Best Lawn Aerator Reviews 2017

Taking care of your lawn is a great way to keep your home attractive and well-kept. Using the best lawn aerator can help a lot in improving the soil condition of your property so you can have a healthy and thriving grass as well as encourage soil drainage which encourages earthworms to thrive and help your plants grow well. There are many lawn aerators in the market, here are some of the best ones.

Earthwise 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Model TC70001

The first product on our list of the best lawn aerator in the market is the Earthwise 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator. This has a cutting depth of 8 inches and a cutting width of 11 inches. The design of this product includes 4 strong steel blades that also has 4 blade tines. You can transport this easily even if you use your flip up and down wheels. It can do the job of tilling your intended soil very well and operating this is super easy. You don’t have to worry about moving this to where you needed to use it. The overall lawn aerator is super lightweight and you can maneuver it the way you wanted. It can offer you the most feature for such a low price in comparison to other products sold in the market.

This might not be the perfect product out there but it sure is efficient. You can have such a fast tine speed in comparison to other products which has the same or lesser price to this. Even if the soil you’re working on is hard, this can do the job of conditioning the soil pretty well. There might be some bucking action you’ll notice but it’s so minor you’ll get over it. The good thing about this product is you don’t have to work much, the motor will do the hard work for you. Don’t sweat while working on your land, you can just guide a decent lawn aerator like this one and be done in no time.

Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

This is another great lawn aerator that has garnered a lot of good reviews from those who were able to use this for themselves. It even has such high ratings because of its incredible performance in working on any problematic soil you might have. This product is powered by a powerful 12 amp motor. Using its hard-working motor, you’ll be able to cultivate as much as 16 inches wide (40.6 cm) and the depth of 8 in. (20.3 cm). It gets the job done easily thanks to its 6 durable steel which is actually angled in order to have maximum durability as well as give high performance in any work that you need to be done. What’s even more, you can adjust the position easily and conveniently with its 3-position adjustment.

Some people even liken this lawn aerator as a beast, it’s that amazing. Even if you use this to cultivate any rock-hard soil surface such as the clay and river cobble you find near a riverbank. You’ll be surprised, its toss even huge stones like it’s nothing. It can dig down into the soil easily and will continue moving as if it’s not even tilling. Maneuvering this lawn aerator is super easy. You can make full use of this all throughout your house without any problem. Despite hitting lots of large rocks, it won’t tamper the path of this machinery. You might notice it sometimes bounce but that’s just the way some lawn aerators do when encountering hard surfaces and large rocks. The important thing is it does the job well in the end.

Yard Butler D-6C Manual Lawn Coring Aerator

The next product on our list is the Yard Butler D-6C Manual Lawn Coring Aerator. This product has two non-clogging tips that are hardened and they can even self-eject too. This is specially designed to promote root growth for your plants. It’s made possible by allowing the soil to breathe, in a sense. With the holes that these tips leave when you apply it on the soil, the soil actually gets to absorb some air. This aeration process makes your plants healthier since the soil is oxygenized. Water, as well as the fertilizer you place on your soil, can reach the deepest part of the soil in order for your plant to grow in a healthy way.

What it also does is it’ll reduce some soil compaction. So when you need to cultivate your land, you can use this product to prevent any running off of water as well as some puddling which can happen during planting seasons. Your lawn will look a lot better when there is less water and the fertilizer is properly utilized deep in the roots of your plants. It can also promote vigorous root growth for your garden and lawn. What it does, in the long run, is strengthen your soil so when there is a period of drought or some form of heat stress from the ever changing weather, your plants can still thrive in the soil where you plant your plants.

Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator

Next, on our list of the best lawn aerator is the Agri-Fab 45-0299 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator. You might be surprised with the price of this product, but believe us when we say that this is worth every penny you invest on it. Why suffer from some faulty, cheap lawn aerator you can only use once and it gets broken down easily when you can have a high-performing and good quality lawn aerator like this one? It’s so simple to use you won’t ever sweat from cultivating your own soil. It has a cantilever transport handle you can use to easily raise and lower it the way you needed to in order to improve the condition of your soil for a healthy planting season.

What you get on the advertisement is what you get in the real life. There are no bogus ads here, you’ll get your money’s worth with this high-end product for sure. It actually checks the condition of your soil first before tilling it. What’s the best time to cultivate your soil? It’s when it’s damp of course. But even if your soil isn’t damp, this lawn aerator can still the job well. You won’t experience any backing up with this product in comparison to another lawn aerator in the market. For any residential type of tilling you needed to be done, this is the perfect one to use. You don’t stress too much and it gets the job done easily.

VonHaus 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator

For the next lawn aerator, we found this VonHaus 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator. The 2-in-1 action can save you a lot of money. You don’t have to buy two separate machines to work on your soil. You can just purchase this product and have the option of cultivating your land the way you needed to. This is an effective as well as a convenient way in keeping your lawn neat and healthy. When you use this you can get the job done easily since it has a working width of 13 inches as well as a working depth of 4 inches, how amazing is that? From your purchase, you can get 1 aerating as well as 1 scarifying roller which is perfect for cultivating your lawn.

The dual purpose drum of this product can be interchangeable. You can use the aerating rollers then shift it to scarifying rollers anytime you needed to. The power behind this amazing multitasking product is the 12 Amp / 1500W motor which has a special safety start switch design with two point system. You can also adjust the height of the handle easily in order to keep you comfortable when you cultivate your land. You might need an extension cord when you use this outdoors, though. Don’t fret, this comes with a 16-inch power cord you can use in order not to hamper your task in tilling your land. You’ll be impressed by the performance of this product for sure. The price is so reasonable too for such a high performing product.

Brinly SA-40BH Tow Behind Spike Aerator

If you’re looking for the best lawn aerator and haven’t found the one that suits your needs and your budget then you might want to check this product out. This spike aerator has ten galvanized steel tine stars which are specially made to resist any rusting even if you use this on damp soil or even if you use this for multiple times for a very long time. Each of these steel tine stars can penetrate any soil up to 2 inches which are quite amazing. This also has a durable steel tray which can hold up soil up to 110 pounds more of extra weight. You can have proper soil penetration when you use this highly effective product. Its design is also made to easily attach to any lawn tractors that you might be using.

If you’re confused about how to assemble this product, there is a film card you can use as a reference. The step by step for an easy installation can be understood easily so you don’t have to worry. Once you’re done with the assembly, you’ll find that this works like magic. This new model was strategically improved by the manufacturers in order for you to have an easier time cultivating your land. It can easily aerate even 15000 sq feet of land in less than an hour. This is quite a deal and one you won’t regret

Agri-Fab 45-0365 16-Inch Push Spike Aerator

This is another spike type of lawn aerator you can use for your land. This walk-behind type of lawn aerator has 16 inches of lined spikes which can do a great job in aerating your soil. It also has 5 aerating wheels which have an additional of 7-inch spikes on it. If you needed to expose your lawn grass to air for more nutrients and water this is the perfect product to use. Not only does this job well, it also comes very cheaply compared to the more expensive ones sold in the market. It can even give your soil up to 2 ½ inches of aeration depth that your grass and plants need in order to thrive.

The weight of the steel on the spikes of this lawn aeration adds to the depth of each turn you make. It creates the perfect pressure when you push the spike on the soil. This also has a special weight tray which can hold all the concrete block you’ll need to do your task quickly. Included in your package when you purchase this is 1 aerator. Each product has a 3-year limited warranty you can make full use of. Assembling this product is so easy and maneuvering to your soil is quick and easy too. You can run this to your lawn maybe once after a couple of weeks in order to keep your lawn healthy and grow well.

Brinly PA-40BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator

The last item on our list of the best lawn aerator in the market to date is the Brinly PA-40BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator. Instead of spikes, this lawn aerator has 24 plug spoons made of steel which can a pretty decent job of introducing air to the ground and making your soil healthy for a fruitful planting session. It can also penetrate any compacted soil you might have to improve the condition of your lawn when you needed to. As much as 3 inches plugs of compacted soil can be removed with this handy and efficient lawn aerator. You’d be pleasantly surprised how great this product is. Don’t be scared about the price, it’s a great investment that can last for a very long time and its’ quite durable too.

This lawn aerator has a steel tray that’s so durable and efficient it can even hold up to 150 pounds of weight in order to give an extra weight to this lawn aerator. You can have proper soil penetration when you apply extra pressure to this machinery such as when you place some concrete blocks on the special steel tray. It’s super easy to engage to the soil and transporting the wheels is also super-efficient and easy. It can make crossing driveways as well as some path simple and easy. For its price, you can have a well-made lawn aerator for home use. If you have a riding tractor you can also attach this to make your task done faster. The solid build quality of this product can storm any type of hurdles and even the most compact soil can be tilled well when you use this. The spacing of each plug on this product is well done in comparison to other products too.


Maintaining the condition of your lawn can be done with the use of the best lawn aerator. There are a lot of products in the market promising to do the perfect job of cultivating your soil. Choose the best one that’ll suit your budget as well as give you the best results.

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