Best KVM Switch Reviews 2017

The best KVM switch is a peripheral that allows you to connect or use multiple devices, connected to one hardware device by wires. It can control more than one device at a single time and it comes in different types that can be used for that purpose. Whether it’s a USB, Emulated USB KVM, Semi-DDM USB KVM or other known types, they will accomplish the same task although the specs are dependent on each type. Choosing the right one for your kinds of devices will be an important thing to consider.

TRENDnet 2-Port USB KVM Switch and Cable Kit

TRENDnet 2-Port USB KVM Switch and Cable Kit is just right for any networking set-up. This will be a good choice for anyone needing a KVM switch to connect more than one devicebecause it has everything required to do just that. Included in the package is a 2-port KVM with VGA and USB connectors to any computer it’ll be used with, this means you got all that’s needed from the get-go! To check that all connecting peripherals are in order, it has auto-scan with audible feedback to appraise you of how things are connecting. A resolution of 2048×1536 is of high quality for crisp viewing on monitors. This can do things like operates most OS systems and advanced mouse designsif you need cables for all connections, it’s also included too! Set-up one keyboard, monitor, and also a mouse for controlling twoPC’sat the same time! Other features are USB keyboard/Mouse emulation with a set of two KVM cables provided!

There is a Hot-Plug pluggable that adds or removes connectedPC’swithout shutting down for maintenance phase, switches by hot-keys or push-button switch software. It comes with a two-year limited warranty. This package comes with all this to make it an excellent KVM switch to pick from.

IOGEAR 2-Port USB KVM Switch (GCS22U)

IOGEAR 2-Port USB KVM Switch is the one with cables and remote option for your specific needs. This option for your choosing comes with these specifications that’ll determine if you need this. This KVM switch can connect the following peripherals like a USB keyboard, USB mouse, two VGA- monitors, two computers, and with a click of the button separate Internet and the Intranet functions connected to this device. This option can support a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536, DDC2B, and include Plug and Play monitor support. The design of this device includes molded-in-cables for easy setup, the cables will connect to the devices it’ll be used for. Whatever your preference is regarding the system, it can be used for PC. MAC and SUN operating systems that you might be native to. The two-port USB cable system will accommodate a VGA monitor, USB mouse, plus it can control two personal computers with a USB keyboard. If you need an option that is simpler than more complex options, this will do the switching of tasks between twoPC’seasily. A proviso for a 6-foot controller cable is included for easy access at your desk, and it includes a Mac keyboard support, plus programmable mice. The best thing is that it needs no power adapter to work! If this is the option for you, get it now.


IOGEAR 2-Port VGA USB Cable KVM is the KVM switch with audio and mic includedoption. If you get this KVM switch option you get these functions that’ll enhance how you use this device. For starters, this unit will accommodate a USB keyboard, Mouse, a VGA monitor could control two personal computers at the same time, control access to the Internet and Intranet with a single press. Ifmaximumresolution is a concern, the capable resolution is 2048×1536, DDC28, and included Plug-and-Play support too! The design incorporates 3-inch long molded-in-cables for easy set-up! This is a compact design with two connected USB and VGA cable in a snap when you need to do it. It will allow use with Mac, Sun, and PC operating systems, which will give it versatility of function and more. What else it can do is have these extras like 2.1 stereo audio and microphone support, and software that supportsthese functions. This KVM switch can run without software drivers as required set up, this can by mating twoPC’sand that easy. A remote switch that does switching at the press of one button and with full Mac supports, also programmed mice but no direct power needed to use the device!


StarTech SV431DPUA is the perfect USB KVM that you can use. This KVM is a USB peripheral that has many uses, like connecting multiple devicesina single hub and controlling them at the same time. Do you find too much expense in getting many devices that are the same function? This USB option will be an integrated hub that will space out the connections and organize everything too. If compatibility with any mini-display port adapters is what you need, this particular option is good at making a suitable link for Apple Macbook connectivity so it can connect smoothly to other computers also linked to it! This KVM will have support for “DisplayPort 7.1 HD” audio or separate 3.5mm analog audio that will improve the overall versatility of this option.

Other important support features that are included in the setup is the dual channel analog stereo and microphone, that is part of the multi-media applications. For worry free and easy installation once you open the package, it’s all-around plug-and-play support that will link and connect all USB keyboards, mice, and connected peripherals, and if you need to switch fast there’s a hotkey and push-button switching that is used for that purpose. If want a high resolution for connected monitor displays, a native “DisplayPort” resolution of 2560×1600 at 60Hz and beyond 1080p is one of its specs included in the package. Just connect the cables and you’re good to go! 4 Port USB DVI KVM Switch (SV431DVIUDDM) 4 Port KVM Switch is the desktop type KVM switch. If you’re looking for an efficient KVM switch that comes in convenient desktop form, then this is it for you. This is an option that is an enclosures type desktop that is much better looking than similar switch types that are much smaller. For extended versatility of use, it has four ports to connect everything you need to use whatever peripheral it is. If you need to switch and worry about speed, this option has no problem with that, because of fast-switch DDM technology! To set up is easy because it’s instant and you just connect the cables, then you’re good to go! Is compatibility an issue? No problem! This is near universal with most USB devices thatconnectsto USB DDM ports on the option. The design utilizes a structure of USB DDM technology and Dual-Core design that’ll make it fast enough to use! This will support all HD resolutions up to 1920×1200 with ease and no difficulty. Connections to be monitored are in full-time DDC communication that’ll detect all computers running, this so that we know the status of all the computers at any given time! For convenience, included is four six foot KVM cables( USB/ DV), and an integrated two-port hub that is also for connecting everything! This is just for youif you feel that it suits your preference.

IOGEAR 2-Port HDMI Cable KVM Switch (GCS62HU)

OGEAR HDMI Cable KVM Switch is the one with the HDMI capacity. If you get this option, this is what you get from it! This KVM switch will allow you to share a display with HDMI connection, with multiple connections to a USB keyboard and mouse, 2 USB computers, and cut off the Internet and Intranet with a button and no fuss at all! The resolutionitcan support at a full 1080p and up to 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz, and with a multiple OS platform support that is even compatible with game consoles too! If you need port switching it can be done via remote switch button, mouse or hotkey whichever the preference liked.

Unlike other option, this has DynaSync that will readand maintain the monitor’s parameters (EDID). If there’s is no delay or any change of the video quality if switching between, or booting computers because KVM will remember all the setting that was used for thesetup.

For example, if keyboard emulation is disabled just to support a gaming keyboard’s special keys. Available Hotkeys will permit any independent switching between KVM, audio, and also between computers that are linked. Alternate switching between PC’s is done with “Power-On Detection” for example, if one of the computers is not powered on, soon the next one will automatically be powered-on to compensate.

This option has a firmware upgrade and also USB 2.0 “Peripheral Sharing” by plugging into a mouse port.Expansionis done by connecting to the powered hub to expand USB connectivity, other multimedia applications are the 2.1 stereo sound and microphone support. This is one sweet KVM switch for the best set-ups! 2 Port Triple Monitor DVI USB KVM Switch 2 Port Triple Monitor DVI USB KVM Switch is a premium switch for your computer needs. This is the one option that’ll get the best out of your connected devices. The desktop form factor is very presentable and can connect all needed peripherals in a unified setup. The form factor is adesktop type, that is less messy to have around, than messy cable type KVM switches. This particular offering has two-KVM ports, audio port, and USB port for utmost versatility in connecting any peripheral device. The switch will control of two triple display computer systems, just by using a single set of peripherals involved in the setup. Using a KVM switch, you save on expenses and workspace! If you have three monitors connected via the KVM, each will have a hi-def of 1920×1200 pixels and this means a lot of work is done in a short time! Included in the design is an integrated USB 2.0 hub and mic/audio switch that means media control on two PC’s, and sharing of USB peripherals. The KVM can switch three monitors and other peripherals with two PC are if it needs to be done. Easy switching between USB and Audio with ease and no fuss at all. It’s plug and play, and no need for drivers or software.

SIIG CE-KV0411-S1 2-Port KVM Switch

SIIG CE-KV0411-S1 KVM Switch is the two port-wonder that will make KVM switching a breeze. When you open the box, what you get is a device that’ll allow you customize your electronic environment by setting up them up and connecting it to this central KVM switch. What the KVM will do is provide connectivity to any device without Wi-Fi to do it! If you open the box, what you get inside is one DisplayPort 2-Port KVM Switch, one DisplayPort/USB cables (2 pieces), one software CD, one quick installation guide, and all this included to complete your personal set up! Once you’ve all set-up and done the job of assembling the components and involved peripherals, now comes what you can do. For multiple control and access to two-PC’s, several peripherals like one keyboard, mouse, and a DisplayPort Monitor which is very convenient. Most needed is USB compatibility, this is 2.0 for more versatile operations with the KVM is a must to do! There is more than one USB port to go around, having an extra one will be really helpful if you need to link more devices! It will operate without any direct power and no need for any adapter to use it! It’s also VESA DisplayPort Standard version 1.1a and compliant with it too.


If you need a KVM Switch that is the best you can get, there are many kinds that can be used to connect as many multiple devices it, depending on the available connection options it has to offer. Setting up to control more than one device at a single time and will come in different types that can be used for that purpose. If it’s a USB, Emulated USB KVM, Semi-DDM USB KVM or other known types available on the market, accomplishing the task is dependent on the specs of each type. Choosing the right one for your specific requirements will lead to satisfaction if chosen correctly, it’s achievable if you take note of all the info from this short info-packed article.

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