Best Nail Files Reviews 2017

Whenever it comes to beautification and art, the nails are among the most popular canvass. Like any other type of canvas or artistic material, your nails also need some propping up.

There are many devices or tools used to prepare your nails to make it look itsbest. One of these devices or tools is a good nail file and sometimes, it’s quite difficult to find the one that will work for you. To help you, here is a list of the top nail files today.

Czech Glass File – 1 Piece Pearl Green/Aqua Color Combined Crystal Glass Nail File

Czech Glass Files 3 Piece Manicure Crystal Nail File Set for Hand Beauty - Double Sided Etched Filing Surface with Pointed End - Glass Nail File with Case, Nail Care by Bona Fide Beauty

If you are looking for an affordable nail file with top quality, then the Czech Glass File will be one of your go-to choices. The file is made of genuine high quality Czech float glass. It can be used for filing natural nails as well as artificial acrylic nails. It is tempered through chemical etching to make sure that it does not wear, tear or erode easily, unlike some cheaper brands.

The file is light and finely made that there are no pores on the glass surface. This absence of pores do not only make the file gentler to the nails when used, but it also keeps the item hygienic by preventing the propagation of harmful bacteria as compared to those files with pores.

Packed with a green and aqua color at the holding tip with a pointed end, the item will truly be a good addition to your nail vanity kit.

ClassyLady Professional Crystal Nail File with Case – Glass Nail File

ClassyLady Professional Crystal Nail File with Case - Glass Nail File - Premium Luxury Crystal Glass Finger Nail File Set - Pedicure Fingernail File - Manicure Nail Files and Buffer Kit

Another good quality file for your nails that you should definitely look into is the ClassLady Professional Crystal File. This item, by nail file brand, ClassLady, is made with high quality glass that is durable and is resistant to wear, tear or chipping. It can be used to file your natural nails or the artificial acrylic ones as well.

The file is slim and sleek and is low maintenance. Just wash it with warm water mixed with soap and you’re good to go. It is also highly hygienic since it does not absorb or store moisture which may cause harmful microbes to propagate.

If you buy the item, it comes with a protective aluminum case for use when you place it inside your bag or for safe keeping.

Professional Black Nail Files – Grit Size 120/240 (Pack of 12)

12 PCS Professional Black Nail Files - Grit Size 120/240

The professional inexpensive nail files set by JPACO are one file set that you should not pass up. It contains 12 files that are made of high quality adhesive tape and emery board, perfect to use for a manicure or a pedicure. The files, with the different grit size, can be used on your natural nails, acrylic nails, as well as false plastic nails.

The files are not easy to bend when used unlike others of the same appearance but weak composition. Cleaning the item is also relatively easy. You can just rinse with soapy warm water, antibacterial soap is preferred for hygiene, and you are done. It also dries quite easily, so you do not need to wait long.

Premium Crystal Glass Nail File with Protective Case

Premium Crystal Glass Nail File with Protective Case | for Natural and Acrylic Nails | Manicure & Pedicure, Great Christmas Gift for Women & Girls - Pink

If you need files that give you fast and great results, then you need a nail file deal that will do the job. The Premium Crystal Glass File by Malva Belle will definitely be a good pick.

The file is made of premium quality hardened glass that is etched with fine ridges that will file your nails, whether natural or fake, to perfection. It is great to use for manicures and pedicures with professional-looking results.

The lack of pores also keep the nails from contracting and keeping harmful bacteria on the surface of the file. It also has a protective case for storing when you want to bring your file with you to work or when on a travel.

3 Crystal Glass Nail Files Manicure Set Purple/Pink – Small, Medium & Pedicure File

3 Crystal Glass Nail Files Manicure Set Purple/Pink - Small, Medium & Pedicure File

If you are on the lookout for new nail files, the 3 Crystal Glass Files manicure set by 95 & Sunny should be one of your picks. Part of the set is 3 purplish pink files that are all made of premium grade Czech Republic tempered glass. You will get 3 files with different sizes. There is a large file that is about 7.5 inches long, a medium file of 5.5 inches in length, and a small file with a length of 3.5 inches.

Because of the tempered glass make, you can be sure that these files are not easy to wear out or erode. The glass is etched with filing surfaces on both sides that have no pores, meaning they are smooth and are highly hygienic compared to the common pored files in the market.

Also, as added bonus. Each of the 3 files has their own protective sheaths so you can carry one, two or all three anywhere you want. It also keeps the files from damaging your bag and for added protection.

What are Nail Files?

One of the items used to clean and pamper the nails of your fingers and your toes is nail files. Such files are basically tools that are used to gently grind and shape your nails. These files are often used after trimming or clipping the nails for a manicure or pedicure.

Most files for nails are made of emery boards, metals, ceramic and glass. However, there are, the more advanced ones that are made of specialized tempered glass and other materials.

Most people look upon buying nail files as useless. What they do not know though is that buying one is quite beneficial for your nails and other stuffs as well.

When you file your nail, you are actually lessening the possibility of tearing and chipping since you are removing the old tips of your nails. Filing also keeps your nails in good proportional shape.

Further, most people think that files are only for natural nails, but that is wrong. It is because you also use files to prep up your acrylic nails as well as fake plastic ones. There are also files that are usually for nails which can be used to file other things as well, like the plastic tips of bottles for adjustment and much more.

What to Look For

Some people do not really put much thought into buying cheap nail files. As long as they can file the nails, then that’s it. This is actually wrong. It is because choosing the right nail file for sale for you should be thought of thoroughly as well. There are considerations that you should definitely not miss.

First, you have to choose which material you prefer your file to be. There are some that are made of emery boards that are generally cheaper. There are also those that are made up of metal, ceramic, glass, and crystal. Deciding which type you want is essential.

The next thing that you should look into is the grit. The grit of a file refers to the roughness or coarseness of the file. You should not buy files that have grit size below 100. Even 100 grit is still too rough and could only be used on artificial nails. The preferred grit is 180. There also 240 and 500, with the latter being the softest of the two and is generally used for polishing.

You should also consider the length. Choose the length that works for you best. If you are more comfortable in using long files over medium length or small ones, then you should buy a longer one.

Lastly, consider the nail file cost. Different materials have different prices. The cheapest are metals and emery boards. However, compared to the two, emery is better since metal files are much too hard and rough. If you have a few more to spare, buy something more expensive.

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