Best Litter Mat Reviews 2017

Having a pet cat entails lots of responsibilities. You wanted to give your cat the best cat litter box and the best cat litter, but sometimes no matter how you wanted to have a hygienic environment inside your home, litter can spread anywhere especially around your cat’s litter box. That’s why having the best litter mat can go a long way. It’ll catch the excess litter from your cat’s litter box when your cat is finished using it. Here are some of the best litter mat in the market.

PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

First on our list of the best litter mat in the market to date is the PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat. This is the most popular litter mat and many people highly recommend this. This is safe for your cat. It doesn’t contain any phthalates and vinyl chloride which are some of the harmful chemicals other litter mats have. It’s also soft and comfortable, your cats will love using this and won’t shy away from it. Some cats can be sensitive to litter mats and will avoid it at all costs if it’s something new to them.

This litter mat is great for trapping cat litter. Your cat won’t be jumping around to avoid this mat but will leisurely wipe the excess litter off of it to prevent any litter getting on your floor. This can hold litter box in place with its small grooves on its design. The outer channel of this litter mat actually catches the excess litter and prevents it from escaping the designated area. You can have a clean surface and clean floor with this. You can use a broom or vacuum with attachment in cleaning this up. You may also use a hand-held sponge and it’ll work just fine in thoroughly cleaning this up. Unlike other litter mats, the litter won’t get trapped in the recesses of the surface. This mat resists moisture and prevent bacteria proliferation thanks to its closed pore material. You can simply fold and pour the excess litter back to the litter box which is very convenient way to clean it up. This is made durable and won’t slide to any surface.

Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

Here’s another amazing litter mat you can purchase to prevent any spillage from your cat’s litter box. Having cats can be such as hard work. It’s important to keep your cat’s area clean and free from any hassles to decrease the stress of cleaning things up. This litter mat is a perfect mat for your cat’s litter box. This is phthalate free so you can rest assured that it’s not harmful to your cat and to your family. This product is actually voted as the #1 cat litter mat among others in the market. The reason must be because the cats just love this and find the mat to be super comfortable and durable.

This is quite an efficient litter mat made of elegant trapping design. The price is reasonable and will guarantee you it’ll last for a long time. It’s made of premium, high-quality and durable materials incomparable to other litter mats in the market. It has grooves on the surface with a unique and patented design that can actually trap 37% more litter in comparison to other mats in the market. Not only that, this is easy to clean and maintain its hygiene. This is made of water-resistant plastic material so it’s easier to clean. You just shake it off or you can also use a vacuum in taking the excess litter off then give it a little rinse and that’s it, it’s good as new. It has a wonderful, modern design that can fit any décor you might have at home.

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Next on our list of the best cat litter is the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat. This litter mat is huge enough to accommodate a large area surround your cat litter box. It measures 30″ x 23″ x 0.5″ and can accommodate many cats all at once. It has a soft material that your cats will love. Although this is a little bit pricey, you can have the assurance that this is worth every penny. It’s made of durable material that won’t get damaged easily and can last for a really long time. It does its purpose perfectly in preventing litter spillage to your floor.

Cleaning this litter mat is super easy and hassle-free. You can use a vacuum in capturing the excess litter on its surface and run this under falling water or use a garden hose and it gets super clean fast. This is made of waterproof materials so you don’t have to worry about getting this wet or washing this with water. With this litter mat placed under your cat’s litter box, it can capture the excess litter from your cat’s furry paws and you don’t have to deal with cleaning the entirety of your floor or where you cat might trample on. Even though it captures litter well, you won’t find yourself stressing out about getting the litter off the surface of this mat unlike other products in the market.

Smiling Paws BPA Free Premium Cat Litter Mat

If you wanted an affordable yet durable large litter mat for your cat’s litter box, then this is the perfect litter mat for you. This product has an insane number of good reviews as well as very high ratings from cat owners and those who were able to witness what an amazing product this is. It’s worth its price and does a high performance in keeping your place free from excess litter. This is an extra-large litter mat which can trap 82% more cat litter compared to other cat litter mats in the market. It measures 35 x 23.5” which is double the size of other regular litter mats.

It has a non-slip back so you won’t worry about this sliding anywhere and your cat dragging the litter box to places. This mat will stick to where you placed it. It can continuously catch excess litter and won’t shift around even if your cat scratches the surface of this product. Even if your cat has multiple trips to the litter box all day long, this litter mat will stay put. It’s made of high-quality materials and is heavy and thick. Unlike other flimsy and thin litter mats, this is obviously a winner in quality. It can even withstand your cat’s scratching, it won’t be destroyed easily. This is BPA free which is good for you as well as for you cat. You can have an odor-free and clean home thanks to this litter mat.

Petlinks Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat

Next on our list of the best litter mat available in the market is the Petlinks Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat. This product reduces the incidence of littering scattering to the floor. When your cat uses the litter box or frequent their feeding area, the mess from the litter box can stick to their paws as well as the food they eat when they are having their meal. This litter mat has a patented design which can spread the paws of your cats thus promoting the removal of excess litter from their paws. This is a unique feature not usually seen in other litter mat products at the store.

It has a flexible design which is made for easy clean-up. You can have a hassle free cleaning session of the litter mat with this product. It measures 23.25” x 14.9” which is big enough to fit any litter box that you might have. All Petlinks products are known to be safe for pets as well as for children. They are tried and tested products such as this mat which has passed standards in health and safety. Even though your cat may accidentally pee on the edge of their litter box, this litter mat can efficiently catch the mess your cat will leave behind. Cleaning this is easy, too, so you don’t have to stress over messy litter mats. This is durable enough that you can even wash this in your washing machine with bleach and detergent and you’ll have a clean and odor-free litter mat in just a snap.

Pawkin Phthalate Free Cat Litter Mat

Pawkin Phthalate Free Cat Litter Mat is a phthalate free litter mat that is laboratory tested to be non-toxic so it’s safe for your cat as well as for your children to be around. This has a patented design which can catch excess litter with its mesh-like design. This has an extra-large dimension so you can have a wider range of ground protection from the vicinity of the litter box. The material use in this litter mat’s construction is made of high-quality materials. This can last for a very long time and the price is all worth it. This is a very affordable litter mat so it won’t hurt your pockets.

This mat is specially designed to lock excess litter from the litter box. You can get rid of the excess litter by shaking this outside your home or by using an efficient vacuum cleaner you have lying around. With this litter, you can guarantee that it won’t tear off easily unlike other thin and flimsy litter mats in the market that promise you long lasting performance. Many can attest how durable this litter mat is and a lot of cat owners swear by this. Even though you have many cats at home, this can withstand cat scratches and tear from their paws and claws. You can wash this with water since its material is water-resistant.

Pet Magasin’s Cat Litter Mat

You can have a litter free floor thanks to this litter mat. This can stop litter tracking by your cats after they use their litter box. Even if they go to their litter box multiple times a day, you can rest assured that you won’t have litter tracks anymore. This mat catches the excess litter from your cat’s paws after they’ve been to their litter box. Its design is very beautiful and it’ll fit any décor you might have at home. Its beige color is perfect for hiding litter tracks surrounding the litter box. When you purchase this litter mat, you have a free small litter mat the size of 15.5″ x 12.5”. You can use the two of them together or you can use them separately.

With this litter mat, cleaning up will be just a breeze. The accumulated litter falling to this litter mat can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If this litter mat is stained with liquid spills, you don’t have to worry. You can rinse off the liquid mess with a spray cleaner and cold water and the stain will be gone in no time. There are other uses for this mat too. You can use this as a mat you can place underneath your pet’s food container. So when your cat make a mess when they eat, your floor won’t get messy since that’ll catch the mess from your cat’s bowl. This litter mat has a rubberized material that prevents water from getting into your floor. Your floor won’t be damaged and you’ll have an orderly house even if you have a cat.

Petmate Litter Catcher Mat

The last item on our list of the best litter mat in the market is this Petmate Litter Catcher Mat. The size of this litter mat can fit any litter box that you might have. It’s made of a soft material so it’ll be easy and comfortable for your cat’s paws. Cats can be sensitive when it comes to the ground they pad into. You can say they are very picky critters when it comes to their paws. No wonder, since cats have sensitive hairs on their paws that can even detect the slightest changes in the environment. It’s part of their make-up, actually. With this litter mat, they’ll love to use this and won’t jump around to avoid it.

This is very effective in catching excess litter from the litter box. You won’t have any litter tracks anymore with this product. It’s easy to clean, too, so you won’t stress about anything when it comes to litter excess. It’s large enough to fit any litter box. It measures 47 X 32 X 0.25 in inches. It can do an acceptable amount of work in preventing litter from getting onto the floor, but no litter mat is fail-proof. You can minimize this though with frequent clean-up. You can shake the excess litter from this mat and you can also frequently wash this with water and detergent to maintain its cleanliness.


You can prevent any litter tracks from your cat’s litter box by using the best litter mat in the market. Your floor and your house will be cleanlier when you have a litter mat to catch the excess litter caught by your cat’s paws.

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