Best Knitting Needles Reviews 2017

Behind every craft is a tool. As for knitting, behind every beautifully knitted sweatshirt is a great knitting set. Knitting needles bring life to cardigans and pullovers. Thanks to them, we can get cozy on a chilly night along with a cup of hot chocolate. Thus, choosing the best knitting needles is very important (right gauge, length, or material) because they can either make or break a good sweater. So read on to have that wonderful knitting experience.

BoyeNeedleMaster Aluminum Knitting Set

Boye Needle Company is one of the most reputable manufacturers of crochet solutions and takes pride in being the first American manufacturer of crochet hooks and knitting needles. Now that tells so much why they’re in the number one spot.

Their Boye NeedleMaster Aluminum Knitting Set is a 40-piece interchangeable needle system. It has 8 pairs of colorful, single-point knitting needles which are made of aluminum so you’re guaranteed that they won’t break easily. The needles come in a variety of cable lengths including 20-inch, 24-inch, 29-inch, and 36-inch, which can still be further elongated with couplers. They’re also very flexible and versatile, turning into regular circular knitting needles or straight flexible needles to suit your needs. Four stitch holders (buttons) and two cable couplers are even included as well. What makes this set more convenient is that it also comes with a travel case where you can put everything inside. It’s fully closed by a durable zipper and the needles can be placed neatly in the internal needle retainers. It’s handy so you can crochet anytime, anywhere.

addi Click LaceKnitting Needle System

The whole set of addi Click Lace Knitting Needle System is placed inside a sleek, leather clutch bag that’s easily opened or closed by button clasps. The bag fully opens to expose all the knitting needles which are neatly held by elastic retainers and inside another foldaway compartment. Its back also has another zippered slot for extra storage needs. The case on its own already boasts of durability so we can expect so much from the knitting needles themselves.

The kit includes 8 addi Lace Short tips in different sizes: 3.5 mm, 3.75 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.0 mm, and 8.0 mm. Another crochet point that can make knitting more enjoyable is when stitches slide along easily. It’s heavenly for the knitters when things just run smoothly without the tangles. That’s something that can be made possible by the exclusive and extremely pliable blue cords included in this set, and you can choose from the array of different lengths: 16 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, 32 inches, and 40 inches. The unique feature of this set, which makes it revolutionary and innovative, is found on the knitting needles themselves. The traditional way of connecting cables and needles is through screwing, but addi Click System introduces an easier method. You can just push and twist until you hear that satisfying “click”, and start knitting without having to worry about them getting unscrewed.

Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles are sturdy and tough bamboo knitting needles crafted from the finest natural bamboo all the way from Japan. Clover has made the most out of the imported material and created one of the best crochet essentials in the market in the form of these needles.

The needles are individually 16 inches in length and joined together with a strong plastic cord that can guarantee no twisting or kinking. The cord itself can reliably hold the stitches around it without stretching out or breaking away easily. These knitting needles are of premium value, and guarantee avid knitters a whole lot easier and relaxing crochet-making.

Outop Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles

Outop Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles are packed in an 18-pair set. They’re made out of sturdy bamboo material and come in a variety of sizes from 2 mm to 10 mm so you can freely choose which pair suits your needs. You can comfortably hold the needles which are approximately 3.8 inches (9.5 cm) in length, making it easier for you to manipulate every stitch for a flawless handicraft. Their cord length, on the other hand, is 8 inches or 21 cm and is made of hollow tubing but resilient and durable enough to hold bulk of yarn loops around it.

The needles and cords are efficiently integrated together, giving you a more enjoyable and satisfying knitting experience. Plus the kit is reasonably priced as well so now we know why everyone loves it.

ChiaoGoo TWIST Red Lace Interchangeable Knitting Needles

The unparalleled craftsmanship of ChiaoGoo is remarkably apparent on this kit. One look at its beautifully designed case can guarantee you that the company is really big on bringing life to the world, giving us topnotch quality knitting and crochet tools that we can rely on for many crochet-making years to come.

ChiaoGoo TWIST Red Lace Interchangeable Knitting Needles are accommodated inside a black carry case strewn with beautiful, white patterns and has a red lace in front. It also has an extra slot closed by a zipper for additional storage needs where you can put other accessories such as point protectors, row counters, and many more. The case opens like a book, and the pairs of needles are neatly placed in the interior needle retainer with specific sizes conveniently printed near the opening as well.

The whole set contains 7 needles in different sizes with 5-inch tips: 2.75 mm, 3.25 mm, 3.55 mm, 3.75 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, and 5 mm. Also included are 3 cables, 1 small cable connector, 2 small end stoppers, 2 cord keys, 1 needle gauge, and 24 stitch markers. This product’s price is something you can shrug off because you’re getting everything you want and more.

ChiaoGoo Red Lace Stainless Steel Knitting Needles

ChiaoGoo Red Lace Stainless Steel Knitting Needles don’t come in a set and aren’t enclosed by a beautiful case but nevertheless, they’re undeniably incredible on their own.

The knitting needles themselves are guaranteed very durable courtesy of their high-tensile stainless steel material. The bright red cable, on the other hand, is also made tough with multi-strand steel and is coated with nylon to achieve a smooth surface so the loops of yarns can easily slide along. They’re lightweight, flexible, and guarantee not to stretch out or break too soon. These very sturdy circular knitting needles are great for creating cozy socks and hats.

Leegoal Aluminum Crochet Hook Knitting Needles

Leegoal Aluminum Crochet Hook Knitting Needles are sleek and very colorful. They’re made of high-tensile aluminum material so they can withstand constant and long-term use. Avid knitters can surely enjoy these needles for a long time because they won’t break easily or bend too soon unlike other knitting needles made of fragile material. Their surface is smooth as well and the stitches will just slide along easily without the unnecessary friction.

The pack includes eleven pieces of the needles in different sizes from 2 mm to 8 mm. You can freely and easily pick out the perfect needles for your project especially since each has its specific size printed on top. Their lively colors and the comfort they can give you while working will leave you knitting more and more.

Ostart BambooKnitting Needles Set

Ostart Bamboo Knitting Needles Set offers us an array of basic yet sturdy knitting needles which are made out of the toughest bamboo. The set has 18 sizes of knitting needles and each size comes as a pair of two needles. The length of each is approximately 10 inches or 25 cm, and their surface is conducive to optimal grip for easy manipulation of the stitches and also allows smooth-sailing knitting as the loops will just easily slide along the needle.

The sizes are printed on the body of the needles as well so it’ll be easy for you to choose which ones to use. This set is great for knitters who want to go basic and simple on their knitting needles.

Denise InterchangeableKnitting Needles Set

Here’s a set that’s probably everyone’s favorite. Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles Set introduces a bunch of incredibly innovative knitting solutions in the form of these sleek and modern-looking needles. The kit comes in a white plastic box and has 10 needle sizes of either straight and circular ones.

The case opens like a book, and the needles are neatly held individually in each groove inside. The whole set comes as a very organized display of the needles with the straight ones right in the middle of each case fold and around them are the circular needles along the edges. It also includes stitch holders, extenders, and button ends. The enclosing travel box is airplane-safe so you can carry it anywhere whenever you want to travel.

Stanwood Needlecraft Carbonized Patina Double Point Bamboo Knitting Needles

Stanwood Needlecraft Bamboo Knitting Needles are simply outstanding. Their basic wooden look is classy and somehow ensures that they’re very sturdy and won’t break easily even when used constantly. They’re made out of hard moso bamboo and were carbonized to achieve the durability and resiliency of each.

They’re lightweight unlike most stainless steel knitting needles so you’re guaranteed with less strains as you work on a cardigan or beanie hat. The slight texture of the each needle grasps on the loops of yarns as well so they don’t inconveniently slip or slide down. You can get a little control over the stitches while creating more with ease. They come in assorted sizes with the specific number engraved on each needle and are very smooth to touch. Avid knitters will love these on their hands!

What to Look For

While it’s going to need the efforts of your own hands to work around the yarn, it’s the very use of knitting needles that’ll make the creation of a perfectly knitted handicraft possible. They’re like the gas of a car which can actually start and keep the knitting running on end. It’s easy to have it this way: no knitting needles, no cozy cardigans.

Since they’re the very heart of crochet-making, you need to choose them with the utmost and careful consideration of all aspects about knitting. A beanie hat? A pair of warmers? Pullovers? Pick out your next knitting project and decide from that because every craft will need specific needles. Like for example, for round projects such as socks and hats, you’re going to need circular knitting needles. They’re the ones with the sturdy cables in the middle that connect the pair of needles together and hold most of the project’s weight so you can knit easier and faster. For smaller projects, you can count on the classic single-point or straight needles. They’re simple and come as a pair of separate needles with no cords or cables between. Other types of knitting needles available are double-pointed, interchangeable, cable, and many others. With the variety of options to choose from, you can find yourself falling in the bottomless pit of project possibilities.

The material of the needles will also matter. Bamboo knitting needles are lightweight and have slight texture which ensures loops don’t slip down. Stainless steel knitting needles, on the other hand, are more solid on the hands and their smooth surface allows a smooth-sailing knitting without the tangling and twisting of loops.


Crochet-making is a very dynamic activity. You’re given the yarns to create whatever you want, but of course with the use of knitting needles. You can find a lot of them in the market, and the options are often overwhelming. They come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and materials.

But, of course, the diversity also means you can go beyond the usual and try different things. The craft is all about creativity where creation of something is dependent on you and your tools. And as far as knitting is considered, knitting needles are as important as your dedication to the handicraft. So always remember to reasonably choose the right knitting needles among the variety in the market because there are maybe plenty of them, but some knitting needles come more helpful than all the others.

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