Best Muay Thai Gloves Reviews 2017

Muay Thai is a special combat sport originated in Thailand. It requires physical and mental discipline to execute full-contact techniques effectively. The sport carries out combat on shins also referred to as the “art of eight limbs” since fighters perform combinations using fists, shins, knees, and elbows. With this, it is vital to have to own the best Muay Thai gloves. A high quality gloves especially created for Muay Thai will help your fists from injury. One of these 8 Muay Thai gloves can decrease pain sensation on your fists while using the gloves.

Ringside Apex Boxing-Kickboxing-Muay Thai Training Gloves

Ringside Apex Muay Thai Training Gloves has ventilated palm and thumb in order for the fighters to maintain dry and comfortable hands. In order to have a secured wrist support, Ringside provided a tapered, wrap-around closure. The “Hook and Loop Closure” ensures that the gloves will not slip. Apart from the full wrist support, it is also created to easily take the gloves On and Off in just a few seconds.

Ringside is among the most popular gloves makers that employs IMF technology. IMF or Injected Molded Foam Technology provides premiere layered-foams and molded foams. IMF feature ensures superior protection and at the same time durable products. With the pre-curved molded hand compartment, it makes sure that hands and fists are properly aligned when hitting training partners, punch mitts, or the heavy bag.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Training/Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves are great for multi-purpose use. It is great for Muay Thai and other forms of boxing. These gloves are best used for training especially in everyday sparring sessions. It does not easily wear out because of the Fairtex Foam System.

Fairtex Foam System is utilized to make sure hands and knuckles can be thoroughly protected. The system also created gloves to prevent shock, injury or extreme pain.

This collection of Muay Thai gloves has pure leather with vectro straps. It is designed as snug-fit in order for the gloves not to fall off during play fights. The specially designed hand fit compartment is created for security and protection while doing sparring or training. The gloves are 100% handmade in Thailand. This even makes a great purchase and value for your money.

Everlast Pro Style Muay Thai Gloves

Just by looking at Everlast Pro Style Muay Thai Gloves, you will know that this product is sturdy and reliable. The looks do not deceive you because it is absolutely created for durability and functionality. The black colored Muay Thai gloves can be appreciated by both men and women doing the Muay Thai for a long period of time. Owning an Everlast glove means you take Muay Thai seriously because of its perfect usability in the combat arena.

The gloves are made from high standard materials with 80% Polyurethane and 20% Polyester. With this, Everlast has created a premium synthetic leather gloves made from excellent imported glove construction. The product is absolutely created to provide style, comfort, and efficiency to all users, may they be Muay Thai students, amateur fighters, or professionals in this highly physical sport.

The Muay Thai Gloves have full wrist wrap strap. It has wide strap for unparalleled wrist support. The strap is also adjustable to suit a comfortable fit. Newbie fighters who want to look and feel like a Pro should buy this product for total hand protection. It is also best for newbie because its materials used will keep them away from feeling shock and pain felt will be reduced upon intense usage. It takes a lot of getting used to the gloves especially if it is your first time engaging in combat fights.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV11

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV11 has brought a series of new design and pattern for style, comfort and protection. These training and sparring gloves come with authentic imported materials from Thailand. It is absolutely handmade in Thailand.

Talking about brand new design, the padding in the collection makes the glove weight ideal and consistent. It means that when you use it for striking, it does not change its weigh at all. Similar to Fairtex “MADDOX” grappling dummy, the gloves are made with essential “Micro Fiber” material. The material makes the gloves odorless, smooth, flexible, and most importantly durable and functional.

Fairtex Muay Thai products have its original Fairtex Foam System. The technology is used to be able to provide thorough protection for the users’ knuckles and hands. With this feature, you can be assured that hitting or striking practice bags, mitts, and opponents will be less painful. The system prevents shock and promotes instant break-in feel. Injuries in the knuckles and hands will have reduced risk if you utilize this Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV11.

Top King Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

The Top King Muay Thai Boxing Gloves present a collection of well-constructed superior leather gloves with vectro straps. It is great for sparring on punching bag or mitts for long hours because of its very light feel. The gloves are very well padded. It is absolutely comfortable when you use it on your training.

The vectro straps make comfortable snug fit. It is intended so your hands do not “swim” on the gloves. It stabilizes your hands as you do pad works and striking. If you have daily training, this product is the perfect choice for you. You cannot go wrong with this product because it has everything from functionality, design, material, and construction. The Top King gloves collection, by the way, is handmade in Thailand that proves suitable for real Muay Thai hand striking moves. Since it is originally made in its birthplace, you are assured that they know the exact need for Muay Thai students and fighters.

The green-white-and-black colored gloves make an attractive pair for women, although it is created for all sexes. They also come in Air in Black-Red-White, Solid White, White-Yellow-Black, Super Star – Silver, Solid Black, Super Star – Gold, Air in White-Pink-Black, Super Snake – Black and Gold, among others.

Fairtex Muay Thai Bag Gloves

The Fairtex Muay Thai Bag Gloves has similar high quality materials with their other Fairtex gloves collection. Although with their “Bag Gloves”, it is 100% created for Muay Thai. Muay Thai techniques such as Muay Thai stand up, clinching as well as grappling can be swiftly executed.

This type of glove is created with high density Latex Foam Core System. It is one-layered premium foam patterned in the bag gloves. It is created with pre-curved top quality grain leather shell for extra protection. If you are in search for high quality glove purchase, you should opt for Fairtex Muay Thai “Bag” Gloves.

The glove also has vectro straps. It is intended so that the gloves will not fall off when used. Muay Thai is a very physical sport and you do not want gloves falling off in between a sparring, let alone a fight. Purchase the bag gloves and you will be guaranteed with satisfying sparring/training sessions and even actual Muay Thai amateur fights.

Everlast Muay Thai Protex2 Gloves

The 12-ounce, black Everlast Muay Thai Protex2 Gloves has authentic Muay Thai glove design. The materials are even exceptional to go along with its professional look. It is created from dual collar support panel for unbeatable wrist protection. Its superior pure synthetic leather is made for the gloves to have long lasting durability. The straps are wide in order to assure full wrist protection.

Protex2 Gloves from Everlast is made through the Closed-Cell Foam Technology. The feature provides extra safety which is important for Muay Thai practitioners. This product is considered to as part of the “Elite” Muay Thai gloves. It has superb functionality that makes Muay Thai fighters consider in recommending this product.

If you want to have quality workout gear, you should purchase Everlast Muay Thai Protex2 Gloves. You are assured of a durable and highly functional glove for your constant Muay Thai sparring/training sessions. The best thing about the product is that it comes cheap with its incredible features.

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves

Hayabusa Gloves are popularly known for top grade and durable sports gloves and gears. The Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves is one of its premiere gloves with special materials and features. Although not everyone was pleased with the product, yet it has distinctive features that no other manufacturers have.

One of the best features about Hayabusa Pro is that it has impeccable quality. It is a high-grade glove that can be used by Pro athletes and fighters. It is made with attention to detail to match the need of Muay Thai practitioners. The glove is made with precision to assure immediate broken-in feel. The covering is made from Polyurethane material to have soft and smooth feel but can provide great impact upon striking opponents.

To ensure that the gloves will fit perfectly and feel comfortable, classic inner lining is placed on these gloves. The lining is created to secure a snug fit intended for effective fist striking. To stabilize the gloves is also among the many purposes of the classic inner lining.

The best feature of the Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves is the Patented Dual-X Wrist Closure. The feature is to provide full wrist support. The wrist straps are created in wider form to secure the gloves temporarily on the hands while doing Muay Thai training or sparring practices.

Although this is a pricey Muay Thai gloves, you are assured of its quality and functionality. If you want to get the best Muay Thai gloves, this glove should be one you must consider purchasing for long-term use. Get the best value for your money and be satisfied with this amazingly efficient gloves.

Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves is perfect for all Muay Thai practitioners, athletes, amateur and professional boxers who train a couple of times a week. It is assured not to break in serious Muay Thai practices.


Gloves are important for Muay Thai fighters. Thinking about purchasing the best Muay Thai gloves means you are dead serious about this combat sport. Opting to have your own gloves is also the best idea to be safe. Gym gloves can be source for bacterial contamination that can lead to serious health problems. Another reason for buying new pair of gloves is that you can bring them at home for personal practice. This will make you hone your skills and make you a better Muay Thai fighter. It is also best to have your own gloves to make you get used to it. Some Muay Thai glove features include immediate break-in feel for immediate comfortable use.

The common important features mentioned above includes top quality, long lasting durability, authentic local and imported materials, high precision quality, secure and stable feature, and most importantly, budget-friendly prices. The selections of gloves differ from its special features and design. Special features ranges from valuable materials, technology used, and secure-centered straps. It is important that before purchasing gloves, you have to know the standard and special features in order to avoid regretting on buying the product. Avoid gloves hopping because it can hinder you from getting used to one kind of gloves. Switching from one type of gloves to another is not highly recommended by Pro Muay Thai athletes and trainers. It could have a massive effect on your skills, training, sparring, and actual fight.

The Muay Thai gloves mentioned differ from prices. There are cheap products and costly ones. Rest assured that with these gloves, you will find one that matches your preference and value for your hard-earned money. If you wish to buy one for regular lessons or constant sparring training, you can rely on the 8 best Muay Thai gloves list mentioned above.

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