Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews 2017

The best motorcycle phone mount is an essential tool for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts who like to keep in touch, and for safety purposes will have something like this for easy access with endangering themselves on the road! This device is meant to contain any mobile device and keep them in place at all times! Many who use this are also extreme sports enthusiasts who want to use apps for their sports.

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount is motorcycle and bike Handlebars. Are you looking for the best phone mount for your extreme sports adventures? If you’re in the market for something like that, why not try this option? This will secure your phone on the mount under any circumstanceso that you can worry more in getting that extreme high. It’s universally applicable for any phone as big as 3.5-inches wide, and will accept most phone models available today! The diameter of the suitable handlebars is from 7/8-1-1/4-inches, whether it’s for a bike or motorcycle to mounted on. The only limitation for using this option is clip-on style handlebars. If you need the best hold, this has two contact points that have a plastic grip and a silicone net, which secures the mount better! It can even clamp on the biggest handlebars too. This will be your phone best friend because it’ll not break, silicone netting for contact to the handle bar is meant for durability, and securing your smartphone no matter what the condition. Co-Pilot is meant to perform for a long time and if you ask for replacement or refund no questions asked! This is one great product that’ll keep you connected and ready for any extreme adventure.

Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal

Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal is the mount for handlebars and roll bars for holding smartphones! Getting the right phone mount will mean a lot to your digital devices that may drop or worse you end up with a broken screenif the impact is great! This will happen most likely if you do extreme sports or activities on a bike or motorcycle that will involve shocks and bumps most likely! This universal mount is meant to solve that problem by providing a secure hold on your smartphone. It can be taken off the cradle easily as put on, with such ease and no fuss. It’ll be attached easily to handlebars with measures of 1.5-inches or smaller! For adjusting and control for maximum viewing coverage, it has 360 degrees rotation and will tilt for better viewing too. If you’ve got a smartphone with a 5.5-inch screen, it’ll fit just fine in the cradle. Just for your added security and peace of mind, included in the package are two silicone bands for keeping your device in place! It pays to get this mount holder for either your bike or motorbike because it’ll be dangerous to reach into your pocket each time you need the smartphone! If you got this, it’ll be easy to see the device anytime.

Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount is the one universal mount for safeness and comfort. If you get this functional and all around option for your motor sports, you’ll not be let down! No problem when it comes to fitting because it can be used on any handlebar that’s round, with 0.6-3.7-inches in size for perfect synchrony on any bike or motorcycle. If you need tools? No way! Just screw it in with your hands, not with any tool. Fitting any phone is easy and it can be rotated at 360 degrees with its rubberized ball and bracket system. You can adjust the mount in any way so you can monitor it with a single glance! Never miss a text or email again, or do any adjustments with ease. If you worry about the shock your phone will get. this uses a rubber clip and silicone belt that’ll hold on your phone really tight! If you got bumps and shocks, no worries that’ll keep it secured and safe in the cradle. This option will enhance hands-free operation and lets you keep hands on bar, all the time for safety too. If you don’t like it, then send it back! A refund or replacement will be given, whatever you choose!

Bike Mount, EMIUP Universal

Bike Mount, EMIUP Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder Cradle is the one with 360-degree rotation for most smartphones. If you get this for your personal use, you a sturdy and secure mount that comes with a clamp that has four support pillar corners, and it’ll enhance and secure a strong hold while you do your activity. This is one sure way to secure the mount at all times! Keep an eye on the screen and the road for a real safety of use, adjust for optimal viewing angle and best access position you want! No tool installation and easy to place on any motorcycle handlebar, is so easy to do! Just do all the require steps and just lock the nut in place. If it usually happens that accidentally hitting the volume and power button because of the strap and grid system, this will not with a buckle strapping system, which is a better method to secure the phone! It works with most smartphones and other similar devices that can fit into the 3.7/6.5-inch cradle. Once in the cradle, there is a secure hold even with excessive shaking and vibration! This one great way to keep the phone secure no matter what!

Bestrix Bike & Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Bestrix Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Bike Handlebar Mount Holder is the best for both mountain bikes and motorcycle mounting of your smartphone! This mounts all smartphone- holder for most models available today! What it gives you is the best phone access whatever you’re doing and will allow you easy access to phone without any hindrances that can be very annoying. It has three features like flexibility, secure, shock-absorbing that means while on the mount the smartphone will be secure in the cradle. Keeping your eye on the phone and on the road is easy with a 360-degree view, a ball and socket design for adjustability too. Included in the package is two silicone bands (black and red) for extra securing on the mounting cradle! It utilizes a clip-on design for easy attachment on the handle bar too! This is perfect for most bikes and motorcycles. Keeping this phone mount will keep you on point and never missing the road and will keep allow the necessary info to seen without doing anything much. Plus, lifetime guarantee if you want to replace it or refund it, with no questions at all! These just right for the adventurous you!

Best Bike Phone Mount

Best Bike Phone Mount is the one you need for your adventurous lifestyle. If you want an all-in package that’ll accept all kinds of mobiles in the cradle, this is and it comes with a bevy of features. The design allows you to use all your digital devices without fear of it getting stolen because it’ll be in front of you most of the time. While traveling you can see your devices and get what’s displayed on the screen without being distracted by fumbling with it, this can be dangerous for you to do! Do you stink at assembling thing without instructions or you don’t know how to assemble without tools? No worries because emailed instructions will be sent and it’ll not need any tools to assemble. Once you’ve read everything and put all that needs to be together in one piece, you’re ready to enjoy your new mount. The design is a 4-point silicone strapper, and an Omni-rotational point of 360 degrees, that is will keep the mobile in sight and highly visible at all times! If you got the bump and shakes, it would stay firmly in place without popping out of the cradle too. What you got in this product is a really tough holder for any device and with good after sales service with great satisfaction!

USA Made Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Smart Phone & GPS Mount Kit

USA Made Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Smart Phone & GPS Mount Kit is everything you need to keep a hold of your mobile device while on the road. You want to get the best gripping mobile mounting system for the best on road experience. If you need a secure mount that’ll hold devices like smartphone, GPS, MP3 players, and other portables that need to be secured, this does just that! Other options just hold on to devices by suction, magnetism, friction, strapping, and silicone bands but this mount has gripping claws that extends to 4.3-inches that’ll clasp at 18 pounds per square inch! Now, that’s a strong grip that will really keep everything held no matter what. This holder can mount most models of mobiles or smartphones in the market today. If you’ve got a case attached to the mobile, it can still mount it with no worries. It comes with a lifetime warranty because consumers matter and their satisfaction is important to us! So, with all these great stuff that comes with this option, why not get it? If you do then what follows next is worry mounting on your bike or motorcycle. What else do you need to do but click it and get it!

1PLUS Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Plus Magnetic Cell Phone Holder is multi-purpose option for most vehicles. If you want a great design this will make solid attachment to any vehicle dash. The mount is magnetic with a 360-degree and omni-directional ball joint that’ll angular adjustment for the mount for better visibility. Included in the package is magnetic phone socket, ball mount, alcohol prep pad, 3m primer, and instructions for installing. All you do is adhere the magnetic disc to the center of the mobile and it will be placed on the magnetic cell mount, it would not affect the components badly or otherwise. It could support most portables on its magnetic plate, and will keep everything attached to it! If you’re not convinced or satisfied, then return it or ask for refund, and we’ll give hat you want! This is one of those more unique option that will perform and satisfy your expectations and includes good extras too, what more could anyone want!


The best motorcycle phone mount has several features that’ll make it convenient for anyone using it to carry all their mobiles, without worrying if they will fall off the motorcycle or bike! Choosing the proper option is not easy because of factors like if the hold is secure on the cradle, is it a 360 degree capable rotation, does it use bands for securing, or any other system. Another question is whether it rotates or tilts or does it have a ball and socket style, is it magnetic, or any other means to view the mount well! There are many consideration to be decided upon, but the final point is how it’ll affect your active lifestyle and if it will protect devices. Overall, these concerns will come to play, when the final choosing comes. Whatever the choice, it’s up to you!

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