Best Meat Tenderizers Reviews 2017

Humans are naturally omnivores, no matter what your strict vegetarian neighbor has to say in the matter. Animal flesh or meat is humanity’s major source of protein and fats – chemicals that are essential in building and developing your muscles.

Unfortunately, not all cuts and types of meat are easy on the jaw. Some are needed to be tenderized first before cooking, making the meat easier to chew and digest. Meat tenderizers can also greatly reduce the cooking time since you don’t have to keep heating it just to soften up.

Here are the top meat tenderizers in the market today.

Jaccard Supertendermatic Tenderizer, 48 Blades

Best Meat Tenderizers

This bestselling meat tenderizer features 48 penetrating knives that create heat channels to help soften the meat. The heat channels create pathways for a more flavorful marinated meat and evenly cook the meat.

It is an original, new meat tenderizer design that can reduce your cooking time to 40%. A great tool to have for certified meat-lovers.

iPerfect Kitchen Meat Tenderizer with Cleaning Brush, 56 Stainless Steel Blades

Best Meat Tenderizers

A cheap meat tenderizer that comes with a cleaning brush as well as two bonus recipe e-books. This meat tenderizer brand offers 56 sharp blades that can tenderize your meat in a matter of seconds.

This device also features a very potent spring action mechanism that makes the blades go in and out of the meat rapidly and efficiently.

A powerful meat tenderizer, you can purchase for your kitchen.

Cave Tools Tenderizer Mallet + Grill Set

Best Meat Tenderizers

A meat tenderizer deal like no other, this purchase comes with a heavy duty tenderizing mallet along with a set of thick, stainless steel grilling tools. This is just too perfect for weekend barbecues and other family occasions. It also comes with a recipe book to guide you in what other sumptuous meat dishes you can prepare using this set.

This meat tenderizer costs a little more the other tenderizers in this list, but the complete grill set that comes with the purchase more than makes up for the extra cash you have to shell out.

Norpro Professional Meat Tenderizer

Best Meat Tenderizers

An inexpensive meat tenderizer, it features stainless steel prongs and a heavy duty spring-loaded mechanism useful for breaking tough fibers and piercing the meat for a thorough marinade.

One of the cheapest meat tenderizer for sale, it is a simple tenderizer that can last years of use. Just hand wash and dry before storage.

Kitchen Tool and Gadget Sets Meat & Poultry Tenderizer

Best Meat Tenderizers

An affordable meat tenderizer that not only helps you save money, but also save some cooking and cleaning time. This unit features an FDA-approved ABS plastic body that houses 24 stainless steel blades for meat piercing. The head can also double as meat mallet to give you more tenderizing options.

Unlike the other tenderizers of the same make, this one can easily be loaded inside a dishwasher.

OXO SoftWorks Meat Tenderizer

Best Meat Tenderizers

In buying meat tenderizers, you might want a brand that is well-known for the quality of their manufactured kitchen equipment and tools. This item features a mallet head that has two surfaces: smooth and rugged, for optimum tenderizing and pounding of meat.

It also has a non-slip, ergonomic handle that is the trademark of any OXO product. It is also easy to clean as it is dishwasher-safe.

Overall, a good meat tenderizer to own.

What are Meat Tenderizers?

Tenderizer, mallet, or pounder – whichever way you call it, a meat tenderizer’s function remains the same. That is, to break down or soften the meat’s tough fibers in preparation for cooking.

The process of tenderizing is usually done with beef (i.e. steaks) but can also work on tough meats like deer and buffalo.

Tenderizing of meat can be done either by giving the meat a mean pounding with something solid and heavy (like a meat mallet) or by soaking and sealing the meat in marinades for a long period of time, usually overnight or a whole day. Some people even use a combination of these two methods for a more effective meat tenderizing process.

What to Look For

Some people choose to use handheld tools in tenderizing meat rather than marinating the meat for a whole day, for convenience’s sake. The tools specifically created to tenderized meat can be either of the three: (1) mallet, (2) masher, and (3) blade.

The most common and simplest is the mallet meat tenderizer. As the name implies, it looks just like your ordinary mallet only this one is made of either pure steel or a metal head and a wooden handle. The mallet tenderizer usually has a rectangular head with one end having a smooth surface for an effective pounding of meat, and the opposite end having those sharp, triangular tenderizing ends to help soften the meat.

The mallet might be the simplest and, sometimes, the cheapest meat tenderizing tool, but it is also the most effective. Meat mallets are best used for inexpensive cuts of meat as they are generally tougher to cook, chew, and digest.

Mallets are also the most durable and long-lasting of the lot, not to mention easy to clean. Your kitchen’s meat mallet, probably came from one of your parents as part of their heirloom.

The only problem with using a mallet meat tenderizer is you actually need to use some force for it to be effective. So if you have rheumatic hands or have difficulty in gripping, this might not be the one for you.

The second type of meat tenderizer is the masher. It works just like a potato masher, but with a shorter handle and solid, round mashing face full of those triangular tenderizing ends. Similar to the mallet, this also requires some force as you have to push through the meat to mash it to desired softness.

The third and most modern of the three, a blade tenderizer has a row of small needles, blades or nails that can pierce through any meat in order for the cooking heat to penetrate it more evenly, and thus, tenderize it.

The piercing can also act as a pathway for marinades to seep more deeply inside the meat. Since marinades not only add flavor to the meat, but can also help soften it, a blade tenderizer can significantly reduce the cooking time required for any meat dish.

Also, blade tenderizers work by gently pressing it on the meat’s surface, thereby more practical and easy to use.

The greatest challenge blade tenderizer users generally have to face is the cleanup. Just imagine those tiny shreds of raw meat caught up in the blades as you work your way into a slab of meat. Blade tenderizers are not compatible in the dishwasher since they tend to rust at the base. Similarly, you just cannot remove those shreds of meat without a decent clean brush.

While some purchases include a brush together with the blade tenderizer, most clean brushes for this device have to be chalked up as an additional purchase.

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