Best Lip Liners Reviews 2017

Are you looking for the best lip liners for this season? How do you know what to buy? Which brands are really affordable for their quality, and which liners are cheap with leads that will break all the time when you sharpen them? How inexpensive can you go with a lip liner before you risk not getting the shade advertised on the product description? What are the benefits of different designs: retractable and mechanical; or traditional? Which brands offer the widest range of color shades? Lets take a look at five of the best lip liners available this season.

NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil

This top-selling slim-line lip pencil is available in a wide variety of daring shades – autumn to auburn to brighter oranges and even traffic-stopping shades of red. The lead is soft and buttery so it glides on easily, but has good bleed-resistance, and as a traditional lead pencil, it’s great for adding sharp definition to your lips.

L’Oreal Color Riche Lip Liner (0.0070-Ounce)

L'oreal Colour Riche Lip Liner, Au Naturale, 0.0070-Ounce

L’Oreal’s Color-Riche lip liner is creamy and designed specifically to be anti-feathering. L’Oreal is widely available, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect Color-Riche lipstick to coordinate with your new lip liner. This range is mechanical so you can forget carrying around a messy sharpener. Available in 12 delectable shades.

MAC Lip Pencil Soar Liner

This lip pencil is perfectly designed for lining, shaping and filling in your lips. MAC Lip Pencils offer an especially smooth and creamy application, so are possibly the best lip liner in this list for filling in as well as lining. MAC offer a great selection of colors that will match any skin shade or outfit – whether you’re going for classical beauty or a really wild night-time look.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil

NARS Satin Lip Pencil, Rikugien

NARS have a new lip liner out for this season. This Satin Lip Pencil is designed to dress up your lips in bold statement shades. Be seduced by the bold, color-rich pigments that keep their moisture all day long. NARS use an extra longwearing formula enriched with vitamin E, so you can wear this liner all day long under your favorite lipstick or lip gloss. This lip pencil is jumbo-sized, too, which means you can easily angle it to use for all-over color.

Jordana Easyliner Lips

Jordana Easyliner Lips 08 Rock n Rose

Easyliner Lips by Jordana is a retractable pen, so no sharpening necessary. The formula is silky smooth so it will glide on softly and give you excellent coverage. This lip liner is semi-matt for a slightly more restrained elegance. Suitable for all day, it’s easy to carry and easy to apply, though you shouldn’t have to more than once a day. Made in the USA and available in an impressive 15 different shades.

What To Look For

Since lip liner is the foundation that goes on before your lipstick, you should choose yours carefully. For every variety of lipstick out there, there is a variety of lip liner too. When deciding which lip liner is the best buy for you, pick a liner color that blends easily into your lipstick. The function of a good lip liner is to define lip contours and prevent your lipstick from fading away at the edges during the day.

When you buy a lip liner, you need to take two things into account: your natural skin color, and your preferred lipstick shades. Makeup experts recommend shopping for a new lip liner without any make-up – not even foundation. Lip liners and lipsticks that look great next to natural skin are going to look fantastic once you’re wearing a full face of make-up. If you find it difficult to choose a color, a good rule is to pick something very close to your natural lip color. You might be wondering what the point is of using lip liner if it’s the exact same shade, but its still provides strong definition and prevents your lipstick or gloss from bleeding. Choosing a nature-identical shade is a clever way to make your lips look a little curvier and plumper without it seeming like you’ve even put any make-up on.

If you’re going to be matching your new lip liner to your favorite shade of lipstick, the general rule is to pick something two shades darker than your lipstick.

High quality needn’t mean a high price. Some of the most popular lip liners reviewed for this list are inexpensive compared to the major brands with their equally big costs. But picking the best lip liner for you is all about knowing what color to choose and how to apply it, and finding a range that works well with your body’s own chemistry. Some people find that a particular cheap brand of lip liner or eyeliner works much better for them (with longer wear and less irritation) than brands three times the price. Experiment and make the most of free samples until you find your perfect match.

Advantages Of Owning A Good Lip Liner

Lip liner is key to full, well-defined lips. You can sculpt your cupid’s bow to perfection, and even use a highlighter lip pencil to accentuate your lips further. Simply choose a lip pencil or concealer pencil one or two shades lighter than your own skin, and draw it just above your lip liner shade.

Lip liner is your best defense in prolonging the last of your lip color. Apply lip liner prior to your lip-gloss or lipstick in order to avoid bleeding and feathering. This is especially important if your lipstick color is dramatically different from your natural lip color. Just because your workday has to wear on, why should your lipstick have to wear off?

Even people who hate the idea of drenching their lips in lipstick every days can find a lot to appreciate about a good lip liner. It’s so much more lightweight, and it’s possible to pick a shade that’s natural and easy to wield so that you can define and enhance your lips without covering them up. A nude lip liner is perfect paired with a little lip balm to keep your lips moist and soft, but still looking completely natural and kissable.

Before you buy, take into account the mechanism of lip liner that works best for you. If you apply on the go, a retractable or mechanical style lip liner might work better since you don’t have to worry about keeping a messy sharpener in your purse. If you like a really sharply defined line, though, traditional style lip pencils can give you more control. Secondly, take into account whether the brand that sounds the best to you actually offers the shade(s) to suit your skin tone and your personality. Some of the lip liners on our list are available at great value in a 4, 6 or even 12 pack, which might be the best choice if you change you lip color every day, or if you’re setting up your own make-up kit. Next, decide on your budget. Finally, check out our guide to the best lip liners and find the right one for you.

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