Best Massage Lotions Reviews 2017

Massages are one of the best ways to rejuvenate ourselves from the stresses we have to deal with in our day-to-day lives. But, if you want to make the most of massages it is extremely important that you use the best massage lotions from hundreds of lotions present out there. So, how do you choose the best ones?

All you have to do is read through this post. Here, we introduce you to some of the most massage lotions and discuss at length about their features and benefits. We are sure, once you have gone through our list, you will have absolutely no problems in telling a good massage lotion from a bad one. So, let’s get started.

Body Merry Cellulite Massage Lotion

Body Merry Cellulite Cream with Caffeine + Retinol + Seaweed - Firming & Toning Gel that can be Used Solo or as the Perfect Companion to your Massager, Brush, Scrub, Roller or other Remover Treatment

Being the pioneers of cellulite gel-cream, Body Merry, is proud to present to you one of the best massage lotions having a combination of powerful ingredients. The unique formula of this cellulite cream consists of 3 types of seaweed, retinol, and caffeine. These ingredients work together to give you the results really quickly.

It will smooth your contours and dimples making you look and feel good. This gel-cream will glide smoothly over your skin moisturizing and toning it all the way. This affordable massage lotion lasts really long because of its lightweight consistency.

Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream

Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream, 128 Ounce

Biotone, one of the leading massage lotion brands, brings to you this dual-purpose massage cream which can be used as oil as well as a lotion. Being among the top massage lotions, this cream is a favorite of many professionals. This cream is safe to be used on all parts of the body giving you the same fantastic results everywhere.

With its smooth and even texture, this lotion glides effortlessly over your skin. Its special ingredient Arnica which is excellent for blood circulation and bruises. Now get smooth skin with one of the cheap massage lotions available out there.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion

Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion, 8 Ounce

Yet another incredible massage lotion by Biotone. This advanced therapy lotion is made by carefully putting together some of the most wonderful ingredients available in nature. It contains the apricot oil which softens the skin, grapeseed oil which gives it its light texture, and sesame oil to soothe your skin.

Despite being packed with rich ingredients, this is one of the inexpensive massage lotions. The fact that it glides smoothly over your skin makes you use less amount of lotion during each application. It can be used on sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic and tested to be safe.

Radha Beauty Cellulite Massage Lotion

Cellulite Cream 4 oz - Best Anti-Cellulite gel-cream, slimming and body firming gel with Thermogenic Action - also great for Muscle Relaxation and Massage - contains all natural Ingredients

Radha Beauty’s cellulite massage lotion is a combination of natural and organic ingredients which also includes antioxidants such as Vitamin E, C, B3, B5, and more. It also has a special ingredient in the form of Cayenne which helps in circulation.

This gel-cream is one of the new massage lotions that has been launched on the market not very long time ago, but has quickly become one of the popular choices. In addition to treating cellulite, this massage lotion also helps in soothing your sore and tired muscles. It has a cooling effect on your body which will refresh you.

Nature’s Sunshine Tei Fu Massage Lotion

Naturessunshine Tei Fu Massage Lotion Structural System Support 4 oz. tube (Pack of 2)

Nature’s Sunshine brings to you this massage lotion which provides support to the structural system. This massage lotion is equipped to relieve your plain and relax your muscles. So after every application, you are sure to feel better than before.

Having ingredients such as menthol, wintergreen, camphor, eucalyptus, and clove, this lotion acts as a coolant for your body. It is packed with the goodness of Tei Fu essential oils and comes in tubes for easy application. If you’re looking to buy a massage lotion that will relieve your pain and give you smooth skin, do check this out.

SacredEarth Botanicals Massage Lotion

SacredEarth Botanicals Massage Lotion - 8oz

This massage lotion by SacredEarth is paraben-free and made from 100% natural ingredients. It contains the organic polyunsaturated oils and botanical extracts to provide you with a therapeutic experience. This is a certified vegan product which is free from artificial scents.

This hypoallergenic massage lotion costs less than most other lotions present on the market, which makes this one of the best massage lotion deals. It glides easily over the skin and readily absorbs into it. As soon as this massage lotion is applied on your skin, you will almost instantly experience its calming and soothing effect.

What are Massage Lotions?

Massages can be done using oils and creams. Lotions are usually the ones that combine the best of both worlds. They are not as viscous as oil and not as solid a creams. They have a limited viscosity which makes it really easy for application.

Most massage lotions have lightweight consistency enabling them to glide easily over the skin. A good massage lotion should not be dense as that would prevent us from applying them evenly on our skins.

Certain massage lotions help in relieve pain in your body which is why people who are recovering from injuries are recommended to undergo massage treatments. These lotions also help in nourishing your skin and also keeping them soft and moisturized.

Some of them help in doing away with cellulites which is one of the most common problems faced by most of us. Massage lotions help you to smooth your skin and removing dimples and patches of fats accumulated underneath the layer of the skin. There are enough evidences to prove how certain massage lotions have helped thousands of people treat their cellulites.

Most of the benefits of massage lotions are determined by its ingredients, that why they play a key role in determining how effective a massage lotion is. We will now walk you through some of the factors that you should consider when buying these lotions.

What to Look For

The first thing you must look for in a massage lotion is its ingredients, as we just saw above. It is better if your lotion is made of natural substances such as plant extracts, almond, apricots, sesame, and other essential oils and vitamins. It would be better is your massage lotion is hypoallergenic and free from any chemical substances.

Secondly, take a close look at the primary function of your lotion. Match that with your requirements. If you are looking for a lotion to treat cellulite or just for relaxing and rejuvenating your skin, or whether you want to treat dull and dry skin, you have massage lotions that focus on each of these tasks.

Going for the product that will meet your requirements is a good thing to do as opposed to selecting any product which others recommend you to buy.

Another factor is the consistency and texture of the massage lotion. You want your lotion to glide smoothly over the skin and also be absorbed readily. A lotion that leaves a greasy feeling on your skin is probably not the best of the lotions.

The last factor has to be the price. Various manufacturers have bottles of different sizes of massage lotions. When comparing the prices, make sure to analyze the price against the quantity. Go through different massage lotions for sales option so you can know all the latest promotions and offers.

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