Best Motorcycle Goggles Reviews 2017

Whether you’re trying to beat the traffic or just love the feel of the wind in your face, you’ve probably discovered that driving a motorcycle has a lot of pros and cons. One of the great things about it is that you constantly feel the breeze but that’s also one of its negatives. With the numerous particles that you’re exposed to while driving it’s logical to not just have a helmet but also have something to protect your eyes. A lot of full helmets do have eye shields but a lot of people find these to be lacking since dust and sand still gets in. The best option to prevent wind, dust, and sand from getting to your eyes while you’re driving is to get motorcycle goggles. However, with the numerous choices available it’s probably confusing and frustrating for you to choose which one is the perfect for you. You’re probably also too bust to check for the quality of each product so we’ve done it for you. Below is the list of the best motorcycle goggles in the market.

Private Label 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses Smoke Clear Yellow

These three pairs of motorcycle goggles will surely protect you with whatever environmental element you’d be facing while on your motorbike. It can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun its 400 UV coated mirror glasses. It also has vents that prevent your goggles from fogging so you won’t have to worry about not being able to see properly when the temperature suddenly changes. Aside from protection, it also gives you ultimate comfort since the border of the lenses are padded. You can also switch up your look to your liking with the three color glasses that comes with the purchases. You can choose from either the dark smoke lens, the clear lens, or the yellow lens. Now you won’t have to get stuck with just one goggles per purchase since this gives you three instantly.

These goggles received mostly positive reviews from its consumers. They’re impressed at how durable the goggles are and how comfortable they are. They also love how cheap the goggles are and how you get three pairs for the price of one making it convenient to switch between glasses based on your need. It’s also convenient that you already have two backup glasses in case you do break one.

grinderPUNCH Motorcycle Riding Glasses

If you think having three glasses at a time is a bit overboard then you can grab these two pair goggles from grinderPUNCH. These goggles come in fog or clear so you still have the choice to choose a different color goggles based on your need or your style.Its lenses are polycarbonated and also has 400 UV coat on its glasses. You’ll also be riding comfortably with these since the lenses have paddings around its borders as well. Fogged up lenses are also prevented by these since they also have vents that prevents fogging due to differences sin temperature.

These goggles also received mostly positive reviews from its costumers. They loved how durable the glasses are and how the vents really prevent any fogging. However, there are a few complaints about the goggles blocking your peripheral vision so it’s best that you try them on first to see if you’ll have the same problem.

Global Vision Eyewear Red Baron Motorcycle Goggles Day Night

Whether you’re riding during the day or during the night these glasses will surely be handy to have. When you buy from Global Vision you don’t only get one pair of goggles but two! These glasses come in smoked and in clear. Now you don’t need to swap the lenses when it’s night or buy another pair that would suit the lighting condition. The lens is made of shatterproof polycarbonated glass that’s has UV 400 protection to protect you from those harmful rays of the sun. It also snugs close to your face so there’s no chance that any wind would go inside to irritate your eyes or fog up your lenses.

All these features are great but what really sets these goggles apart is its design. It’s made to look like those aviator goggles that you’ve probably drooled about as a child or probably even until now. These aren’t just functional but they’re also very unique and stylish. It also received great reviews from its consumers who all loved the design as well as the quality of the goggles despite being cheap.

Global Vision Eliminator Motorcycle Goggles

These goggles are equipped with polycarbonated lenses that offers up to 400 UV protection. It’s also has an air foam around your eyes so you’ll be comfortable throughout your ride without having to worry about getting sore or having marks when you remove the goggles. The foam also acts as a suction that keeps any foreign elements from getting inside the goggles and your eyes. This also prevents any fog or mist from forming which are both known to hinder driving.

This Eliminator goggles are perfect for those looking for something that has the Red Baron look and also commits to giving you a quality product that has what you need and is durable. The features and the look might already have you hooked to having this product as one of your top choices but what would really bring it to the top of your list is its price. It’s one of the cheapest goggles on the list and yet it still gives the same features as the other ones who are almost twice it’s price. It also received great reviews from its customers showing that the features of the goggles are not just all talk.

Bobster Bugeye Goggles

Bobster Bugeye Goggles,Black Frame/Amber Lens,one size

These Bobeye goggles has polycarbonated lenses that makes it extremely durable and shatterproof. Its lenses also gives your eyes maximum 400 UV protection from the sun so riding under the scorching gear and rays of the sun won’t have to be the cause of any eye damage. It also has foamed lenses that keeps away air and dust particles from getting to your eyes and eventually making your ride uncomfortable. It also has ventiltion which ensures that there’s no fog or mist that’ll form on your lenses.

TMS WWII RAF Aviator Pilot Motorcycle Half helmet Goggles

TMS WWII RAF Aviator Pilot Motorcycle Half helmet Goggles (TMS-33-6)

Looking for goggles that would make your motorcycle style a whole lots better than everyone else’s? These TMS goggles might just do the trick. It’s half helmet so if you’re looking for something small then this isn’t it. It’s softly padded so you’ll feel comfortable while wearing these goggles. These also serve as a gatekeeper from any outside elements from going inside your eyes. It has straps that are adjustable so they’ll fit any size. The only downside to these glasses is that the lenses are made of plastic. Although, it is scratch resistant it’s still not as durable as polycarbonated lenses found in the other goggles. The lenses also do not provide any UV protection.

These goggles received mostly great reviews from its customers. They loved the overall look of the goggles and how “cool” it made them look. However, all of them agreed that the quality isn’t as great as the other ones on the list. If you’re looking for something that you won’t use often or if you’re only riding short distances, then this is great for you. Otherwise, it’s better to look at other goggles on the list.

Sbeedo Tactical Windproof Cycling Googles Uv400 Motorcycle Ski Snowboard Goggles

Want something flashier and that’s not of a dull black and white variety? Then these reflector motorcycle goggles from Little Equipment is the perfect fit for you. It’s the only one so far on this list that claims to not be only shatterproof but also highly rigid. This means that it won’t be easily deformed or broken in case it gets hit, making it safer for you and your eyes. It also completely enclosed your eyes so it’s safe from the wind, sand, dirt, and any other foreign elements. Little Equipment also offers a money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their product. This shows how confident they are that their product would really last.

This goggles from Little Equipment is perfect for those who like to standout and for those that are just tired of the normal black, clear, and yellow lenses. If you ever get tired of the lenses that comes with your goggles you can switch them with another set. This may be a bit of a convenience for some people especially since other brands offer 2 or even 3 pairs per order. Aside from great features, this goggles also boasts of great reviews. They all loved that it does what it’s advertised to do and really protects their eyes from the sun and other environmental elements.

Freehawk Adjustable UV Protective Outdoor Glasses Motorcycle Goggles

Wanting it prove that one pair of goggles is enough are these goggles from Freehawks. Its lenses are shatter proof and has different coats on the outside and on the inside. On the outside, the coating gives you maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun of up 400 UV. On the inside it gives you clear vision that’ll surely prevent any accidents from occurring. Around the lens are foams that clings to the face to ensure that no wind goes inside. If you’re worried about poor ventilation that might occur due to the clinging on the face there’s no need to worry because these goggles provide you with great ventilation making the formation of fog or unwanted moisture on the lens almost impossible to happen. To keep it on your face during your ride, it has a silicon strap that’s non-slip and adjustable for any size.

These goggles are great for protection and are durable. It gives you what you need with just a relatively low price. Functionality and durability are the main things to consider but what really makes these Freehawks glasses standout is that it’s suitable not just for motorcycle riding but for almost any outdoor activity. You can use it while skiing or riding a snowmobile. This versatility comes in handy when you’re going on a vacation since you won’t need to buy a new pair and you won’t have to get used to using another piece of goggles as well. We know that despite all these claims you’d still wanna hear from fellow customers, so you’ll be glad to know that this pair of goggles received great reviews from its customers. They all loved how durable and how well it protects them from elements outside.

What to Look For

Even with the list above you’re probably still confused on which goggles to get. Maybe you’re even caught between choosing two goggles. Below is a list of the things to look for in a great motorcycle goggles which would surely help you narrow down your list.

  1. Durability. With any product durability and the ability to last long should be at the top of the things you’ll look for. With motorcycle goggles, it’s best if the goggles are made of quality materials like polycarbonated lenses which are shatterproof.Straps must also be made of quality items like silicon so it won’t snap with just a few uses.
  2. Protection. The number one reason why lot of you probably considered buying motorcycle goggles is for its protective features so it’s only logical that it’s what you should look for. The goggles should have lens or any form of suction that would be comfortable and yet would stop any outside elements such as dust, sand, and wind to get in your yes. The lens should also have UV protection so you won’t need to worry about getting you eyes damaged with the harmful rays of the sun.
  3. Value for money. A lot of the products on thsi list offers two or three pairs of glasses with one purchase. This is a good deal since you won’t have to go back to the store or pay for shipping again if in case you’d want another one. This also ensures that you have a backup in case one of them breaks. These types of deals are also cost effective since they;d provide you with goggles that are fit for varying kinds of riding environments so you won’t need to purchase another pair. Goggles that allow the lenses to be switched is also great since you won’t need to buy a frame which are usually more expensive that the lens itself.


We hope that with the list and the tips and tricks that we’ve provided you’d be able to choose the best goggles for you and your needs. Just remember to keep these in mind when you do your purchase. It’s also best not to just focus on the price but consider the overall quality of the goggles.

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