Best Lacrosse Shoes for Women Reviews 2017

When playing lacrosse or any such game, you got to stay focused and be light on your feet. Imagine doing this with an ill-fitting pair of heavyweight shoe. It is practically impossible to give your 100% during such times.

That’s the reason, why in this post, we introduce you to some of the top lacrosse shoes present on the market. You will get to know their features and the things you should look for when buying a good pair. By the end of this post, you will have all the information you’d need to buy a good women’s lacrosse shoe.

ASICS Women’s Gel Lethal Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel Lethal MP6 Field Hockey Shoe,Black/White/Blue,6 M US

These incredible pair of lacrosse shoe by ASICS comes with the synthetic upper having the mesh design which allows your feet to breathe when you’re out there playing. The rubber sole provides with a strong grip on all types of grounds, natural grass as well as the artificial turf.

Gel makes it easy to wear them through the all-day tournaments while maintaining the same level of comfort. These lightweight women’s lacrosse shoes cost more than a few others, but they give you traction, protection, and flexibility. This is clearly one of the best lacrosse shoes for women.

Under Armour Highlight II MC Lacrosse Cleat

Women's Under Armour Highlight II MC Lacrosse Cleat White/Black/High-Vis Yellow Size 9.5 M US

Under Armour, one of the leading lacrosse shoe brands, brings to you this latest pair of shoes. Made of synthetic upper, this attractive and trendy shoe features a molded 4D foam footbed which gives comfort to your feet. The footbed also makes the cleat pressure diminish by a great extent allowing you to play your game to the best of your ability.

CoreSpeed chassis facilitates natural motion of your foot, giving you the much-needed flexibility and acceleration. If you are looking to buy a women’s lacrosse shoe, which gives you support and comfort, this should be your product.

Under Armour Women’s Finisher II Turf Shoes

Under Armour Women's UA Finisher II Turf Shoes 5.5 White

Under Armour is back with another exciting pair of shoes which are one of the most inexpensive lacrosse shoes for women. These lightweight shoes are perfect for you when playing lacrosse or any other game on the turf or natural grass. In addition to being one of the stylish shoes available out there, the synthetic upper also gives you a high level of comfort and flexibility.

The EVA sockliner makes sure you are protected by impact by providing your feet with cushioning. This highly durable shoe comes with a rubber outsole which gives you a firm grip on the ground.

Under Armour Blur MC Lacrosse Cleat

Women's UA Blur MC Lacrosse Cleat

Yet another top-class shoe by Under Armour, which also happens to be one of the exceptionally cheap lacrosse shoe available on the market. The incredible design and the synthetic upper give you structure and support. As it is lightweight, it encourages speed and performance.

The die-cut 4D foam footbed makes sure your feet are locked-in and have anti-bacterial capability. This gives you comfort and also helps in reduction of cleat pressure. The bladed heel for grip and stability, the conical studs for balance and traction, all place this shoe among the top lacrosse shoes for women.

Nike Speedlax Women’s Lacrosse Cleats


This classic pair of affordable lacrosse shoe is brought to you by Nike, one of the popular sports shoe brands. As the name suggests, Speedlax shoes are built for velocity and acceleration, along with traction, control, and balance. Made of lightweight material, this shoe will let you move with ease on the field.

It has synthetic leather upper with mesh trim design which facilitates ventilation, thereby letting your feet breathe. If you want to lay your hands on an amazing lacrosse shoe deal, then buying this fantastic pair of shoe would be the right thing to do.

Under Armour Women’s Molded Lacrosse Cleats

Women's UA Contender IV Mid-Cut Molded Lacrosse Cleats

These are new lacrosse shoes for women, once again brought to you by Under Armour. They ensure your feet stay relaxed all through the day with the synthetic leather upper which is breathable. The fact that this pair of shoe is lightweight and has the molded translucent TPU plate, gives you superior traction and flexibility.

The footbed made of die-cut 4D foam makes sure your feet stay intact in their position while reducing the cleat pressure on them. Whether you want to wear them for your daily practice or for occasional tournaments, these shoes won’t disappoint you.

What are Lacrosse Shoes?

Lacrosse shoes are especially made to be used while playing a rough sport such as lacrosse. They are built for traction as you need to always be ready for action. In the above section, we saw some of the best women’s lacrosse shoes available on the market, along with their features.

If you are a woman who plays lacrosse and been tired of using the badly made sports shoe, do check these excellent shoes made by some of the top shoe manufacturers in the world. These shoes work well on the artificial turf as well as natural dry grass.

They give you the support, grip, and the protection required, all extremely important factors in lacrosse. Whether you are a young player or a veteran in sports, you would want your shoe to not let you down and allow you to play to the best of your ability.

Once you buy them, we guarantee you that you’d find yourself going back to these shoes because they provide you with everything you would expect from a pair of good lacrosse shoe. In the next section, we will see what some of the factors are that you must consider before buying a pair of these shoes.

What to Look For

A good women’s lacrosse shoe should be comfortable and flexible. In a game like lacrosse, you want a shoe that is breathable because you wouldn’t be able to move swiftly and easily if your shoes felt too tight and if there was no room for air.

That’s why one of the important factors you must consider when buying lacrosse shoe is the design on the upper. If it is a mesh, you will have enough space to let your feet breathe. That way, even if you have all-day tournaments, you can wear them without the slightest hint of discomfort.

The next factor is the flexibility to move. This is achieved by the cleats underneath. They give you the grip as well as traction required when playing lacrosse. Check the number of cleats and their positioning.

While we are at the topic of cleats, another important thing is the footbed of your lacrosse shoe. The footbed should be such that it should be able to successfully relieve the pressure of the cleats. In addition to that, they should be able to hold your feet intact in its position so that your shoes move with you.

The footbed should be capable of providing with you a cushioning effect when you land from a high jump or on any other kind of impact. It is a plus, if it has anti-bacterial protection as well.

Lastly, we come to the price. Most lacrosse shoes for women are reasonably, however, the prices are still higher than that of the average sports shoes. Make sure you compare the prices along with the features offered.

If you wish to get some great deals and promotions, make sure you go through the entire list of lacrosse shoes for sales. We are sure you’d grab some amazing offers and discounts.

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