Best Numeric Keypad Reviews 2017

Does your laptop have an integrated numeric keypad? If yours is a small laptop, chances are that it doesn’t. Sure, smaller laptops are great to work with and can fit in all your bags easily, but sometimes you do miss the number keypad.

But you know what, you can now relax. Because, in this article we introduce you to the numeric keypads that can be attached to your laptops anytime you find yourself dealing with numbers. We will walk you through some of the top number keypad available on the market followed by a discussion on the important factors to be considered when buying one of these portable keypads.

Satechi Aluminum Finish USB Numeric Keypad

Satechi brings to you one of the top numeric keypads of all times. This is an easy-to-install keypad which requires no drivers for installation. It has a brushed aluminum finish which goes perfectly with the color of iMacs and MacBooks.

This affordable numeric keypad is compatible with different operating systems such as Mac OSX 10.4 and up, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and up. This is an ultra-slim keypad built for easy typing. If you’re looking to buy a numeric keypad with exceptional quality and decent price, do check this product.

Targus PAUK10U Ultra Mini USB Keypad

One of the leading numeric keypad brands, Targus presents this state-of-the-art mini USB keypad. Capable of fast data input, this keypad is designed for high-performance and quick and easy data input. This is definitely one of the best numeric keypads out there. This keypad is perfect for all number-related tasks such as for spreadsheets, accounting, as well as for financial applications.

It features the special “000” and “Backspace” for increased performance and productivity. This inexpensive numeric keypad is made for plug-and-play and is easiest to install. It’s a fantastic numeric keypad deal that you don’t want to miss.

KMASHI Keypad 18 Keys Wireless Numeric Mini Keyboard

This wireless numeric keypad is brought to you by Kmashi. With its compact design and high-quality keypad, this is an incredible accessory for your laptops. The wireless design makes it convenient to handle and work with it. This ultra-thin keypad comes with a built-in receiver and runs on an AAA battery.

You do not need any drivers for connecting it to your laptops, just plug and play. The rubber place ensures it stays intact in its position making it easy for to type in quickly. This numeric keypad costs slightly more than its counterparts, but its efficiency is top-drawer.

iClever Wireless USB Numeric Keypad 18 Keys

iClever brings to you this USB keypad having 18 keys. This portable keypad is perfect for iMacs and all kinds of laptops and computers. It is compatible with the Windows and OS X system. This wireless keypad has concave keys which speed up your typing making it absolutely convenient for you.

All you have to do is insert the accompanied USB into the computer and this keypad is ready for us. It has the range of around 10 meters. It is built to save energy as it automatically goes into the Sleep mode when not used for 2 minutes.

Jelly Comb USB Numeric Keypad

This is a new numeric keypad launched in the market by Jelly Comb. This plug-and-play keypad can work without any drivers making it extremely easy to connect it to your laptops and use it whenever the need arises. The full-size keys facilitate quick typing thereby increasing your productivity.

The keys are designed ergonomically for added comfort and reduced strain on your fingers. It also has the Numlock feature. This keypad works with your computers and laptops having Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 as their operating system. Despite its amazing list of features, this is a cheap numeric keypad.

What are Numeric Keypads?

Sometimes, we feel the need of a numeric keypad despite the fact that it was our decision to buy a laptop without one. You feel most annoyed when you have to perform mathematical calculations or want to work with large numbers or a spreadsheet or when you’re doing the accounts.

Although, we can work with the number keys present on the top of the keyboard, it becomes extremely difficult to use these keys when we have to work with large data of numbers or when we have to perform quite a lot of mathematical calculations.

Portable numeric keypads can put an end to this frustration, once and for all. It is a small keypad resembling the number pad on your calculators enabling you to connect the device to your laptop and use it like it was part of your keyboard. It can be connected wither with a cord or wirelessly any time you want.

Numeric keypads increases your productively exponentially as it gives your typing a great speed. As the keys are arranged just like they are in a calculator, anybody who is familiar with a calculator can use this number pad easily.

Whether you are an accountant, a finance executive, or in any profession that requires you to deal with numbers; number pads will help you in your jobs immensely. These are small lightweight devices that can easily fit in your laptop bag allowing you to take them with you anywhere you go.

In the previous section, we listed some of the best numeric keypads present on the market that were manufactured by different brands. We also saw their features and operation. In the following section, we will talk about some important factors that you must consider before buying a good numeric keypad.

What to Look For

Before you buy a numeric keypad, here are some of the things that will guide you to select the best one that completely suits your needs. First of all, take a look at the different keys in the keypad.

In addition to the regular, 0-9 number keys and the operation keys, some number pads also have the NumLock, Clear, and the 00 key. Make sure if you need any of those special keys, your number pad has them. It is better to take some time and be sure as opposed to regretting the purchase later.

Next, check if the number pad requires any special installation or if it is made for plug-and-play. The plug-and-play devices are any day better, as it saves you the time spent in installation, allowing you to get to your task right away.

Also, check if the keypad is compatible with your operating system. Most number pads are compatible with Mac OSX and Windows operating system such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, and up. Make sure the numeric keypad you are looking to buy can be used with your operating system. If you are using Linux, take special care to check the compatibility of the number pad.

Next comes the connectivity factor. As the world is moving further toward technological progress, we are moving away from wires and cords, however, the price could be slightly higher for wireless devices. Numeric keypads also come with wireless USB devices or the ones with cords.

This brings us to the last factor which also happens to be one of the important ones, the price. Numeric keypads have a fairly wide price range depending on the brand, quality, and performance. Select the keypad that fits your budget. We would suggest you to go through all the buying options before making the purchase, including the numeric keypads for sale option.

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  1. D. Feir

    Question: I used the numeric keypad on my old laptop with the alt key to type ASCII characters for diacritical marks when writing in Spanish and Portuguese. My new laptop does not have a numeric keypad. Which of these external numeric keypads can work with the alt key on my new laptop to type ASCII characters? Jelly Comb already answered an email I sent them telling me that theirs doesn’t.

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