you are experiencing discomfort with your knees. Doing heavy lifting as well as multiple squats can give great stress to your knees. You’d experience muscle strains and muscle tensions as well as joint injury if your knees are not well supported when you do heavy duty lifting. This product can give you a secure and comfortable knee wrap that you need.

You can minimize the pain you feel when you have an injured knee. With the extra support, this knee wrap gives, you can adjust the tension of your knees with compression wraps. This has a unisex design so anyone can use this with style. Many people find this product more efficient in comparison to any knee braces, knee support and knee sleeves available in the market. They are more comfortable with this one and they were able to do their training as well as squats with more ease when they used this product. The price is very affordable, too, compare to other expensive brands which give the same performance.

Exo Sleeve Knee Wraps

Exo Sleeve Knee Wraps One Size - Black

Last on our list of the best knee wraps in the market is the Exo Sleeve Knee Wraps. This is a great product if you needed a knee wrap to supports your knees when you squat as well as help alleviate knee pain injured by too much stress from sports and heavy lifting. You can have unparalleled support and stability when you use this product. This can actually decrease the pain you experience as well as alleviate inflammation of your knees. The chances of having your knees injured are also reduced if you have your knees wrapped with a strong and efficient knee wrap like this product.

A great feature this product has is its 1.5 mm antibacterial neoprene material which is unlined on one side of the knee wrap designed to prevent any slipping when you do your training or sports activities. You won’t experience any unraveling as well as shifting and sliding of the knee wraps when you move about unlike other cheap and low-grade knee wraps in the market. You can adjust the right fit for optimum compression and support that your knees needs and be comfortable at the same time. This is a highly recommended knee wrap by athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.


Knee wraps are different from knee sleeves. Any sports enthusiasts, as well as athletes, will tell you that knee wraps have a different function from knee sleeves. Knee wraps are used to supports your knees when you do squats and heavy lifting. Knee wraps can give you an extra bounce when you do squats without adding too much stress on your knee muscles, tendons and joints. In heavy lifting, you can have the added support for your knees which bears the great weight and force you have to exert in order to lift such a heavy object. There are many knee wraps in the market. Most of them are affordable, but what you need is a knee wrap that can give a good and efficient performance in supporting your knees as well as preventing any untoward injuries to your knees. We hope with this list of the best knee wraps in the market you were able to find the perfect partner for your heavy lifting and squats.

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