Best Mail Sorters Reviews 2017

You have received a mail for your dad and he is not at home. So, what do you do? You leave the mail on the table and hope that your dad sees it when he gets home. But, what if it is an extremely important mail and your dad misses seeing it on the table/

That’s where the mail sorters come into picture. They can be fixed in the hallways and entryways where everybody can easily see them. In this post, we will exclusively talk about mail sorters and how they could be put to the best use in helping you organize your mails better.

InterDesign Letter Holder, Key Rack Organizer

One of the innovative mail sorter brands, InterDesign, brings to you this mail holder which comes with 5 hooks for hanging keys and other lightweight things. Having two baskets for mails, this mail sorter provides ample of space for storing your mails. It comes in six different shades that will go well with any type of setting.

Everything you need, along with the wall-mounting hardware are included in the package. The dimensions of 10.5” x 2.5” x 10.5” are perfect for holding most mails, even the bigger ones. This is clearly one of the cheap mail sorters available out there.

DecoBros 3 Tier Letter Rack Organizer w/ Key Holder

This 3 tier rack by DecoBros is one of the best mail sorters present on the market. The combination of the letter holder and the key holders make this perfect for home as well as office use. The fact that it is made of heavy metal speaks highly of its quality.

The attractive bronze finish along with the perforated design blends well with all types of décor. This inexpensive mail sorter has a dimension of L 10.2” x W 2.7” x H 13.7” which is perfect to accommodate mails of all sizes. It comes along with the screws and anchors.

Spectrum Wall-Mount Scroll Letter Holder

Spectrum Diversified are the manufacturers of this top mail sorter featuring three tiers for letters. This beautifully-designed wall-mount mail sorter will add a tinge of elegance to your offices and homes. It also has 5 hooks for hanging keys. Made of steel, this is a sturdy mail sorter with dimensions L 2.25” x W 11.25” x H 14.5”.

It comes in two shades which are Black and Satin Nickel. Even though this mail sorter costs more than a few others, it is certainly one of the best you could lay your hands on with top-class quality.

InterDesign Letter Holder, Key Rack Organizer

This affordable mail sorter by InterDesign is the perfect letter holder for your home or office. With dimensions of 10.5” x 2.5” x 4.5”, this mail sorter can hold mails and even small parcels. It has 6 hooks for hanging keys. The steel body gives it the sturdiness, strength, and durability.

In order to make sure it blends well with all types of décor, this product comes in three shades – Bronze, Chrome, and White. The wall-mounting hardware is also included in the package. Looking to buy a mail sorter having high quality and decent price? This is your product.

mDesign Mail, Letter Holder, Key Rack Organizer, Divided

MetroDécor brings to you this two-compartment letter holder with hooks for keys. It’s the perfect wall-piece for you to organize your mails and keep your keep your keys in one place. The compact dimension of 11.25” x 2.25” x 5.25” of this mail sorter makes it ideal to be hung in kitchens, hallways, entryways, etc. without occupying much space.

It is made of plastic and chrome accents making it a light-weight and durable product. It comes along with the wall-mounting hardware. This would be a great mail sorter deal if you’re looking for something classy for your home or office.

mDesign Mail, Letter Holder, Key Rack Organizer

These letter holders by MetroDécor are the new mail sorters that have been launched on the market recently. You could either go for the two-compartment mail sorter, the cardboard, or the dry erase mail sorters. The cardboard mail sorters could be used to stick pins on post-its while the dry-erase board could be used to write on with the whiteboard marker.

These mail sorters will prove to be highly beneficial to not just organize your mails and keys, but also to set up reminders and notes. They are made of steel and come with the wall-mounting hardware.

What are Mail Sorters?

Mail sorters are small compartments that are usually hung on the walls or placed on the tables. They contain all our mails and correspondences. They could be used in homes or offices. You could also share a mail sorter with your neighbors on the same floor.

Mail sorters have one or two compartments that help you organize your mails based on dates, recipients, priorities, etc. They generally also feature hooks which can be used for hanging keys or hats.

Most people place mail sorters in their hallways, entryways, or outside the doors if shared among various apartments, so everybody can go through the mails before or soon after entering the house.

The letter holders, as they are often called, make our lives much simpler. We no longer have to inform people about their mails and do not have to worry about them not being able to find them. Same goes for your mails as well. As soon as anybody enters the house or office premises, they could simply go through all the mails stored in the mail sorter, to check if there is anything addressed to them.

Similarly, the key racks help you keep all your emergency keys safely in one place. So, every time you leave the house, your car and house keys are right there in front of you.

In the following section, we will see some of the things that separate a good mail sorter from the rest. Keep reading.

What to Look For

The material that is used to make your mail sorter is an extremely important factor, mainly, because you want your letter holder to be firm, sturdy, and long-lasting. Good choice of materials would be steel or plastic.

Secondly, take a look at the design of your mail sorter. Whether it is to be hung on the wall or placed on the table, will give you an idea of where you could place it so that it will grab maximum attention.

The number of compartments also plays a deciding factor, considering how many people are going to share your mail sorter. Generally, a two-tier letter holder is enough to hold mails of 4-5 people over a week’s time. Of course, this would depend on how many mails you receive on an average and it may be different for different people.

Most mail sorters come with key hooks which makes it easy for you to locate your regularly-needed keys. If placed in the right location such as near the door, the chances of you forgetting your keys are minimal as the keys would be right in front of your eyes.

The last factor is definitely the price. There is a slight variation in the prices of mail sorters depending on the design and the usability. However, most of them are priced reasonably. If you’re hoping to get an amazing deal, then going through various mail sorters for sale options would be a good thing to do.

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