Best Label Makers Reviews 2017

Label makers are typically simple and handy as they are frequently seen in offices. They are small printers that print labels, tags, stamps and other “easy-peel” papers that need to be printed. Most label makers are compatible with labeling tapes, so it makes the lives of people so much easier. A label maker is currently available in different sizes and shapes, but still does the work of what a label maker should be.

Labels have been a useful product even back in the 1880s. It is used to easily put labels and identification on cards, envelopes, folders and other documents that needs labeling. Although, a regular printer would do, a label maker works faster and significantly much cheaper because it seldom uses ink or needs a toner to properly function. Moreover, they are also considerably fast.

If you are looking for a label maker then it must be your lucky day because we plan to introduce you to the top and leading label makers in the market. Interested to know more? Read the following list below and also discover unbelievable facts about label makers! Have fun!

DYMO Label Writer 450 Printer Bundle

The DYMO Label Writer 450 Printer Bundle is certainly among the best label makers brands, so it is definitely a must try. This one comes with a roll of LW appointment labels, shipping labels, file folder labels and multi-paper labels. Moreover, this one makes sure to print precise quantities and not make any mistake to prevent hassle and wastes.

It comes with a thermal printing technology to prevent the need for luxurious toner or ink. Getting this one will never disappoint as it prints crystal clear labels, barcodes and graphics at 600 by 300 dpi resolution. Furthermore, this one is completely compatible with other software such as excel, word, outlook and mac address book. As one of the best label maker brands, this one is guaranteed to be worth a try.

Brother QL-700 High-speed

As one of the top label maker deals, we think it is only fair to include the Brother QL-700 High-speed in this list. Are you in a rush? No worries supports tasks in a loaded office as it can print labels up to 93 per minute. Aside from making labels and other stuff, this one also makes stamps to save you the trip of buying a stamp whenever you need it.

Moreover, this one can print pre-sized, rounded-corner and easy-peel labels to make your life easier. It also saves you a ton of money as it doesn’t need ink or any toner. To give you crisp and clear graphics, this one can also print high resolution of 300 by 600 dpi. Along with this machine is a USB cable, power cord, starter rolls and the designated software. All in all the Brother QL-700 High-speed is definitely a good label maker you must not miss to try.

Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Maker

The Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Maker is perhaps the cheapest label makers for sale we have in this list. Compared to other machine that only prints in one font, this one is loaded with 14 different fonts, 300 built-in symbols, 75 frames and 10 styles. Moreover, it also uses 60% less lead margin compared to other brands, so you can save more.

This one also has a large memory that can store up to 30 files and even supports 7 languages. Furthermore, this one is also extremely easy to use as it can automatically print with a split back so you can work on easy-peel papers. It has a dimension of 7.7″ x 3.1″ x 7.8″ with a weight of 1.52 pounds. Overall, if you want an inexpensive label maker then getting the Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Maker is surely a must try.

Brother P-touch Home and Office Labeler (PT-D200)

The Brother P-touch Home and Office Labeler is also another affordable label maker you would love to have. This one is equipped with one-touch keys and graphical display, so you can easily access and see 600 symbols, fonts, patters and 95 frames. It is also loaded with 8 fonts so you can have variety of choices to choose from.

Moreover, this one also has easy-access memory as it can store up to 30 labels. It also comes with 12 deco patters and 6 name badge formats. This machine can operate and work on 6 “AAA” batteries or through an AC adapter. As one of the cheap label makers in the market, we certainly endorse and advocate getting the Brother P-touch Home and Office Labeler.

Brother PC-Connectable Label Maker (PT-1230PC)

Planning to buy a label maker from a trustworthy company? Then try the Brother PC-Connectable Label Maker. This machine comes with a p-touch editor lite software so you don’t have to install any software in your computer. Furthermore, this one is extremely simple to use as it can be connected using a USB cable and can work on 6 “AAA” batteries.

If you want a new label maker, then it must definitely be this. This one comes with upgradeable software, so your machine is also updated. This machine comes with a user’s manual, laminated TZ starter tape and a USB cable. It is easy to use, quick to operate and can print multiple lines of graphics and texts, what more can you possible ask for a cheap label maker?

What is a label maker?

A label maker or label printer is a machine that prints tags, self-adhesive labels and other card stocks. Most label makers come with a built-in keyboards and software so you can easily work without having to connect it into a separate computer. Moreover, they also come with beneficial features such as frames, fonts and formats that may be helpful in your printing.

What to look for in a label maker?

Beneficial features – the features of your chosen label maker determines if a product is really worth the shot or not. Label makers can go from inexpensive and expensive, with the latter having the most features. Beneficial factors include having several fonts, can take a lot of storage, can bold or underline a text and print in different sizes. Moreover, you must also take into consideration if a label maker is quick and fast.

Display size – may seem trivial for the lot of you, but it may give you huge advantages while making. The display or LCD of your screen shows the letters that you put as you type, this is to ensure that you won’t have any mistakes especially when you are working for bulk prints. In this one, you must make sure that you are comfortable how large or small your display size is.

Power sources – some label makers can work with an adapter, but some may also work with batteries. If you plan to use it quite often then it is best to get the ones with an adapter or those machines that are rechargeable.

Cartridges – most label makers may require a toner or ink from you to print, although there are labels makers that don’t, you must decide if you like paying for this or not.

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