Best Laundry Basket Reviews 2017

The most practical way of doing laundry is to gather them all and wash them in one big go. Regardless if you do it on your own home or you go to a laundry shop nearby, you need laundry baskets to take care of your dirty clothes. You wouldn’t want to bring them with your own bare hands, right? For that, we listed the best laundry basket available for you to buy right now!

Bajer EZFOLDR Laundry Basket

The most popular out of our list happens to be the most innovative one. The Bajer EZFOLDR Laundry Basket is a foldable laundry basket made of mostly nylon. You can easily fold it flat to save a lot of space. It’s dimensions are 21″ x 21″ x 14″. It’s a pretty big basket, capable of holding a lot of dirty clothes. It’s lightweight, and it’s folding abilities make this a very portable basket. That’s the biggest issue with laundry baskets: bringing them back after you’ve dumped the clothes inside the washing machine. That won’t ever be a problem with this product!

Even though it’s collapsible, it’s very durable and can hold at least clothing weighing twice its own. It might look cheap but the build quality is sturdy and reliable enough to be your daily laundry basket. Folding and unfolding the basket isn’t that hard; once you learn about it, transport of clothes should be a very easy job. Add the fact that the handles are soft and long enough for you to feel comfortable when moving large amounts of laundry. Every purchase comes with 2 baskets, so be mindful of how much you need! This is a very solid purchase for you especially if you want to save on space quite often.

Folding the basket is probably the only complaint with the product, but that as well can be learned with ease. Remember to only wash this by your hand, not in the laundry! The nylon might get worn out, although very unlikely.

Rubbermaid Hip Hugger Laundry Basket

Next up is the Rubber Maid Hip Hugger Laundry Basket. As the name suggests, this is suited for those who like to carry their laundry beside their hip, not in front of them. One-hand carry shouldn’t be a problem with this basket as it has a curved design that should fit like a puzzle piece with your hip. It has three grab-through handles, so if you suddenly feel like using both of your hands, the comfort should still be there. Its dimensions of 17″ x 26″ x 10″ shouldn’t be a problem as well. It’s a very roomy basket, so if your family has a lot of dirty clothes, this basket should take care of the work for you.

The product is pretty sturdy and well-constructed, so issue of it breaking doesn’t appear that much. But comfort won’t be an issue here. The design is very ergonomic that you might start to love bringing clothes to your laundry shop! Okay, who am I actually kidding here. No one loves to bring a large heap of smelly garments to the laundry shop. But hey, at least it won’t be as painful once you get a hold of this basket!

It comes in on a well packaged box, so it’s already pre-assembled. Depending on how you stack it, you can put up to 7 bath towels in here. That should give you a rough idea on how huge this thing is. These are stackable, but only when it’s the same basket, since it has an odd shape.

Sterilite Ultra Square Laundry Basket

The Sterilite Ultra Square Laundry Basket is a very…cute basket. But don’t be fooled by it’s looks; this basket is strong. It’s square design has titanium handles that provides superior grip especially when dealing with huge amount of clothing. It can handle up to 1.5 bushel and contains no snag sides so that the items inside are safe when keeping or transporting. Its dimensions are 19″ x 19″ x 13.88″, meaning that it isn’t large enough to occupy a lot of space, yet roomy enough to store at least a week of your own clothes.

Stacking these shouldn’t be a problem, as long as its contents aren’t that heavy. It’s well constructed, and the grip is constant and comfortable, so you’ll have no worries when bringing heavier amounts of laundry. Even though it isn’t a hip hugger, considering its size, you can also hold this with one hand. That might come in handy if ever one of your arms don’t feel well.

You might think the price is too high for such a product, but you’re actually getting 6 baskets for that price! It is very affordable and much worth it for the price point. You’re getting a sturdy, durable basket with the proper amount of roomand portability for your laundry. Which such high reviews from the customers themselves, you shouldn’t be worried that much! It’s a simple laundry basket that simply does the job, no unnecessary gimmicks.

United Solutions Utility Laundry Basket

Now this basket is not only a laundry basket, but generally a utility basket that can handle more than your foul smelling clothes. The United Solutions Utility Laundry Basket can also be used to store your art materials, paper works, bathroom toiletries, toys, and much more. So when you have your clothes on the laundry already, you can use this temporarily to store other stuff. Make sure you at least wash it first, you don’t want your things to smell bad.

Its dimensions are approximately 15″ x 10″ x 6″ making this one of the smallest in the list. It’s not meant for heavy duty laundry, so be careful when using this basket. But that doesn’t mean it’s not durable. It’s pretty sturdy for a small, compact-sized basket. It also comes in at an affordable price, so it’s worth looking at. There are also size options in the product page, so if you’re looking for a larger or a smaller basket, you have the option to do so. The design also works for minimal approach in home design. Simple, yet elegant looking.

Rubbermaid Laundry Basket

Another product from Rubbermaid made this list. This time, it’s all basic. The Rubbermaid Laundry Basket is a 1.6-bushel, plastic basket that is as toned down as it can be and only focuses on its main function: to carry your laundry. With its 22.5″ x 16.5″ x 10.9″ dimensions, this is a large basket, but not large enough that it’ll be hard for you to carry itin corridors.

One of the reason peopleis buying this is that it is reminiscent of the older designs Rubbermaid had back in the 90s. It stayed true to its original design and durability, but also fixed some of its earlier issues. If your old Rubbermaid laundry basket broke recently, this is the replacement you are looking for. But if you’re fairly new to the company, give this one a shot as well! It’s priced well for its size, and is durable enough to carry loads of clothing. One advantage of this product is that if you overload it just a little bit, it would amount to one full load of laundry. It has the room to support such amount of clothing.

Proper Goods Collapsible Laundry Basket

We now have another collapsible laundry basket in our list! The EZFOLDR feels lonely already, so here’s Proper Goods to the rescue. Their collapsible laundry basket looks more durable compared to the top on the list since its made of plastic. The basket is alsoin a different orientation: it is a tallerbasket, with dimensions of 27″ x 17″ x 3″. Lastly, unlike the EZFOLDR which is, well, foldable, this basket pops up! From its flat state, just pull the handles up and the rest will come with it. Easy to use and easy to store!

This is easier to set up and store compared to the #1 in our list, and its made of more durable material as well. It’s a fairly new product so the reviews isn’t that much unlike the other products, but the quality and portability of this basket makes this a good competitor. Its also a small product, so that is one thing to consider. It’s perfect for dorm usage that has a limited space for anyone to use. It’s easy to transport, durable and versatile; it has a good price-to-quality ratio as well.

Sterilite Ultra Laundry Basket

This product is basically the Sterilite Ultra Square Laundry Basket, but on a more standard size. You can enjoy the features of the earlier onehere as well: titanium-made handles, no snag sides, and very durable plastic material. What differs this from the other one is its 2-bushel capacity which is a step up from the first Sterilite basket in this list. Aside from that, it is bigger, having a dimension of 27″ x 18.5″ x 12″. This basket is more optimal for a house with a large family settling in.

It’s sturdy and lightweight, perfect for heavy duty laundry duties. No more, no less. A very simply designed basket that should do its work efficiently. It is also affordable and right for its price, so buying one of these shouldn’t be a waste. It might not have a lot of good reviews but it’s probably carelessness of the owners. It’s still a worth looking at especially for this price range.

Rubbermaid Flex ‘N Carry Laundry Basket

By now, another Rubbermaid product entering this list shouldn’t be a shock for you. This company has been in this industry for a long while now, and their products have been trusted by people for generations already. As thelast item on the list, the Flex N’ Carry Laundry Basket’s design is not like the typical ones listed here. Instead, it looks like atraditional basket, with the handles meeting inside your one hand. It is a compact shape, making it easier for transport and carriage.

It might look soft (and feel soft), but it’s actually durable, capable of holding almost 2 bushel of clothing. With its dimensions 24.2″ x 16.6″ x 14.5″ , the basket is large, yet the form it has doesn’t make this a problem at all. Its flexible material should keep the basket safe from bending. You’ll have no worries when using this basket with heavy loads.

Its pliable and simplistic design were very welcomed by the customers. It’s a new breather for the bland choices of laundry baskets available (as if it’s a redeeming factor for a purchase) and is worth the low price tag it provides.

What to Look For

This list provides you with a lot of options for your basket laundry needs: some are bigger than the others, some are taller, and some are collapsible. Before you make your purchase, ask yourself: what kind of basket do I need mostly? Do I always have a large amount of laundry that I need a heavy duty basket for it? Or do I need to save space a lot since my room is pretty crammed? Maybe I should get taller ones so I can squeeze them beneath my appliances, or wider ones so that when I toss my laundry, it surely will go inside the basket? Also consider the reputation of each company that made it to this list and check whether their available products right now are of good quality, or there might be a descent.


Laundry baskets are essential to any home: it keeps all your dirty clothes intact and not lying all around your place and provides easy transport of laundry to the laundromat or straight to the washing machine. Other than that, it’s very versatile. If you’re immediately in need of a temporary storage for your items, then laundry baskets should be able to help with that. Hopefully we can help you decide on picking the best one for you! All of these products are well-made and durable for everyday use, but each of them has its own quirks and advantages over the others. So choose wisely, and enjoy your smelly clothes in one place!

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