Best Meat Cleaver Reviews 2017

Meat cleavers used to only belong to professional kitchens or in butcher shops but now there’s been an increase interest in it for use at home. Whether you’re a first time buyer or looking at replacing your old meat cleaver you’re sure to be a bit overwhelmed with the number of options now available for you. You’d probably also want to get one that would fit your need and something that’s also cost effective. Below is a list of the best meat cleaver in the market that’ll surely help you in deciding which one to purchase.

Chicago Cutlery Chicago Cutlery Belmont Cleaver Knife

Are you looking for a meat cleaver that’ll boost your spead and precision? Then this Chicago Cutlery Belmont might just be the cleaver for you. It’s made of high-carbon stainless steel blade with dual material handles. It has a broad blade which makes it easy to cut through different types of food be it a thick piece of meat, vegetables, or fish. It’s forged knife provides precision that’ll make you look like the expert chef you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Its full metal tang also provides added strength, balance, and control. It’s made of professional stainless steel blades while its handle is made of a mixture of stainless steel and polymer handle. This piece of great metal is not dishwasher safe and needs the careful and gentler wash that only the hand could give.

This is perfect for those who have always dreamed to be experts in the kitchen and would like to look like they are since this knife will not only make them look good but also do well in cutting. It’s also great for actual experts who want to take their cooking to the next level and are fond of high precision blades. This product received mainly great reviews from its consumers. They were really impressed that the product was able to do what it’s advertised to do. They also loved how well its able to cut meat with its stainless steel blades which makes cutting meet easy and hassle-free. The fact that its not dishwasher safe made a lot of people’s eyebrows raised but its understandable for such a high quality product to not be appropriate for the dishwasher. However, there are a few complaints regarding the durability of this product. A lot of the consumers found that it’s a bit hard to use and there have been cases where the handle broke after just six months.

Winco Heavy Duty Cleaver with Wooden Handle

If you want a knife that’s not only stainless but is corrosion resistant then this Winco meat cleaver might be the perfect one for you. This meat cleaver is free of any risk to corrosion and would therefore would not rust even after continuous exposure to water, oil, or grease. Unlike most meat cleavers in the market, this one from Winco has a wooden handle which ensures that you wont have any problems with rust or it falling apart since it’s made of such a sturdy material. Since it’s handle is made of wood it’s dishwasher safe which is a great plus for those who are always on the go and would love to have something they can conveniently wash.

Most consumers have nothing but praises to say about this meat cleaver. They loved how durable it is and how it’s able to cut through meats of all sizes and thickness. It’s also able to cut through fruits like watermelons, pineapples, and even coconuts. They were also impressed at how sturdy the handle is and how nice of a grip it gives you this is a great advantage when trying to cut thicker and harder surfaces as this wouldn’t strain your hands. What everyone agrees as the best selling point of this cleaver is its price point. They also loved that it’s dishwasher safe since it complements the fast paced life that most of us live in. At the cheap price it’s at, it performs as well as other expensive cleavers and since it’s cheaper you wouldn’t feel bad about using it on harder surfaces. Of course despite being strong and durable and being able to cut through hard surfaces like coconuts, it’s not advisable to abuse the durability of the cleaver since it could only take so much pressure and hits.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Chopper-Cleaver-Butcher Knife

Looking fro something that’s tough enough to cut through bones? This Utopia meat cleaver claims to do just that. Its stainless steel blade is tough and durable enough to cut through the hardest of surfaces without getting chips or bending. It’s a perfect kitchen utensil for your home and for professionals. It’s handle is designed to give you a perfect grip as well as to reduce wrist tension when cutting through those hard surfaces. Those who are always on the go would be glad to hear that this meat cleaver is dishwasher safe. However, it’s still recommended that you hand wash it to ensure that the quality of the blade wouldn’t be compromised.

If you’re looking for something that’s built to endure and to cut through almost any food surface then this meat cleaver from Utopia might just be what you need. Aside from all these features, it also received excellent reviews from its consumers. They were impressed at how well the blade is made and how sharp it is when they first got it. It’s sharp enough that it could actually cut through paper perfectly. They also loved how durable it is and the fact that the quality is top notch despite being an inexpensive knife. The overall make of this meat cleaver is also really impressive. Its blade is thick enough that it wont chip off at the slightest of contact but still light enough that you wouldn’t feel any discomfort or have any issues while using it. Despite being a bit top-heavy — the top is heavier than the bottom– it poses no issues when you use it and it doesn’t get out of balance in your hands. The grip that it gives you also impressed most consumers, they didn’t feel much wrist tension despite using the cleaver on really tough and thick surfaces.

Update International (KCL-7HD) Cleaver

This Update International meat cleaver is perfect for those looking fro something thin yet very durable. It’s lightweight look shouldn’t fool you as this cleaver is made to cut through even the hardest of surfaces. It’s a full tang and its blade is made of stainless steel. The handle is made of plastic so you’re certain that it won’t rust or corrode as time passes. This meat cleaver is also one of the cheaper ones on the list. It gives you all the strength and features of expensive cleavers without you having to break the bank. Its one of those cases where cheap price doesn’t mean cheap quality.

This Update International meat cleaver is perfect for those looking for something that durable, gets the job done well, and yet doesn’t come with a crazy price tag. It’s also well-received by its consumers. They all loved how well this cleaver performs and how great of a quality it is despite its price point. They were also impressed at how sharp it is straight out of the box. There was even a case where it cut through a plastic chopping board. At first look the blade would seem really thin but its actually really thick making it a perfect tool to use with ever surface you would need to cut. The grip that this cleaver gives is also a huge plus to a lot of those who’ve purchased the cleaver. They were all impressed at how well it fits their hands and how it doesn’t give any strain to your wrist while you’re using it. Its price is also a big come on for a lot of people especially those who are budget conscious. Overall, this is a great kitchen utensil and it really heavy duty it will get the job done and some more at such ab affordable price.

Dexter-Russell (S5288) – Heavy-Duty Cleaver

Not fond of having a plastic handle? Then this Dexter Russell meat cleaver might just be the cleaver for you. Its blade is made of carbon steel that is rust resistant so you won’t have to worry about needing to replace your cleaver constantly due to rusting. It also gives you the assurance that your food wouldn’t be contaminated with any harmful agents that might be residing in the rusting parts of the blade. The rosewood handle is durable and is of high quality. It also gives you a grip that’s both comfortable and safe. It also has a flat tip blade so not even sunlight can go through it when you lay it down. A slight drawback of this meat cleaver is its price. Although, it’s normal for cleavers to be at this price point it’s still really expensive especially if you compare it to the other products on the list.

This Dexter Russell meat cleaver is perfect for those looking for something durable and comfortable and wouldn’t mind spending top buck for the quality. It’s also for those who would rather purchase something from a known brand than risk being disappointed and ultimately wasting money on a cheaper and less known brand. The features it boasts of and the quality of the brand itself seem to be backed by customer reviews since it received mostly great reviews from its consumers. They all loved how strong and durable the metal looks and how well it cuts through every type of surface. Its also extremely sharp and you would hardly need to sharpen it even after numerous uses. Overall this meat cleaver is great utensil to have. It’s sturdy and can get the job done without any problems. It gives the strength and power you need from a thick blade without compromising grip and comfort.

Epica Stainless Steel Cleaver/Chopper

Cutting and chopping could be a bit of a chore for a lot of people you need to be precise and careful while cutting but you also need to be quite fast. However, the speed is almost always compromised because you need to wipe off pieces of meat or vegetables on the edge of your knife. This constant removal of food pieces adds to the hassle of cutting and chopping. If you’re one of those people who are tired of continuously removing food particles on your knife then this Epica meat cleaver might just be the one for you. It’s metal blade is designed in such a way that food particles won’t stick to it. Its handle is also designed fro comfort and for decreased wrist tension. It gives you chef quality cutting even if you’re not a trained professional. You also get a lifetime warranty when you purchase this meat cleaver so you won’t have to worry about getting it repaired or getting a replacement.

This meat cleaver from Epica is a great cleaver to have for those who value speed and hassle free cutting. It’s also a great tool to have for anyone who wants something durable and can cut through almost all surfaces. Its best to note that this cleaver also received great reviews from its consumers. They loved how sharp it coming right out of the box which could be sharpened as you see fit. The overall make of the cleaver also impressed most consumers. They liked how sleek and sturdy it looked as well as how heavy it is. The grip provided by the handle is also great however, it’s a bit rounded and can be a bit slippery when you cut with your hands wet. This meat cleaver from Epica is an overall great product. Its affordable and gets the job done and this will surely make it a top contender for anyone looking fro a cheap yet reliable meat cleaver.

Product Stop Professional Stainless Steel Butcher Knife

This meat cleaver from Product Stop claims to last you a lifetime. Its tarnish resistant so you won’t have to worry about getting pesky rust marks on the edge or even center of your blade. This also ensures that the blade will remain as the same shiny silver color it was when you got it out of the box. The blade isn’t only nice to look at its extremely sturdy and durable. You won’t need to worry about it getting dents or being chipped off when you use to cut thick meat or even bones. If you’re worried about this sharp and hefty utensil slipping off your fingers while you’re using it you won’t have to anymore because its handle features a non-slip grip.

This meat cleaver is perfect for cutting the thinnest and thickest of food. It allows you to maneuver your knife the way you want with its impeccably designed handle. It also gives you enough force and weight to chop down on bones and other hard surfaces without you having to exert much effort. Another great thing about this utensil is that you can ship it back to the manufacturers the minute it breaks or if it just doesn’t meet you expectations so you won’t have to be stuck with an item you don’t want nor need. It also received generally great reviews from its those who’ve purchased the product. They all loved the sleek design that the cleaver has and how well made it is. They also liked the fact that the blade and handle looks like one continuous piece which is what you should look for in purchasing a good knife. The blade is also really sharp right out of the box so you won’t need to sharpen it before using. This Product Stop meat cleaver is an overall great product to have. It gives you the durability and power you’ll need from any meat cleaver and it also has lifetime warranty which is rare to find in products at the price point that this meat cleaver is at.


This JA Henkles meat cleaver is made of hot forged carbon stainless steel that will remain as shiny as the day you got it out of the box. Its great for chopping bones and other hard and thick food as it’s heavy enough that you won’t need to put much effort when cutting. Its handle is a full-tang triple riveted and is great for giving you a great grip and being non-slip. The overall make of the meat cleaver is great for everyday use. It’s sturdy and durable and won’t break down or dent with continuous butchering of hard or thick food items. It also has limited lifetime warranty which is may not be a full guarantee to your tool but will surely be a great feature that might get handy after a few years of use. Those who prefer using the dishwasher would be happy to hear that this is dishwasher safe but it’s recommended that you hand wash it instead so you would be able to maintain the blade in its mint condition.

This meat cleaver is perfect fro those looking for a great tool for everyday use. Its also great for anyone looking for something durable and sturdy. The handle is a bit shallow so this is a great advantage for those with smaller hands and fingers. Its also great for those looking for a cleaver that comes from a trusted brand that makes great knives. This cleaver also received overall great reviews. They all gushed about how sharp the blade is and how easy it makes cutting through even really tough and thick meat. They also found it to be extremely durable and long lasting. The only complaint raised is the handle. It’s well made and non-slip but it’s a bit short so it’s difficult to maneuver for those that have bigger hands.


With the list we’ve provided we hope that you’d be able to choose the best meat cleaver for you and for your need. Meat cleavers shouldn’t only be sturdy and sharp but must also be the right weight so you won’t have to exert much force when cutting through thicker meat. The cleaver that you’ll purchase should also be a perfect fit for your hand so you could avoid accidental slips or difficulties in cutting. The price point and the value for money should also be considered; it doesn’t have to expensive to work well. These are the additional things we recommend that you consider in getting your meat cleaver to ensure that you’re getting something that’s perfect for you.

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