Best Makeup Brush Cleaners Reviews 2017

Makeups are perhaps one of the most sought-after products in the world. It’s not a secret, after all, cosmetics are a billion dollar industry and every day, it is growing bigger and bigger. Makeup gurus have every essential tool for makeup such as eye shadows, concealer, lipstick and eye liners. These makeups, however, cannot be executed without makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes come in different sizes, shapes and uses. From makeup artists to regular people, brushes are an essential to blend makeups altogether. But after every day of using, these brushes can get extremely dirty and filled with bacteria that can potentially harm your facial skin. That’s why makeup gurus such as Bobbi Brown recommend cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week. In this article, we’ll talk about the best makeup brush cleaner brands in the market to finally solve your problems.

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

The Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is perhaps the best cleaning agent for makeup brushes in the market. This formula doesn’t just clean but, it also sanitizes giving you fresher and germ-free brushes. Compared to other brands, this cleaner is non-carcinogenic, which means that it is safe for the environment. Simply place your brushes under the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner and it will immediately remove wax, powder and other liquids in your brush. Moreover, after cleaning, the cleaner leaves all your brushes in a fresh vanilla scent. This cleaner is currently available in 4 sizes: 32 oz., 8oz, 1oz, and 4 oz.

e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner

e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner, Clear, 2.02 Ounce

As one of the top makeup brush cleaners for sale, the e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner should definitely be part of your list. This brush cleaner is has an anti-bacterial formula to effectively get rid of unwanted organisms, leaving you sanitized products. This one uses ingredients such as cocamidopropyl betaine, methylparaben along with water and alcohol denat to effectively help your brushes last longer. The instruction is pretty simple; simply spray the e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner over the brush’s bristles and leave them until they are dry. As a summary, this product is perhaps the cheapest makeup brush cleaner deal you can ever find, so giving it a try won’t hurt one bit.

JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser

Looking for an affordable makeup brush cleaner? Then why don’t you try the JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser? This formula gently cleans your brushes’ bristles, giving you a fresher and cleaner set of tools. Moreover, as an advantage to other products, this product is environmentally safe that can eliminate stiff products such as wax and other liquids. This makeup brush cleaner is currently available in 3 sizes namely: 1 ounce, 4.25 ounce and 16 ounces. A lot of makeup gurus have dropped some good comments on this cleanser to prove that it is worth your time and effort. So as a summary, we think that getting the JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser is going to be the best choice you can ever have.

Cleaning MakeUp Washing Brush Silica Glove Scrubber Board Cosmetic Clean Tools

The Cleaning MakeUp Washing Brush Silica Glove Scrubber Board Cosmetic Clean Tools is one of the simplest makeup brush cleaner there is. At such a low price, this silica glove can help you to effectively get rid of unwanted materials sticking in your brushes. It doesn’t just clean, it thoroughly cleans the bristles, leaving you a cleaner and tidier makeup brushes. This product has a size of 7 x 4.5 x 2.4 cm, perfect to give as a gift or get for your own because it is compact and it fits even the smallest pouch. The Cleaning MakeUp Washing Brush Silica Glove Scrubber Board Cosmetic Clean Tools is currently available in 3 colors, to give users variety of options to choose from. If you want an inexpensive makeup brush cleaner, then this one is a good choice.

Sigma Beauty Express Brush Cleaning Mat

Sigma Beauty Express Brush Cleaning Mat

The Sigma Beauty Express Brush Cleaning Mat is an innovative brush cleaner that offers 7 different textures to thoroughly clean all types of brushes. This makeup brush cleaner is currently available in two sizes: the mini and regular size to accommodate to your desired size. The seven patented textures includes: rinse, refine, wash and refine plus to effectively give your brushes deep cleaning. Moreover, to guide you properly which texture is perfect for your brush, the silicone has embossed names soyou can properly place and clean your brush. If an innovative, simple yet cheap makeup brush cleaners is all you’re looking for, then getting this will be a good start.

What are makeup brush cleaners?

Did you know that foundation along with concealer brushes needs to be cleaned at least once a week to reduce bacteria buildup? It’s great that you know which is which when it comes to makeup, but are you aware that you should regularly clean your makeup brushes? Makeup brushes are as important as cosmetics because they interact with our skin a lot of times. So, when you have cleaner brushes, the better. Besides getting rid of bacteria, regular cleaning of makeup brushes can also help you get rid of dead skin cells, oils, and old makeup along with other dirt. Aside from this, clean brushes are also proven to be softer, which makes it wonderful for people with sensitive skin.

Makeup brushes are offered in different shapes and uses. Moreover, makeup brushes may look similar to each other but, they are actually made out of different materials. The bristles of makeup brushes can go from natural hair products such as pony or blue squirrel to synthetic hair like nylon and acrylic. The natural bristles are highly ideal as a brush to apply powders like blush or bronzer. Synthetic bristles on the other hand are ideal to be used for applying cosmetics such as creams.

Most people may think that buying a makeup brush cleaner is a waste of money but, the truth is, if you get careless about your brushes, you mayeventually ruin them. Whether you’re planning to use your brushes for occasional or everyday use, getting a proper makeup brush cleaner is highly recommended. While using some other cleaning agents such as soap or shampoo may be an alternative, a real makeup brush cleaner has better advantage eliminating unwanted dirt and wax in your brushes’ bristles.


It’s not a secret that there are hundred different types of makeup brushes in the world, and everyday something new is invented which makes having these overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you regularly use makeup or not because in reality, makeup brushes will still get dirty no matter what. In this article, we talked about the good makeup brush cleaners that are for sale out there. They’ve been proven and tested by so many makeup patrons, and we think that you’ll love spending time with them too. Lastly, we hope we were able to convince and help you find your new makeup brush cleaner.

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