Best Monopods Reviews 2017

In this article, we will talk at length about monopods. We have all witnessed the increased craze of photography among people. Photography is becoming one of the most popular hobbies among men and women of all age.

Also, with the selfie craze, accessories such as monopods and selfie sticks have seen a rise in their customers like never before. If you want to buy a monopod, then this is the right place for you. We will list down some of the top monopods present on the market and also see the different factors you must consider when buying a monopod.

GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip)

This is the official GoPro mount and is one of the best monopods out there. It helps you get steady frames and footage as opposed to the ones you get when holding the camera by hand. This monopod is compatible with any GoPro camera keeping in afloat so that you can shoot comfortably in and around water.

The secure handle is made of a non-slip soft material giving you a firm grip. It comes with a wrist strap for increased security. This affordable monopod makes it easy to aim and shoot at the right angles.

CamKix Telescopic Pole for Gopro Hero 4

This extendable monopod gives you the length of 14 to 40 inches, which is one of the top monopods for your GoPro cameras. The super-long reach gives you a stead hold over the camera even from a longer distance. The extension mechanism involves easy locking and twisting which makes it one of the most user-friendly monopods out there.

This inexpensive monopod is highly versatile, in that, the GoPro mount can be removed to reveal the standard mount which is perfect for all the digital cameras. This is an exciting monopod deal that you could lay your hands on.

Dolica Monopod

Dolica brings to you this lightweight top-quality monopod which can support weights of up to 6.7 lbs. Made of the premium quality aluminum allow, this monopod is strong but lightweight at the same time. You can use it for indoor as well as outdoor photography without any difficulty.

The adjustable wrist strap that comes along with this product, adds to the level of security when handling your cameras through this monopod. If you’re looking to buy a monopod that will give you the right kind of support when clicking pictures, you must definitely check out this product.

Shineda SD-208 Telescopic GoPro Selfie Stick Pole

Shineda SD-208 Telescopic GoPro Selfie Stick Pole for GoPro Hero 2 3 3+ 4, GoPro Hero 4 Session , 36" (Blue)

Shineda’s monopod is made from the anodized aluminum alloy which makes it a strong and long-lasting monopod. A good monopod should be strong as it should give you a steady hold over your camera. Additionally, it has a soft foam grip, making it easy for you hold on to it.

The stick can be extended to give you a range of 11 to 36 inches length. The built-in GoPro adapter allows it to fit perfectly with any of your GoPro cameras. It is available in two cool colors, Blue and Black. Although it has multiple features, this is a fairly cheap monopod.

MiPremium ProFloat Waterproof Monopod & Selfie Stick

One of the leading monopod brands, MiPremium, this is the new monopod recently launched on the market. With this reliable monopod, do not ever lose another GoPro camera. The floating body of this monopod lets you use your cameras without any hassle even in water.

Whether you are swimming, snorkeling or even scuba diving, this monopod will ensure that you’re never out of reach of your camera. The textured handle gives you a firm grip. It comes with a multi-purpose hollow compartment to store your belongings. This monopod costs less than most others you’d find on the market.

What are Monopods?

Monopods are the poles of usually short lengths that are used to support your cameras so as to obtain a non-shaky steady frame. It is supposed to be held in your hands when clicking pictures or recording videos. They are used for simple photography by a hobbyist, someone trying to cover an informal function, family get-together, vacations, etc.

Monopods are lightweight poles that can easily fit in any of your bags unlike the tripods. This makes it easy for us to carry them anywhere. Whether you want to do nature photography, wildlife or bird photography, or even when you want to capture the memories of time spent by the beaches and in water, a monopod can be carried to all of these places.

The setup or mounting of the cameras on your monopods is a hassle-free task and can be easily done by anyone. Monopods are far less expensive than tripods. So, if you’re someone who wants to try your hands at photography but do not have the budget to go for big tripods or the photography kit and accessories like the established photographers, you can always buy a monopod.

They give you the kind of support required by beginners without letting you spend much on them. Now, that we are aware of the different advantages of monopods, we will look at what different factors you must consider when buying a monopod.

What to Look For

In the beginning of this post, we walked you through some of the best monopods available on the market and also discussed their features. In this section, we will go a step further. We will help you understand the factors that will enable you to tell a good monopod from a bad one. So, let’s start with the first factor.

First of all, look for the compatibility of your monopod with your camera. If you are using a GoPro camera, you have special monopods for those cameras that you can use. Some monopods are compatible with GoPro as well as the latest digital phones with camera. Make sure that you are selecting the right monopod based on the camera device you wish to use with the monopod.

Next, get an understanding of the length of the monopod. Usually, monopods are short poles, however some of them come with extendable length feature which enables them to function as selfie sticks.

Whether you want a standard length monopod or the one having extendable length is purely your and depends on the type of photography you want to do. If the length can be extended, make sure that the length doesn’t affect the stability of the pole. Even from a distance, a good monopod should be able to do its job of supporting your camera quite well.

Next, take a look at the design of the monopod. As we mentioned before, the body should be made from a high quality material having good durability. Also, the handle or the pole should have textured pattern on it so as to give the photographer a firm grip. It is very important that you hold the monopod in a steady manner if you want stable frames.

The next factor that we’ll discuss is how user-friendly your monopod is. This involves factors such as how easy it is to setup or mount your camera on the monopod, how the length extension mechanism works, and so on.

Finally, we talk about the price factor. Carefully analyze the different features when comparing the prices of monopods. Most of these monopods are reasonably priced. If you want to gran some amazing deals, go through the different monopods for sales options.

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