Best Manual Toothbrushes Reviews 2017

It’s not a secret that a person must brush his or her teeth at least twice or thrice a day. This training is not just a thing invented by brands or advertisers just so they can sell products to the mass. It is in fact recommended by dentists themselves. So to give your mouth proper oral hygiene, it is important to get yourself a good toothbrush.

Oral hygiene is a sign of good well-being, which means that if you healthier teeth and gums, you have a good status and view in life. If regular tooth brushing is not followed, bacteria may form and plaques may start to produce acids that destroy the tooth enamel leading to cavities and tartar. To prevent this from happening, you must begin getting a toothbrush that can help you elevate your oral hygiene.

If you’re interested to know the leading toothbrushes in the market, then you must definitely read what we listed and wrote below. There have been thousands of good toothbrushes in the in the industry, but we collected the “head-turners” and the most prominent products worldwide. So good luck and have fun!

Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Medium Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Medium Toothbrush, 2 Count, (Colors May Vary)

Want something from the best manual toothbrush brand? Then try the Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Medium Toothbrush! This toothbrush comes with a unique and innovative design that gives 2 flexing sides to effectively clean your teeth and gums. With its unique design, it can remove up to 93% plaques compared to regular manual toothbrushes.

Moreover, this product comes with ultra-soft bristles that work gently on the gums and enamel. It can lessen the chances of gingivitis and removes stains that are around your teeth. The Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Medium Toothbrush is a cheap manual toothbrush that comes in 2 toothbrushes, which means that you can share it with a partner or a friend!

Surround Toddler Toothbrush

Surround® Toddler Toothbrush (Pack of 4)

Looking for a good manual toothbrush for your babies or kids? Then try the Surround Toddler Toothbrush! To properly teach your kids some tooth brushing etiquettes, this product is a great product to help them learn dental care habits. It comes with a 3 bristle pads angled in different position to clean each and every tooth around.

For toddlers, this one has an easy-to-hold handle that is extremely simple to grip. Although it is for toddlers, this product also works perfectly for people with braces. The Surround Toddler Toothbrush many not sound like the inexpensive manual toothbrushes you’re looking for, but this package comes in 4 toothbrushes that your child can use for many years!

Collins Perio Supersoft Bristles Toothbrush

Dr. Collins Perio Supersoft Bristles Toothbrush 6 Pack

Are you looking for affordable manual toothbrushes for the whole family? Then try the Dr. Collins Perio Super soft Bristles Toothbrush. Compared to regular toothbrushes, this one lasts longer for about 50%, so changing your brush won’t be as abrupt. It provides cleaner teeth, enamel free mouth and healthier gums! As a result, you will have fewer cavities and overall good oral hygiene.

Because it comes with super soft bristles, this one effectively removes plaques while gently massaging your gums and lessens the possibility of your gums bleeding. The Dr. Collins Perio Super soft Bristles Toothbrush is most definitely one of the top manual toothbrushes for sale that comes with 6 toothbrushes that you can share with your whole family!

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush (Pack of 3) Ultra Soft

If you want a new manual toothbrush for a good and reputable brand then try the Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush! This product perhaps has the thinnest bristles ever with its bristle tips about 0.01 wide. Moreover, its bristles’ colors may look foreign for others, but it is actually infused with charcoal to efficiently get rid of plaques and bacteria while remaining gentle over your teeth and gums.

Because it comes with ultrafine bristles, it can successfully clean hard to reach areas and in between teeth without hurting the gum line. The Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush is available in solo or in 3s, so you can share it with your family or pals. This one is also one of the cheapest manual toothbrushes deals you will ever find, so what more can you ask for?

Plant-based Bamboo Toothbrush

Plant-based Bamboo Toothbrush Adult Size 4 Pack

Planning to buy a manual toothbrush that is just as unique as you? Then try the Plant Based Bamboo Toothbrush. Unlike most manual toothbrushes, this one is made out of natural resources that are good for the environment! It comes with an organic bamboo handle and soft plant bristles made out of vegetable base. Moreover, it also has a plant-based packaging so it doesn’t hurt the environment.

Despite being organic, this one can last longer than or just as long as a regular plastic toothbrush. The Plant-based Bamboo Toothbrush comes in with 3 adult manual toothbrushes that you can use for a year or share with your family or friends. It is non-toxic, natural and BPA-free! All in all, if you want something that is 100% safe, then you must definitely try this.

What is a manual toothbrush?

Brushing must be done at least twice or thrice a day, preferably after every meal to prevent bacteria from forming. A toothbrush is a tool commonly found the bathrooms to clean the gums and teeth and boosts a person’s overall oral hygiene. It typically has a head and a handle, with the head full of thin bristles to reach in between teeth and gums.

Although it may seem odd how the ancient people did it, but brushing have been a common practice and tradition done by the earliest Egyptians and Babylonians. Tooth brushing can be found as early as 3000 BC where people would use twigs as a toothbrush. Going to East Asia, the Chinese back in 1600 BC would chew aromatic tree twigs to freshen their breaths.

The first ever modernized manual toothbrush however was only invented in the 18th century, when William Addis carved a bone and used swine bristles to transform it into a toothbrush. People back then used natural bristles for their toothbrushes until Du Pont invented a synthetic material called the Nylon.

Nylon made it easier and better for manufacturers to produce toothbrushes, so around 1950s, nylon bristles were installed over toothbrushes, which the general population loved. Now, we have several kinds of toothbrushes, with plastic molded body and nylon made bristles. The technology also added more to the toothbrush industry as the electric toothbrushes gained popularity.

Although compared to electric toothbrushes, manual toothbrushes are much cheaper and safer to use. Also, nowadays, there are several kinds of toothbrushes intended for all cause and ages. For people looking for better aesthetics, toothbrushes are also available in different shapes and sizes and forms.

Toothbrushes are easily available in supermarkets, convenience stores and drug stores. In fact, they can also be bought easily online, in case travelling to a store dreads you. These toothbrushes are led by the leading brands and products not just in your country, but also the world. Before purchasing them, it’s best to consider not just the price, but also its features.

Generally, it’s best to get soft bristled brush because they are going to be much gentler in the gums. Moreover, they are also the best in removing debris and plaques happening around the teeth.

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