Best Letter Openers Reviews 2017

We all have had that experience multiple times in our lives when we’ve been super-frustrated trying to open an envelope that just wouldn’t tear open. Before you know it, you have the letter inside. Sometimes, the envelope is torn in such a messy way that the letter can’t be taken out at all.

Seems like a small problem? Well, those who have faced it know how irritating it can be. That’s why, in this post, we introduce you to the different types of letter openers. Using these letter openers, we can open all our mails and letters with great perfection and save you some frustration.

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Universal Hand Letter Opener

One of the top stationery and letter opener brand, Universal, presents this top-quality inexpensive letter opener. This economical letter opener is made of plastic and has a sharp concealed steel blade. Each pack comprises three letter openers, which means even if you end up damaging your first opener, you have the other two for your rescue.

That doesn’t mean this product breaks easily, people who have used it speaks highly about the durability of this product. If you want to buy a letter opener that gives a good value on your money, go for this one.

Westcott Rosewood Handle Letter Opener

Westcott brings to you one of the best letter openers out there. This 9” long letter opener is made of the highly durable stainless steel. The rosewood handle gives it an elegant and attractive look. It comes in handy for daily use, whether it is in your office, school, or homes.

The lightweight body and rosewood handle make for comfortable use. A remarkably cheap letter opener to meet your daily needs of opening letters and mails and also adds a touch of class to your stationery shelf. Do check this out if you’re looking to grab an amazing letter opener deal.

Premier Automatic Battery-Operated Letter Opener

Premier introduces you to this handheld battery-operated letter opener which has concealed blades. This is your ideal tool for office use as well as for mobile offices. The size is perfect to easily fit in a drawer or a briefcase. The fact that it is lightweight makes it all the more easy to carry and use comfortably.

This amazing device automatically detects an envelope when you insert it and activates itself. The blades are completely enclosed so there is no chance of you hurting your fingers. This affordable letter opener is safe to be used by kids.

My Desk Letter Opener

This top letter opener by My desk is made of plastic and comes with a razor blade. This highly-efficient letter opener with the sharp blade cuts your envelopes open swiftly in a single stroke. Each pack has 4 pieces of openers which makes this a highly economical purchase.

This easy-to-use letter opener will open your letters in no time. The concealed blade makes it absolutely safe for use while comfortably allowing the paper to glide through. These amazing letter opener costs less than most other openers out there and you do not want to miss it.

Revelation Product Letter Opener

Revelation Product brings to you this fancy letter opener which is designed as a double-edged sword. This 8-inch long letter opener is enough to easily glide through most of your mails no matter what size they are. The blade has a scripture from Hebrews 4:12 to give you the feel of using a real sword.

This is a great addition to your office desks or existing stationery set at home. It would certainly stand out and invite compliments from whoever happens to see it. It doesn’t slip out of your hand and gives you a sturdy grip.

Blue Envelope Elegant Letter Opener

This is an elegant heart-shaped new letter opener by Blue Envelope. The heart-shaped design makes it a wonderful piece to look at and works as a great gift idea. One of its highlight is its unique matt finish which will stay intact for a very long time. With over 6 inches long, you could comfortably hold it in your hands and let it slide through your envelopes.

The manufacturers give you a 100% guarantee for this amazing product. It will be a great addition to your pen stand and will instantly catch people’s attention.

What are Letter Openers?

Letter opener is a small handheld device which lets you cut open your envelopes with absolute ease. They come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for office as well as home use. Whether you are a student, a homemaker, or an employee, you will always be thankful to own a great letter opener.

They make your otherwise frustrating job of opening mails, so easy and convenient, that even kids can now open the envelopes. However, most of them have sharp blades, so it’s best to keep them away from the kids. They can easily sit on your desks, in drawers, pen stands, or in your stationery shelf.

An attractive-looking letter opener also doubles up as a great gift. They add a touch of elegance to your desk and most of them do not cot much.

In the previous section, we took a look at some of the best letter openers available on the market. However, there are some factors that will help you decide which one is a good letter opener and which one you should choose over hundreds of other options. The following section will cover that.

What to Look For

A good letter opener should be user-friendly. This means it should be convenient to use and store it without taking too much trouble. A lightweight letter opener slides smoothly between the envelope before opening it. Also, they should be sturdy in that they shouldn’t slip off from your hands.

A letter opener should be easy to hold and come with safety features. Some of these features include concealed blades which prevents you from hurting your fingers. Therefore, it is extremely important that a letter opener should be comfortable to use.

Secondly, check the material used to make them. While some of them are made of plastic, other manufacturers use stainless steel or other type of metals to make them. Whatever the material is used, it should be strong and durable. Something that wears off quickly is not worth buying.

The next factor is the design. Most people prefer to use letter opener as a gift idea. If you’re willing to gift them to people, it should be a good-looking letter opener. People like to keep letter openers on their desks or in the pen stands, and it would be an added bonus if your letter opener looks elegant as well. However, this factor is valid only if you wish your letter opener to do more than just open the letters.

The last factor is the price. You can buy letter openers for cheap prices, but you would also find the ones that are quite expensive. The ones that cost more have great designs and shapes. If you want to buy them in bulk, you could go through the various letter openers for sales options to know all the latest offers and prices.

You might get lucky and end up getting some amazing discounts.

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