Best Money Clip Wallet Reviews 2017

A fashion trend that never gets old and will remain to be true even in the next decades to come is “less is more”. This mostly holds true for men, most especially when it comes to wearing and bringing accessories. That’s why most men prefer to stay simple and drift away from using big and bulky items such as wallets.

Wallets these days come in so many different materials, sizes, types and colours. However, the classic money clip wallet is still one of the easiest and hassle free wallet there is. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t bring photos, receipts, coins and any other extra items inside your wallet, it’s perfect for you since it’s very easy to keep and bring due to its size. Are you looking to find the perfect one? Then, finding the best money clip wallet just became easier since you stumbled upon this article!

Alpine Swiss Men’s Money Clip Wallet

Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Money Clip front pocket wallet with magnet clip and card ID Case, Black

The Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Money Clip Wallet is one of the best sellers since it’s one of the slimmest and most compact money clip wallets in the market. However, don’t get deceived of its size. Even though it may seem small at its size of 4 x 2 7/8 x 3/8 inches, it can fit a good amount of cash, IDs and a few cards. At its price point, it’s also promising since it’s made from genuine leather. And you want to know what’s more exciting? You can choose from 7 different colours such as black, brown, gray, dark brown, antique brown, crosshatch black and crosshatch gray. If you have extra budget, you can even purchase 2-3 different colours you could use to mix and match with your outfits.

One of its best features is that the money clip is magnetized, making is easier to use and you won’t have to worry about your cash falling out because it is much secured. Most people would often worry about the magnet demagnetizing cards placed inside, but because of the thick and genuine leather used, you’re sure about the safety of all your cards! If that isn’t enough to make you buy it, did I mention that it has an ID window? It makes it easier to show off your ID when you absolutely need it. A bothersome bouncer wants to check your ID before serving you drinks at a bar? Easy! Just flip your money clip wallet out and breeze through inside.

Alpine Swiss Men’s Money Clip Minimalist Wallet

Alpine Swiss Men's Leather Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet Gray

If you worry too much about the magnetized money clip from the previous wallet, then its counterpart, the Alpine Swiss Men’s Money Clip Genuine Leather Minimalist Wallet, is the perfect one for you since it doesn’t have a magnetized clip that may damage your cards. With the same price tag, it boasts the same genuine leather material but its design comes in a much textured version. It comes in 3 simple colours: black, brown and gray. Because it doesn’t have a magnet, it comes in a slightly smaller size 4 x 3 1/8 x 3/8 inches.

Just because it doesn’t have magnet doesn’t mean that your money would be less secured. Cash can still be tightly secured because it boasts a spring money clip. In fact, because it’s so tight, you could also opt to hang the wallet on your belt for easy access. Just like its magnetized counterpart, this one also has an ID window which makes it more convenient. You can easily place 3 cards as it has 3 slots and IDs and cash could easily fit inside the 2 oversized pockets. Because of its available spaces, you won’t have to worry about leaving any important cards, IDs and cash at home. Who thought carrying your valuables is as easy as just hanging it on your belt?

Distil Union Wally Bifold Money Clip Wallet

Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallets for Men - Money Clip, Credit Card Holder, Billfold (Ink with Flexlock)

If you’re looking for a more premium looking and has a higher quality money clip wallet, then the Distil Union Wally Bifold Money Clip Wallet is for you. It comes in 3 great colours: hickory (which is basically brown), ink (black) and slate (gray). It may come with a hefty price tag compared to others those in the market but you’re sure about its quality because it’s made from premium full-grain leather with the edges rolled by hand by skilled craftsmen! Not only that, but you will also get a one-year warranty for the item. Not too bad, even considering the price of the wallet, right?

At first glance, it may seem too much for a wallet but the technology that comes with it is just awesome! They have a pending patent for their Flexlock™ pockets which give maximum security and convenience for your cards. The wallet has two pockets on the left and right side where you can securely and tightly place your cards. But you don’t have to worry about the ease of getting them out because it’s constructed with a Wally Pull-Tab which you can use to easily pull out cards as you need them. The material used for the wallet makes it easier to use your cards for tap-to-pay services and keyless entry cards – you don’t even have to remove the cards from your wallet! Distil Union made sure that each user of their money clip wallet will have the same experience of using a regular, big and bulky leather wallet in their thin and small version!

Viosi Magnetic Money Clip Wallet

Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Black Front Pocket Money Clip Made with Powerful RARE EARTH Magnets and Gift Box

With the Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Money Clip Wallet, you can have maximum security for your cash and you won’t even have to shell out so much money for it! It’s one of the most highly rated money clip wallets there is, and I’m not really surprised by it. It comes in 3 sleek colours: black, brown and hunter which is like a mix between black and brown with a beautiful rugged texture. It’s also one of the best value for money clip wallets around because it’s designed to have 3 card slots, 2 oversized pockets and even an ID window. You can easily bring your essentials with this compact 4 x 3 inched wallet.

But I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Its security feature! First and foremost, it’s made with full grain Kingston cow leather. They also use 2 20mm rare earth magnets to securely fasten and hold up to 25 bills! Isn’t that amazing? You can bring as much cash as you’d like and not worry about it getting misplaced. Rare earth magnets are considered to be the best magnet with its strong hold which was used since the 70’s. So you’re sure of its tried and tested quality – decades of trying and testing! Not yet convinced? The makers guarantee to replace your items within a year if it doesn’t match your expectations. It’s such a steal with its price. If that doesn’t make the decision easier, then I don’t know what else!

Serman Brands Bifold Money Clip Wallet

Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Genuine Leather Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men Money Clip - Made From Full Grain Leather (Texas Brown)

If you want RFID security for your cards, then the Serman Brands Bifold Money Clip Wallet is the one for you. It doesn’t come with a hefty price tag but it comes with a lot of great features that would surely give you a run for your money. Well, the RFID secure technology is one of its greatest giveaways to customers! You are assured that all delicate information stored in cards is safe and secured. Not to mention, you could choose from 6 wonderful colours. Colours in the brown tones are: Texas brown, mahogany and California desert. Those in the black tones are: charcoal black, chocolate and jet black.

It is one of the highest rated products, even with its price tag, because of its exquisite and functional design. It has a classy and slender design with a size of 4 x 3 x 4 inches, and the material used to make it comes from the finest full grain leather available. You can easily place 10 cards inside together with your cash and ID. There’s a slit outside for your most used card, which you can easily pull out using the tab. Place all your cards in the 2 pockets located inside of the wallet, along with your ID which you can easily place on the ID window for easy access whenever you need it. I don’t know any reason for you not to love this money clip wallet but the people behind Serman Brands are willing to give a full refund or free replacement just in case you aren’t 100% satisfied with their product. Talk about great customer service!

Goson Money Clip Wallet

Goson Cowhide Leather Wallet with Money Clip, Credit Card Holder, ID Window, Slim Front Pocket Wallet for Men

If you don’t have many cards to bring and you just want the most simple money clip wallet, then I suggest the Goson Money Clip Wallet which is actually very easy on yourpocket. It doesn’t cost much but the quality doesn’t suffer. It’s made with cowhide leather and comes in 5 different colours: black, dark brown, light brown, navy blue, and taupe. With its price, you could actually buy 2 or even 5 of these wallets so you have options to match the colour with your outfit for the day.

It’s a pretty simply designed wallet. It’s straightforward as it just serves its purpose and function but at the same time gives you the ease, convenience and comfort of using a money clip wallet. It has an ID slot, giving your ID an easy exposure should you need to present it in any situation. You can easily place 3-5 cards as it has 3 card slots and 2 slide slots in which you can use 1 slot for your cash. Even with its simplicity, your cash and cards are still well-secured because of its durable magnetic clip. It also flexes up to 180 degrees for your ease of use. This is certainly one of the best simple money clip wallets there is in the market with a high quality for a small price.

Value on Style’s Money Clip Wallet

Fine Leather Hand Crafted Mans Man's Mens Men's Mini Wallet ID Credit Card Holder with Magnetic Money Clip

Another simple wallet and the cheapest out of all the money clip wallets on this list is the one from Value on Style. It comes in 2 basic colours – black and brown. It’s made with cow hide genuine leather so you are sure of its quality, even though it doesn’t cost as much as the others on this list. There’s an ID window at the back, a simple yet convenient feature that some money clip wallets fail to have. This makes it easier to access important information such as your birthday and age. It has 5 card slots, 3 in front and 2 in the inner pocket where you can place your more important cards or cash.

You don’t have to worry if you want to put your cash in front, because it can be securely locked using the magnetized clip. It’s also one of the smallest wallets on the list with its 4 x ¼ x 2 13/16 inches size. It can pretty much easily hold up to 10 cards and a few cash – its magnet clip can tightly hold up to 15 bills. That’s surprisingly a strong hold for a wallet of this price. Simple and functional yet easy on the pocket – it’s probably one of the best buys you could make!

Alpine Swiss Deluxe Spring Money Clip Wallet

Alpine Swiss RFID Blocking Mens Leather Deluxe Spring Money Clip Wallet Black

If you’re still keen on the RFID protection so that you’re safe from identity theft, but still undecided because of a high price, then the Alpine Swiss Deluxe Spring Money Clip Wallet is for you. It doesn’t come with a hefty price tag but it still delivers RFID protection. It’s a very classic and sleek looking money clip wallet that comes in 2 colours: brown and black. It has a classic money clip that uses spring rather than a magnetized one. This is also perfect for people who worry about demagnetized cards due to the use of a magnet in clips.

It has a simple design with a size of 4 3/8 x 3 x 1/2 inches, a bit bigger than the ones previously mentioned in this article. But the size difference isn’t such a big factor since it can hold 1-2 more cards (around 11-12) compared to the others. It’s designed to have 1 card slot outside for easy access. This is perfect for your most used card, probably your ID since it doesn’t have an ID window. It can also easily clip 15-20 bills, perfect for those who still prefer to use cash rather than credit cards. If you’re the type of person who prefers not to bring cash at all, you can also opt to remove the clip inside. This wallet will surely suit your needs.


When you think of money clip wallets, you may think that it’s just a simple wallet wherein cash is clipped with some form of material – whether it’s with a spring or magnet, and cards are placed. However, there are still so much factors to consider in order for you to get the most value for your money. It’s also wise to choose the best money clip wallet that would last for a long time in order for you to avoid spending too much on buying one after the other.

Whether if it’s for RFID protection, more card slots, more bills clipped or an ID window, the best money clip wallet should be the one that is most convenient and easy for you to bring and use but at the same time won’t hurt your bank account so much.

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