Best Lawn Mowers Reviews 2017

Here are some of the best lawn mowers out in the market today. Some are cheap. Some are a bit pricey. But, these are all best sellers with thousands of people swearing by on how effective these tools are for them.

GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

They call the GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force G-MAX a walk behind mower because the user is behind the machine, pushing it in order to mow the lawn. It’s considered lightweight, if you compare it with other mowers. The gas-powered ones are a bit heavy. This is a battery-charged tool and weighs around 42 pounds.

This is an affordable lawn mower and it’s worth your every dollar. It has a wide cutting deck measured at 20 inches. The tool is equipped with Smart Cut™ Technology which automatically adjusts depending upon the texture of the grass. Other features include the mower having two blades for efficient cutting. It also has two batteries for a longer time of use. If batteries are charged well, it can run for 70 minutes without electric cords and gasoline required.

GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14″ Corded Dethatcher

If you need to remove dead grass and other thick materials in your lawn, this is the dethatcher equipment for you. GreenWorks 27022 is a 10Amp machine and one of the cheapest lawn mowers from GreenWorks. Its dethatching path is 14 inches wide and according to users, if you buy a package, it will include replacement tines (36 pieces). These sharp tines are the stainless steel thingies under the equipment which are responsible for pulling out the grass, weeds and the likes when you mow.

GreenWorks pride on producing ZERO carbon lawn tools and this product is one of those equipment that do not emit carbon in the air. It weighs more or less 26 pounds and provides 4 full years of product warranty. This is a good lawn mower to buy if you like electric-powered tools – no fuel needed and no gas-induced accidents.

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Catcher

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe has a 12 Amp motor. Some mowers have 10 Amp only. Sun Joe opted for 12 to ensure excellent performance and high quality grass cutting services. The blade which cuts the grass under the mower is made of heavy-duty steel. This steel blade measures 14 inches.

Users have commented that this mower is very user-friendly. It’s easy to operate and maneuver. Just push the ON button and it’s ready to go. Maintenance of this cheap lawn mower is very low. There are no tune-ups needed. It can be turned on without gas or fuel and oil. It’s eco-friendly too.

This tool is only 29 pounds and perfect for small spaces. It has a big bag where the grass clippings are deposited. The bag is removable and mess-free too.

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25022 is a three in one type of mower. It’s called three in one because it has a bag in the rear area of the mower for the grass clippings, it also has a side-discharge option and it had the mulch function. If you want a low lawn mower price, GreenWorks is a good and affordable brand. This 12 Amp model may suite your lawn needs.

This mower weighs 56 pounds. Yes, it’s a bit heavy, but even with its weight, the tool is easy to store. The handle can be folded down, making it compact garden equipment. The wheels can also be adjusted in 7 positions, and according to grass height. It’s not difficult to operate this mower. Just plug it in and it can turn on in a flash.

GreenWorks GLM801600 80V 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

While it’s true that gas-powered mowers are better than the corded or battery-operated ones, GreenWorks GLM801600 will beg to differ. This machine is so powerful; it can replace your fuel-type mower, according to GreenWorks GLM801600 lawn mower ratings and feedback by its users. It can run for a full hour when it’s charged and you don’t have to put oil in it. No gas, no oil, no spills, no mess and no problems!

Usually, the GreenWorks GLM801600 require zero to low maintenance. Unlike other mowers that need to be pulled just to start (warm up is required), this one has a button that says ON. When you click it, it is ready as ever and can be used instantly. The batteries are Li Ion 80volts and rechargeable. You just need to charge it for 30 minutes before using. This is one of the top lawn mowers of the brand as it does not discharge fumes, noise is significantly lessened, it is not vibrating that much and your health is safe while using it. And its cutting deck is 21 inches.

GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp Corded 16-Inch Lawn Mower

If the GreenWorks 25022 a 3-in-1, then the GreenWorks 25142 is called the 2-in-1. It’s not and never will be a downgraded version of the 25022. It has other features and can be termed as an equal with the 3-in-1 when it comes to lawn mowing performance.

It has a rear bag and a mulch function, which is why it’s called the 2-in-1. This electrically-operated, lawn mower for sale online weighs around 37 pounds. The mower ha 2 front wheels at 6 inches and another two at the rear, which are larger at 7 inches. For efficient cutting, the deck with the blade under it measures 16 inches. The motor of this model is at 10 Amp.

What to Look For

In America alone, sales of lawn mowers each year reach up to 5 million. This is how in demand the equipment is because it is a staple need at home. Almost all homes have a mower. While in some countries, manual grass cutting is their thing, it is advisable to use a mower for comfort, ease and convenience.

Now, when buying a lawn mower, check first your lawn. Is it short grass or tall grass? If the cutting conditions are pretty tough, then, you need a mower with a bigger engine. Some mowers are walk-behind. Some can be driven. If your lawn is small, a walk-behind mower will be sufficient. Be sure that your mower, if electric or fuel-type has a discharge function. Of course, the more features on how to dispose the grass cuttings, the better it is.

And we go to manual, electric, gas and battery operated lawn mowers. Each of these has their good sides and cons. For a manual and inexpensive lawn mower, the benefits include its cheap price and longtime service – according to users. As for electric, it is convenient to use. Just turn it on and off. A mower with gas is a powerful performer. The battery-packed mower is eco-friendly. All of these are good. It is up to you to decide which will be the best for your needs.

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