Best Mouse Bungee Reviews 2017

If you’re a gamer you’ve probably experienced having to deal with tangled mouse cords or having to lift cords off the ground. This is mainly because you constantly have to move your mouse so you have fast movements and be able to give the right combo commands at the right time. The best device to help you with this problem is a mouse bungee. Mouse bungees are used to elevate your mouse cord so it’ll be off the desk and you won’t have to worry about it tangling and eventually hindering your movements. Now that you’re set on getting a mouse bungee you might be faced with the dilemma of choosing the right one for you. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend on something without checking and comparing it with other products. We know that you’re busy so we’ve gone ahead and listed the best mouse bungee in the market.

Meco ™ Mouse Bungee

This Meco mouse bungee promises to keep those pesky cords elevated and stop them from affecting your game play. It has an adjustable clip so you can customize the angle based on what you need to keep your cord off your desk. This also works with all wired mouse regardless of the length and width of the cord. It’s made of plastic and metal so it’s durable and yet lightweight offering easy transportation from one site to the next.

This mouse bungee is perfect for those looking for something that helps them amp their game and yet very affordable. It’s also a great portable piece so you can bring it with you wherever you go. This bungee received mixed reviews from its costumers. They loved how affordable it is and the fact that it does keep your cord stable and stops it from moving. But those who felt like it missed the spot were disappointed with the cheap build of the product and how easy it breaks.

Razer Mouse Bungee

If you’ve purchased mouse bungees before you probably had problems with the cord slipping off especially with sudden movements. This mouse bungee from Razer promises that this won’t happen with their product. It has anti-slip properties that keeps your cord in place. Like most mouse bungees, this also keeps your cord off the ground but in addition to that it has drag-free cord control which means you won’t have to worry about pulling your cord too far. It also has a sturdy base that keeps the bungee in place so you won’t have to worry about sudden movements that could be detrimental to your game. The overall design is sleek and space saving so it won’t eat up too much of your desk space.

Razer is one of the known brands that manufacture gaming equipment. Due to the fact that it’s known it’s expected that the quality is top tier and based on the positive reviews this seems to be the case. However, this also comes with a heftier price tag so it might not be the best bet for the more budget conscious customers. This mouse bungee is perfect for those who are looking for something more from their bungee and is willing to pay the price tag that comes with the additional features.

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Galeru Mouse Bungee

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Galeru Mouse Bungee for Gaming Mouse (EAC-MSB001)

If you’re looking fro a bungee that doesn’t just perform but also has a sleek, clean look; then this Tt eSPORTS mouse bungee might be what you’re looking for. It has a shiny black finish with a red emblem at the base. The arm is also magnetic making it much more stable than spring bungees. If you’re used to moving around then you’d appreciate the portability of this bungee. Since the head is detachable you’d be able to carry it around without having to lug around something that’s bulky and heavy. The most important feature of course is the stability and flexibility that it give you while you play. Because it has a nice solid base you won’t have to worry about your cord moving or dragging.

All these great features and claims are backed up by the positive reviews it got from the customers. They were impressed with the added stability tat this bungee provides them. They also loved that even the thicker cords are compatible with this mouse bungee. This bungee is perfect for those looking for something that’s simple and doesn’t have too much going on and yet looks sleek and stylish.

ENHANCE Mouse Bungee Cord Holder with Blue LED Lighting and Active USB Hub

If you’re looking for something flashy and really multi-functional, then this mouse bungee from ENHANCE might be the what you’re looking for. It has LED lighting that’ll give you the amped up look that you’re looking for. This light will also give you the look and feel that will also give you extra lighting. If multi-functionality is one of your main concerns then you can’t be more multi-functional that the built in active USB hub in this bungee. Now you can keep your cord in place and plug in more USB device. This active USB hub also allows you to plug in your mouse directly to the bungee.

Don’t let all these cool features make you think that this bungee is all for show because it’s surely not. It’s adjustable arm provides accuracy and makes sure that no matter how long your mouse cord is it’ll be off the desk and won’t have unwanted movement. It also has a non-slip base that’ll give added stability so you won’t have to worry about your mouse moving and causing you to ruin your play. If in case your bungee breaks or you’re unsatisfied with the product you can have it fixed or get your money back with its 3 year warranty. With all these features it’s no wonder why it got such high praises from its consumers. They all loved the additional ports you get from the base. Above all, it keeps their cord off the desk as promised.

ROCCAT APURI Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee

If you’re need additional USB space but the bright LED light from ENHANCE doesn’t appeal to you; then this ROCCAT mouse bungee might solve your dilemma. This has an active USB hub that’ll give you more places to attach your USB and this also makes it more convenient since it’s on your desk and within reach. It’s mouse bungee keeps your mouse away from you and off the desk. This ensures that you would have uninterrupted gaming and there won’t be unwanted and restricted movements due to cords getting tangled. The stability and ease that this mouse bungee gives would make you feel like you’re using a wireless mouse without all the hassles that comes with it. The toy-like design of this mouse bungee would make it a great piece to display on your desk. It’s a perfect addition to your gaming desk.

This ROCCAT mouse bungee received great reviews from its costumers. They loved how functional the bungee is with the additional ports. The stability that it gives is another great quality that they loved. The design of the bungee is also a huge plus that makes this not just a functional device but also a design piece. The biggest con of this bungee is its price. It’s the most expensive one on the list but since it’s a 2-in-1 device and has great quality more serious gamers might be willing to overlook this.

ORICO Gaming Mouse Bungee

This ORICO mouse bungee is another great multi-functional choice.It has an active USB port that’s convenient and right on your desk. Aside from the USB port it also has a fast charging 12 V port for whatever mobile device you need charging. This doesn’t only boasts of multi-functionality but it also has a great design to back it up. The design is another toy-like design that’ll make you feel like it jumped straight out of the game you’re playing. Aside from all these add-ons it’s a great mouse bungee. It’s mouse clip keeps your cord from dragging and keeps it stable. It’s also compatible to all mouses. It has a 3 feet base which keeps it from skidding or from being displaced by sudden movements so you can play without any interruptions.

This received great reviews from its costumers. They loved how multi-functional it is and how they can even charge their devices on it. It’s a great piece for someone who needs a lot of USB ports and for someone that needs a stable source of power on their desk. It’s also affordable so you’ll get great function, stability, and even a great design without breaking the bank.

Cooler Mater Storm Skorpion – Gaming Mouse Bungee

If you’ve fallen in love with the design of the ROCCAT mouse bungee but it’s out of your budget you’d be glad to know that Cooler Master offers a cheaper alternative for almost quarter the price. However, you’d need to give up the USB hub since this bungee doesn’t have any. But it does perform well when it comes to stability. It has durable legs and an iron core that’ll keep it in place and stable so no more worries of it moving around and compromising your game. It has flexible arm as well that lets you position your mouse where you’re most comfortable and where it’ll perform the best. Whether you have thin or thick cords won’t be a problem since this bungee is compatible to both. Aside from all these, it’s also incredibly portable due to it being able to be disassembled making it less bulky when transporting.

This mouse bungee from Cooler Master also received positive review from its consumers who loved its overall design and quality. This mouse bungee is perfect for those looking for something that stable and can give them better performance. It’s also a great fit for those who wants a mouse bungee that’s affordable and yet has a striking design.

AOBOR Mouse Bungee Mouse Cord Management Fixer Holder

This mouse bungee from AOBAR is a simple, straightforward mouse bungee. It has a clip that holds the cord to keep it from moving around and causing movements that might affect how you play. It’s made of plastic and metal making it lightweight and yet really durable. The best thing about this device is that it’s affordable and yet gives the same stability as other bungees give. The great quality that it has is backed up by the great reviews from its costumers.

What to Look For?

The list above is a great guide for you to compare between brands and types of mouse bungees. Hopefully, it helped you choose the perfect bungee for your gaming needs. But if you still haven’t found “the one” no need to worry because we’ve listed down the things you must look for. This list would help you narrow down the choices and eventually being led to the perfect bungee for you.

  1. Stability- Above everything else, the first feature that you should look for in a mouse bungee is stability. It should give your mouse cord the needed elevation and hold to keep it from moving around or being tangled. Its base should also be solid and must not skid or be easily displaced so there won’t be unexpected movements that would compromise your game.
  2. Multi-functionality- Since mouse bungees do take up space on your desk it would be great if the bungee that you use would be able to give you more than just stability. A couple of the products on the list has a built-in USB port. This is a great additional feature that’s great for space-saving and for added ports that are convenient to reach.
  3. Compatibility- Mouse cords are not created equally, there are some that are considerably thicker or thinner than the standard. This means that the bungee that you’ll purchase should be able to hold your cord. Almost all the mouse bungees on the list claim to be universal and therefore could hold all cords. However, it’s still best that you check if your cord would fit since this would immediately narrow down your choices. It’ll also save you time and money if you already knew whether or not the mouse bungee can hold the cord you have.


We hope that with the list and tips we’ve given you’d be able to choose the best mouse bungee for you and your needs. Remember to take all things into consideration so you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Doing this would also save you time and money that you would otherwise waste if you just choose to buy without analyzing the overall properties of the mouse bungee.

Overall, mouse bungees as great to have. They give you the elevation that you need to stretch and elongate you cord making tangles and unwanted movements less likely to occur. They also give you the stability that you need so the mouse won’t make unwanted movements that could compromise your game. Having this elevation will also help you have faster movements and therefore give quicker and more precise commands. The anti-slip properties of the mouse bungee will also stop you from accidentally dropping the cord or even the mouse due to faster movements or even excitement.

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