Best Latex Gloves Reviews 2017

Latex gloves are increasingly becoming important, not just to healthcare workers and skilled professionals, but also to the common household.

They’re essential because they protect t your hands from getting in contact with various substances and likewise prevent the spread of contaminants and diseases.

In this article, we’ve come up with a list of top latex gloves for sale today. We’ll also briefly highlight some of their best features to help you decide which latex glove deal to choose.

Read on to learn more about them.

Microflex MF300XL Powder Free Diamond Grip Latex Gloves Size Extra Large (100 per Box)

These Microflex MF300XL latex gloves are durable and strong, thus you can easily tell that they’re quality-made. Although they’re thick, they are well-textured such that your fingers would still have a good grip even when they’re wet.

Note that these are powderless gloves so they’re ideal for those who are prone to allergies. Even so, they’re easy to wear and they don’t easily get torn even when stretched. With them put on, your hands still feel good inside and they don’t itch or sweat.

If you’re looking for a quality latex glove brand that would efficiently keep your hands free from grease, motor oil, or paint, then Microflex is one of the best ones available.

These are definitely recommended.

Disposable Latex Gloves, Powder Free Size Large, 100 gloves per box

First and foremost, it’s important to note that these disposable latex gloves are ideal for those with large hands. They therefore would surely be too big for an average person.

Like other quality gloves, they’re durable and they’re easy to wear. They’re quite thin, but they don’t easily get some tears or damages. Another good thing about these gloves is that they don’t affect the dexterity of your hands. They feel so natural, thus it’s still easy to work on various things.

With them put on, you can also be assured that your hands stay protected from substances such as bleach and oil.

These cheap latex gloves are reliable and highly suggested to all jobs requiring some sort of reliable protection for the hands.

Playtex Gloves Playtex Living Medium (3-Pack)

These three-pack Playtex gloves are well-designed in such a way that they are easy and comfortable for anybody wearing them. Unlike other gloves which use a rubber material inside, the Playtex glove has a soft lining which is gentle on the skin. This does not only make the glove less irritating, but it does reduce any chances of getting allergies.

The thin and gripping design of the Playtex glove also makes it perfect for holding slippery items. You can easily wash glasses or oily dishes without slipping them.

It’s also longer, thus it can be folded somewhere on your wrist to prevent dripping water from going on your arms.

This certainly is another top-of-the-line, yet inexpensive latex glove for sale today.

Mr. Clean 243038 Ultra Grip Latex Gloves with Grippers, X-Large, 1 Pair

If you got some pretty large hands, then these extra-large Mr. Clean latex gloves may be the best ones for you. Note that these gloves are a bit larger than those sold at grocery stores. You therefore would have a lot of room for your hands.

As expected for this type of glove, it’s durable and thicker. You can expect it to last for quite a long time as its material is quality-made.

Although they’re thick, your hands won’t feel awkward even when you’re holding slippery things, In fact, they hold very well. Because they’re waterproof, you can wear them to effectively protect your hands from various substances.

The fact itself that it’s not disposable makes this extra-large Mr. Clean 243038 latex glove a good buy.

GREAT GLOVE 20015 fit-L-BX Latex Industrial Grade Foodservice Glove, 3.5-4.5 mil, Powder-Free, Textured, Natural Rubber Latex, General Purpose, FDA 177.1950 Compliant (Pack of 100)

This latex glove from Great Glove is powder-free which makes them perfect for household or industrial jobs that require meticulous food preparation procedures.

The hands of the average-sized person could easily fit inside these large latex gloves. Most importantly, they fit well so the movement of your hands is not at all affected.

Although they’re not thick, they don’t tear easily even when stretched. They’re durable, thus they’re reliable for everyday use. Even so, they’re not advisable for heavy-duty jobs or tasks involving solvents or other strong substances.

Note that these gloves are specially-made for lighter chores like washing dishes, chopping peppers, and the like. Since again they’re powder-free, they’re definitely safe to use when preparing food.

What is a Latex Glove

As the name suggests, it’s a type of glove that’s made of latex, a natural rubber material. Latex is widely known for its flexible property and tactile sensitivity.

However, latex is known to create allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to this type of material.

Fortunately, most manufacturers nowadays have come up with some ways to minimize the likelihood of allergies on people wearing them.

What to Look for When Buying a Latex Glove

Thickness of the Glove

Latex gloves may come in different thicknesses. Depending on the job, you may need a thicker glove that can endure some pressure so it does not easily get torn or worn out. Buy a latex glove that’s durable and quality-made.

Ease and Comfort

While the thickness of the glove may be deemed necessary to ensure your hand is fully-protected, it should not affect your manual dexterity. It should be flexible enough for you to perform your usual tasks.

Some latex gloves come with powder or any other substances to make them easier to put on. While these may sound good, these substances may increase the chances of developing allergies.

Less Prone to Allergies

As always, it’s important to make sure your hands remain fine and healthy after each and every use. It’s therefore important to determine beforehand if you have some known allergies, most especially against latex materials.

If you do, choose a different type of disposable glove that’s safe for you to use.

In case you’d really need to put on one, choose a powderless latex glove.


We’ve talked about having a comfortable latex glove to wear to still easily work on things. Of course, it’s important to consider the size of the latex glove that you’re wearing. It won’t make sense putting on a very large latex glove if you got small hands.

Manufacturers often indicate the size and dimensions of their gloves so you’ll know if they’ll fit your hands. Also, take note that most latex gloves are stretchable.


Settle for an affordable latex glove without compromising quality. There are lots of cheap latex gloves that are poorly made, so make sure you do your own quick research about some of the best latex gloves deals available.


Gloves, in general, are important as they protect your hands from any type of contaminant and substance. They’re not only useful to surgeons, but to other professionals as well.

While the latex glove is one of the most popular types of disposable gloves we have, they may cause skin irritations to some users who are allergic to latex.

It’s therefore important to always put this into consideration to not only ensure comfort, but to also maintain healthy hands.

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