Best Lens Cases Reviews 2017

Ever since cameras were invented in the 19th century, the fascination with photography roared a lot. It comes with a body composed with flash, focus, power switch, mode switch, shutter button and lens. The camera lens makes it possible for the camera body to capture images of objects and your preferred subject.

Most cameras are already equipped with a kit lens, but other photographers also opt for other types of camera lens such as prime lens, wide angle lens, telephoto lens and macro lens. Getting the right kind of lens may help you capture what you really want to capture. However, as helpful as they can be, these lenses are extremely prone to damages and injuries.

So, what better way to protect your lenses but through a lens case? A lens case is a specialized case made for your camera lens. They have the same internal dimension to accommodate your items. If you are looking for the best lens cases in the market, then you are certainly in the right page! Moreover, if you want to know more then you must also check some information we collected below.

Altura Thick Protective Pouch Set

Want to get the best lens case deals? Then definitely go for the Altura Thick Protective Pouch Set! This one has a dimension of 10.4 x 7.7 x 3.4 inches and is compatible with lenses coming from Olympus, Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Sony and many more. Moreover, this one comes with small, medium, large and extra-large sizes that can be bought separately or in 3 and 4 packs.

This one also includes a MagicFiber/MicroFiber lens cleaning cloth, so you can easily clean your lenses. It comes with quick clips and belt loops that allow you to easily attach your lens. Furthermore, this one is weather and degradation resistant, which makes it an ideal case for photographers. In conclusion, because the Altura Thick Protective Pouch Set came from a top lens case brand that you surely must not miss.

JJC DLP-7 Deluxe Lens Pouch Bag Case

The JJC DLP-7 Deluxe Lens Pouch Bag Case is also another good lens case that we proudly recommend. This one has a dimension of 12 x 5 x 5 inches and can accommodate lenses that are 130 x 310 mm in measurement. Furthermore, this one also uses a water-resistant and heavy duty exterior material to keep your lenses protected.

It comes with a mesh pocket inside where you can place your body cap, lens cap and other accessories you may think. Furthermore, with this case, you are given 3 possible carrying options such as: 2 webbed eyelet loops for shoulder straps, rear double touch belt loop and lastly, 2 D-rings for shoulder straps. All in all, if you are buying a lens case that can 100% secure your lenses then go for the JJC DLP-7 Deluxe Lens Pouch Bag Case.

Cosmos Neoprene Lens Pouch Bag

Interested in getting the cheapest lens case for sale? Then you must go for the Cosmos Neoprene Lens Pouch Bag! This product comes in 3 sizes namely: small, medium and large. Moreover, it is made out of thick neoprene (3mm) to give your lenses optimum protection and to prevent giving shock over your lenses.

Additionally, this one features a belt loop so you can easily attach your lenses over your bags for a much convenient experience. It also involves a hook where you can attach your pouch. The Cosmos Neoprene Lens Pouch Bag is an inexpensive lens case that we are positive about. This one is made out of neoprene that is proven to be elastic, extremely soft yet durable enough to carry your lenses.

Lightdow Lens Pouch Bag

The Lightdow Lens Pouch Bag is undoubtedly an affordable lens case, so there will be no harm giving it a try. This item is currently available in 4 sizes from small, medium, large and extra-large. It can accommodate lenses such as prime, wide, fisheye, macro and telephoto lenses. Additionally, this case is also made out of soft neoprene materials so it can protect your lenses gently.

This bag includes a heavy duty snap hood and an easy pull cord to give you faster and easier access, while the snap hood can be attached on your other items. It can be bought separately or in packs, so as the product with one of the highest ratings, getting the Lightdow Lens Pouch Bag would be a smart choice.

Neoprene Pouch Set for DSLR Lens

Searching for new lens cases? Then starting with the Neoprene Pouch Set for DSLR Lens will be a great beginning. At a very low price, this one includes 4 pouches ranging from: small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. This item can keep your lenses safe and sound as it is made out of neoprene that is soft yet sturdy. Its thick cover is good enough to protect your lenses from bumps and scratches.

It is compatible with different kinds of lenses from Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax, Sony, Tamron and so on. Furthermore, it also features a quick clip along with belt loops that you can attach over your case. Lastly, the Neoprene Pouch Set for DSLR Lens is certainly a cheap lens case, so giving it a try won’t make you feel regret.

What is a lens case?

The lenses for cameras were developed because of optimal lenses. Back in 1568, a man named Daniel Barbaro positioned a lens over a camera box and reviewed its purpose. He discovered that he can work on the sharpness and focus while working with a lens. Around 1611, another man named Johann Kepler studied the discovery better and found out that it is possible to enlarge images by combining concave and convex lenses.

Around 1800, the first camera box with a built-in lens was releases. The lens then would invert the image in a plate at the back of the camera box. Around 1841, Joseph Petzval created a lens that can accommodate a fast aperture; this makes it possible to take better portraits. Today, all sort of photography is possible, thanks to variety of lens cameras in the market.

If you are a photographer or simply an enthusiast of photography then you must be familiar how high maintenance it is to own a camera lens. Besides being pricey, they are also prone to damages. Worst case scenario for your camera would be a broken lens, but this could be prevented by getting a proper lens case your lens.

Lens cases are available in variety of sizes and lengths that will properly fit your lens. They include internal dimensions inside them, so you can easily distinguish which size you must buy for your lens. For people who consider photography as a job, it is tremendously important to give your lens optimum protection. Furthermore, these cases contain internal soft pouches and thick cover to fully protect your lenses. If you want to check which cases are best then worry no more because you must only look into our list and you are good to go!

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