Best Laptop Stand Reviews 2017

The laptop is a better choice for those who need continuous access to their important files, either from the home or office, almost anytime, anywhere.

But what if you’d want to use your laptop just like your desktop?

A good laptop stand that can give you the right height and comfort should actually suffice.

In this article, we’ll list down some of the top laptop stands for sale today and briefly highlight some of their best features.

It’s our aim to help you in your buying decisions, so your money won’t go to waste.

If this sounds good to you, read on.

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

Rain Design mStand is a stylish laptop stand that would surely satisfy the taste of most Macintosh users.

It’s designed such that your Apple laptop would sit comfortably at a greater height. This leaves you ample space to put your external hard drives or any other accessories underneath.

The elevation is also perfect as it would not require you to bend down a lot when typing. This gives you better posture and prevents stiffness at the back or neck due to prolonged computer usage.

Moreover, the laptop stand is a sturdy one. You therefore won’t be worried about your laptop easily toppling down.

Overall, this very affordable laptop stand is highly-recommended.

Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand

Allsop Metal Art Jr. is a heavy-duty laptop stand that can carry a load of as much as 40 pounds. Its parts, including the top shelf, are made of metal, thus you can safely store a couple of your workstation devices and equipment.

For gamers who use aggressively their keyboards, the stand can hold on securely. It does not easily wobble or show any signs that it’s going to fall down.

Its sleek appearance is also unobtrusive — something that would surely fit the bill of those looking for a minimalist design.

In addition to all these, its size and height are nicely-suited for 22-inch laptops.

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

AmazonBasics did a great job of producing a quality, yet very inexpensive laptop stand. It comes with a couple of design features that would surely make your laptop perform longer and better.

First, its contacts at the bottom are all padded, thus you won’t feel any sort of vibration on its metal parts. Second, its mesh helps cool down your laptop, while its cord keeper lets you easily organize the wires, etc.

The incline and elevation of the stand can also make your laptop’s stance look like one of those old typewriters. Whether you’re short or tall, this laptop stand would make typing easier and more comfortable. Anytime, you can also adjust the angle of the laptop stand to your liking.

If you travel a lot, this lightweight laptop stand should come very handy.

Seville Classics WEB162 Mobile Laptop Desk Cart

This laptop desk cart from Seville Classics is perfect for those looking for a movable laptop stand. It’s a sturdy piece of equipment with excellent paint job and welding.

With an overall capacity of 50 pounds, you can put a lot of important accessories in addition to your work computer. Its elevation can also be adjusted from 20.5 inches to 33 inches, thus you’ll have lots of height options to choose from.

Unlike other standard and cheap laptop stands, Seville Classics’s cart does not wobble a lot. Thanks to its balanced design and robust post, the cart remains pretty stable.

Meanwhile, this cart is easy to assemble out-of-the-box. It even comes with the tools necessary to put the stand up-and-running.

Furinno A6-Silver Aluminum Laptop Stand

If there’s one laptop stand that offers a lot of flexibility in terms of angle, height, and position, that would be Furinno’s A6-Silver laptop stand brand.

It can be completely folded so it can be put flat on the floor or into the suitcase. As expected, it’s very lightweight and is easy to dispose when not in use.

The stand, which looks good on brushed silver, is also dominantly composed of high-quality aluminum. The aluminum alloy panel proves to be of huge help as it prevents laptop from getting extremely hot.

Setting it up for first-time use is likewise straightforward as it includes a guide to easily align hinges.

For the price, this Furinno A6-Silver laptop stand can hardly be beaten.

What to Look For When Buying a Laptop Stand

Size and Weight

Make sure your stand has enough size to fully-support your laptop. It should also be wide and sturdy enough to hold some weight just in case you have some other devices to put on like printers, scanners, etc.

If you think you’ll need the stand to sit on your lap more often, a lighter one would be ideal.


Have you decided whether or not you will be standing or sitting on a desk while using your laptop stand?

A flexible laptop stand should easily solve your dilemma.

Choose a new laptop stand that may be easily adjusted so it either works as a lap-based or a stand-up stand. Also, a stand with adjustable height would be easy to store when it’s not used.

Build and Construction

Pick a laptop stand with ergonomic features, because it’s more comfortable to use. In the long run, it will also preserve your health as you’ll be able to maintain better posture.

A wrist rest on a laptop stand would also be a huge addition.


So you got a good-looking, high-end laptop with a very nice wallpaper.

Make sure to pick a laptop stand that also suits your taste and style. If you have an option to pick your favorite color and design, that would be great.


When choosing a laptop stand, never forget to set a budget. By doing so, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices.

Thoroughly perform a research on which makers are known for creating high-quality, yet inexpensive laptop stands.

That way, you’ll be able to use your laptop stand for years and get your hard-earned money’s worth.


Just like any other gadget or appliance, an array of different laptop stands may be a bit difficult to choose from.

As always, it all boils down to which laptop stand satisfies all your needs.

Ultimately, there’s nothing better than a stand that offers ease and comfort.

Take your time in picking the right laptop stand deal and make sure it’s something that makes you better and productive.

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