Best Luggage Locks Reviews 2017

Going on an adventure can be fun. Embarking on a trip not only relaxes you but also gives you fulfillment with the travel goals you wanted. Whether you’re traveling for leisure, business or for personal reasons, the security of your luggage is very important. When you travel, you bring a lot of important stuff, things you don’t want to be lost when you leave your luggage for transport. Having the best luggage lock ensures your luggage and items are safe when you travel. Here are some of the best ones so far.

Master Lock 4688D TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock

The first item on our list of the best luggage lock you can use to secure your travel luggage is the Master Lock 4688D Cable Luggage Lock. This is a TSA accepted travel you can use anywhere. You can use this lock for your luggage, handy travel bags, backpacks, computer bags and even briefcases. It has a metal casing and only measures 1-1/8-inch (29mm). This has a flexible cable attached to the lock that can effectively resist any form of abuse your luggage may be subjected to when transportation authorities check your belongings.

You can choose from a selection of colors of this luggage locks. There are blue, red, silver and black colors you can choose from. This is a safe lock that you can rely on when you’re traveling. One shouldn’t be too lax about their luggage. You never know what could happen when you travel on a different land with different kinds of people. Oftentimes, there are thieves who’ll target your bags especially if they learn you’re a foreigner and you’re there to have a holiday. You don’t know what their modus is, but to be safe, have your luggage under lock and key. With this product, you have the liberty to set your lock combination. This won’t easily get broken and won’t easily be tampered with. You can rest assured that your things will not be disturbed in any way. This is very easy to operate and affordable too.

Kolumbo TSA Luggage Lock

This is a highly recommended, TSA approved luggage lock that people swear on. It has an insanely high trust rating from a lot of people and they are quite satisfied with the service it gives in protecting their things when they go on a trip. Frequent travels and adventures benefit from this high-quality and safe lock. It’s the best tool in securing the safety of your luggage whenever and wherever. You can guarantee that your luggage will be safe even after transportation authorities are done with inspecting your bags.

You won’t have to worry about relocking your luggage after the TSA inspections at the airport. This will automatically relock itself so even if the inspector forgets to lock it after their inspection, it resumes its lock status again. The materials used in this luggage lock is made of high-quality zinc alloy built to last many trips you might plan to have. It’s an extra durable lock no one can easily crack except the owner for a safe and secure luggage. You can have a peace of mind wherever and whenever you have a trip. This is easy to use and hassle-free. You won’t struggle with changing the combination at all.

Tarriss TSA Lock

Tarriss TSA Lock - TSA Luggage Locks for Travel - 2 Pack - Lifetime Warranty

You can be assured that this luggage lock will give you 100% satisfaction in securing your luggage. You can have a safe and relaxing trip without any worries about the safety of your things if you use this TSA approved luggage lock. It’s very affordable yet it can last for a very long time. Thieves will have a hard time picking the combination of this lock, but you won’t have the trouble figuring this one yourself. Even if you leave your luggage inside your hotel room when you go out on a trip, you can have a peace of mind that everything inside your luggage is safe. So go out and enjoy your trip.

This has 3 dial combinations you can set for better security. It has visible markers you can easily see so that you can line up the numbers correctly. This will ensure your locks are not cut off by the TSA inspectors at the airport. Since this luggage lock passes TSA standards, you can be at ease knowing that they won’t pry your lock open and leave you without any lock after the mandatory inspections. This lock has a flexible cable you can wind onto your luggage zippers. It’s made of sturdy materials such as zinc alloy so you can be at ease knowing it won’t be damaged by thieves or prying people.

Master Lock 646T Set-Your-Own Combination Luggage Lock

Here’s another reliable luggage lock that we encountered at the market. It has a decent amount of good reviews from satisfied customers and the price is surprisingly cheap. This luggage lock has a durable die-cast casing with 1/8in. shackle made of steel for a stronger cut resistance. You can set your own combination that’s convenient for you. You can even reset it in case you wanted to be more secure with your luggage.

Even though this luggage lock is fairly small, it’s surprisingly strong. Setting your number combination is easy and will only take a short while. This is not TSA approved, though, so you might need to open this up for the travel personnel to check the contents of your bag in case they found something suspicious at the travel scanning device. This is a cheap yet durable luggage lock you can use when you go backpacking or traveling somewhere within your area and you needed to have a secure bag.

TravelMore TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks

4 Pack TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks for Suitcases & Backpacks - Black

Now here’s another TSA approved luggage lock which is a good device to keep your luggage safe and secure when you go out on your trips. This is specifically made for suitcases but you can also use this for any luggage you might want to use for your travels. You can depend on this durable luggage lock. It’s made of best quality materials designed to withstand any prying and mishandling during TSA inspections. This is made of zinc alloy which is a super strong material not easily destroyed or broken. You can have the assurance that this lock will last for a very long time.

This luggage lock has 3 lock combination you can set personally. That make it 3 times more secure than any other luggage lock who only has one lock combination. Its flexible steel cable can be easily threaded to any type of luggage zippers of any sizes. You can use this for many things, not just for your luggage. You can use this to secure your backpack, your gym bag and even your suitcase. You can also use this to give your locker extra safety. You can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure. No one can easily break the lock combination but you.

Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert

Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert (2 Pack)

Another Tarriss luggage lock we found in the market is this ingenious find. What makes this device different from other luggage locks out there is it has a search alert mechanism. You’ll know when someone tries to pry open this luggage lock. Once the culprit attempts to open the combination and fails, an alert will be sent to you. This also serves as an indication that TSA inspectors went through your things as a mandatory inspection before you board the plane.

Having a TSA approved luggage locks ensures that you won’t have to suffer from a broken lock. It’s part of the law to check your luggage especially when they find something suspicious with your luggage. If your luggage lock is not TSA approved, they have the liberty to open this by force. They can break your lock and after they rummage through your things you’re left with a luggage that doesn’t have a lock and susceptible to theft. You don’t want to have the extra stress of experiencing that when you travel. This is the perfect luggage lock for your trips.

Master Lock 4689T TSA Accepted Padlocks with Keys

These are luggage locks utilizing the padlock mechanism. These master locks are also TSA approved so you can rest assure that after the TSA inspections, the inspectors won’t break the lock since they have a master lock available to open the luggage. Not only can you use this item to secure your luggage, you can also use this for your backpacks, bags, briefcase, and small cabinets as well as briefcases and for indoor use too. These are small, only measuring 1-inch (25mm). It has a polished chrome body and a metallic and satinone of the lower halves of the body.

This has a convenient access at the front for the keyway. This has a matching colored key head with a mini fusion style and has two keys included in your purchase. You can choose from a selection of colors available. You can choose whether you wanted pink, blue, silver or purple. These locks are a perfect fit for your small luggage. You can also this for your bags and other small items you needed to secure when you travel. You don’t usually see this type of luggage lock anymore which makes it one of a kind.

Forge TSA Locks

Forge TSA Locks 4 Pack - Open Alert Indicator, Alloy Body with Hardened Steel Shackle and Re-settable 3-Digit Combination

Last on our list of the best luggage locks is the Forge TSA Locks. This luggage lock has an open alert indicator so you’ll know when someone tried to open this lock or someone already did like when the TSA inspectors do their mandatory inspection. This luggage lock is so durable it’s made a high-quality alloy. You can be assured that this won’t get damaged easily even if someone tries to tamper with it. This is also TSA approved so you can have your luggage inspected without destroying your luggage lock during your travels.

This lock is connected to hardened steel shackles that’s patented with an internal mechanism that can withstand great stress and can last a lifetime. You’ll get your money’s worth with this ingenious and durable product. You can rest assured this will always relock and you’re always protected when you travel or at home if you use this for your valuables stacked inside your house. With this product, you won’t ever have to worry about leaving your lock left opened after a TSA inspection. It has 3 lock combination that you can personally set for better security too.


When you go out on a trip to another land, you bring with you important papers and valuables inside your luggage. You won’t know what will happen to you and to your stuff when you travel. From the airport alone you’ll face many possibilities, some of them aren’t in your favor. One of that is the TSA inspections mandated by law in some airport station such as in the USA. They can actually open your luggage for inspection, and if your luggage lock is not TSA approved then they have the liberty to forcefully break the lock to rummage through your things. What you’re left after is a pack with no lock, vulnerable to thieves and marauding people. Even if you pass the TSA inspection and your luggage lock was reset for security, you also have to endure the long vacation and hope that your luggage is secure and durable enough when you leave it at your hotel or wherever you intend to stay when you travel. Who wants to carry a large luggage everywhere you go? Some travelers opt to bring backpacks when they travel so that they can carry all the important pieces of stuff inside, but even with a small pack you still need to secure it with a lock because thieves can be everywhere and they have a knack for detecting travelers and foreigners. There are a lot of luggage locks available in the market, but you’ll need the best luggage locks in order to feel secure and stress-free during your travels.

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