Best Leaf Blowers Reviews 2017

The best way to get rid of unwanted grass and leaves is through a leaf blower. This device is a tool for gardening that blows powerful air out of its spout to move lightweight stuff such as leaves, debris and grass. The first ever invention of a leaf blower was created by Dom Quinto. He invented it around 1950s to use as a chemical sprayer; however, people started using it without the chemical and used it as a blower instead. Huge companies saw this as a potential gardening tool and started selling leaf blowers on their own.

Leaf blowers come in different forms and sizes. To properly determine which type of model to get; it’s significant to read some important details about them. Getting the right new leaf blower will benefit you big time, so if you’re ready to discover the best leaf blower brands in the industry then go check our list below!

Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

Hunting for the cheapest leaf blower for sale? Then you finally found it! Introducing, the Toro 51619 Ultra Blower and Vacuum. This tool comes in with adjustable speeds up to 250 MPH and a 390 CFM that can be used as a blower, shredder and vacuum. To give you easier maneuverability, this product only weighs about 7.5 pounds, making it an ideal tool you can carry around. Moreover, this model currently uses 12 amps and a metal impeller for an improved performance. The Toro 51619 Ultra Blower and Vacuum comes in with a power insert, vacuum tube, concentrator nozzle, a bottom-zip bag and a cord storage hook. To put it briefly, if a reliable yet affordable leaf blower is all you’re looking for then look no further.

BLACK+DECKER LSW20 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper,Includes 20v Battery

Are you interested to discover the top leaf blower deals in the market? Then we suggest keeping an eye for the BLACK+DECKER LSW20 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper. This unit is installed with 120 MPH, powerful enough to sweep and blow debris, dirt in your driveways or garden. Tired of working with a cord following you around? No worries because this one is cordless and equipped with a powerful 20v max lithium ion battery, that may work for approximately 18 months after charging. Moreover, for an easier cleaning, this model only weighs 3.7 pounds and is energy star rated!

Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower

The Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered may not sound like the cheap leaf blower you’re looking for, but we can guarantee you that it is one of the best, if not the greatest among all leaf blowers. To prove to you that it is powerful, this blower is equipped with air velocity of 170 MPH along with 441 CFM to efficiently give you a powerful air supply. Moreover, since this one is ran by gasoline, this one uses a commercial grade 2-stroke engine that may last for a lifetime. Unlike older models, this one only weighs 8.6 pounds, making it the perfect model you can use in a big lawn/garden. As a summary, this one may be expensive but we can’t deny that it is a good leaf blower.

WORX WG545.1 WORXAIR Lithium Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner, 20-volt

Searching for an inexpensive leaf blower? Then you better try the WORX WG545.1 WORXAIR. This appliance is powered by a 20v max lithium ion battery that may run for about 15 minutes and recharge up to 3 hours. Despite its economical price, this one is equipped with a decent number of MPH and CFM: 120 MPH and 80 CFM. Additionally, this one is the lightest leaf blower we’ve seen with a weight of only 3.5 pounds. Moreover, to guide you further to your cleaning task, this unit comes with 8 attachments. Want a convenient tool? The WORX WG545.1 WORXAIR can act as a blower, sweeper, cleaner and a dryer.

What is a leaf blower?

After getting the idea of manufacturing leaf blowers from a chemical sprayer, several companies started selling this product as it is. By the time 1990s came, the popularity of leaf blowers grew wild, making it a necessity product for gardens or lawns. To create a strong blow of air, a leaf blower uses a powerful fan that grabs air from the outside and pushes it through the nozzle. Moreover, leaf blowers work just like a string trimmer; they are either powered by gas or electricity. There’s no doubt that the easiest and simplest way to get rid of grass, debris, leaves and even snow is through a leaf blower. Leaf blowers will come in handy especially during the time of fall or autumn. The dried leaves may look beautiful for the sight but, these greeneries may stimulate the groupings of dusts, which can potentially be dangerous for your health.

Buying a leaf blower will all depend on how large your garden is. If you have a little to medium sized lawn/garden then a normal sized leaf blower with decent motor will be enough for you. However, if you have to work on a larger patch, then a huge leaf blower, most probably a backpack will be great as it has a bigger motor and uses a larger wattage.

What to look for in a leaf blower?

Gas or electric – leaf blowers can come in two types, the gas powered and the electrical powered. The oldest type of leaf blowers were powered by gasoline and motors. They do not need cords or extension because they need already have their source of power inside the machine. Moreover, because it uses gas, it is expected to be more forceful and potent while working. However, due to its design and structure, gas leaf blowers are naturally louder compared to other models.

Despite the amazing features of gas fueled leaf blowers, people despise using gasoline due to its harmful effects, which is why people nowadays prefer using electrical leaf blowers. This type of leaf blowers is powered by electricity through a cord or batteries. Moreover, because they are the modernized version of leaf blowers, they tend to weigh less than gas leaf blowers.

Handheld or Backpack – this is where your comfort lies in. Handheld leaf blowers are generally lighter is weight and smaller in size, which is why it is easier for them to be carried by the hand. However, if you need a powerful leaf blower then it is possible that they may be heavier in mass, so most probably it will have to need straps to be carried in the back.

MPH and CFM – a good way to effectively determine the leaf blower’s power is through MPH and CFM. MPH stands for miles per hour; it is how fast the air leaves the blower and how haste the appliance is. It’s safe to say that if you have a faster the unit (high MPH); you’ll be able to blow more dusts, debris or leaves. On the other hand, CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. This one is your basis to see how much airflow your leaf blower can give. To put it briefly, leaf blowers with higher CFM numbers can move more debris than others with lower numbers.

Decibels – blowers are just vacuums, they are typically loud and noisy when working. If noise matters for you, then getting a leaf blower with low decibels such as 50 and lower dBA will be good.

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