Best Nut Crackers Reviews 2017

Nut cracking is one of the most difficult domestic challenges that every person in the house has to face. It is as though the nuts are meant for you to enjoy as a reward after you crack open the shell by putting in so much hard work. And some nuts are just so stubborn. They make your job even harder. But can you do away from nuts entirely? Well, no way! They add a great flavor to your food and tastes delicious even when they are eaten raw. And needless to say, they are HEALTHY.

If you’re someone who cringes at the thought of nut cracking, then this post is just for you. Do not worry about cracking those tough nuts any more. In this post, we bring to you some of the top nut crackers available on the market that will make your job seem like a breeze. First, we will discuss the different types of nut crackers, their design and structure, operation, etc. That will be followed by a brief discussion on the important things you must have in a good nut cracker.

So, here we go…

Nut Cracker – Duke’s Easy Pecan and Nut Cracker

Duke’s Easy Pecan and Nut Cracker is the one of the best nut cracker you can find. Mounted on a hardwood base, this nut cracker is completely safe for use. The young and old can use this product with great ease. This little machine is designed to give you great precision and control. It is made of steel and has nickel plating which gives it the strength to break any type of shell nut. If you think cracking nuts is a tough job, this extremely cheap nut cracker from Duke will change your perception entirely. Do check it out.

Texan York Nut Sheller – Nut Cracker

This inexpensive nut cracker from Texan enjoys its position as one of the top nut crackers available for purchase. It is completely suitable for cracking open pecans, Brazilian nuts, English walnuts, almonds, and almost every other type of nuts you could think of. Not just nuts, this multi-purpose nut cracker is also great to work on lobsters and crabs. Coming with a soft-grip plastic handle and a shield to prevent shell scattering, the highlight of this nut cracker is its simplicity of use. Thanks to this great product, cracking nuts is not a pain anymore.

The Hillary Nutcracker

When you first look at The Hillary Nutcracker, you will hardly notice it’s a nut cracker. Coming in a cracker of a design, it can be kept as a decorative piece in your kitchen and it’s bound to attract your guests. The Hillary-inspired nut cracker is nine inches tall with stainless steel teeth to crack open any type of nut shell. This seemingly deceptive nut cracker is extremely easy to operate with every part fitting so well inside the Hilary Clinton frame. If you’re looking for innovation and quality, do not have any second thoughts about buying this amazing nut cracker!

Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

The most important feature of this new nut cracker from Drosselmeyer is its state-of-the-art award-winning design. Being built as one of the first handheld nut crackers, its pioneering design involves a double lever action with a built-in container to collect shells. With this convenient to use nut cracker, forget about exerting while your cracking nuts; it’s all about doing-it-with ease now. The adaptable design allows it to accommodate nuts of all sizes and types. Although this nut cracker costs more than most of its counterparts, its features, design, and durability makes the price you pay worth it.

New Star Foodservice 27983 8-Piece Seafood Tool Kit, Includes Lobster Crackers and Forks Set

This all-purpose tool set from New Star Foodservice includes 8-piece seafood toolkit comprising lobster crackers which also work really well as nut crackers. Made from die-cast zinc alloy, this tool has the strength and durability to handle all sizes and shapes of nuts. With a handle that allows easy operation, this is one no-nonsense piece of equipment that does its job really well. It gives you speed and comfort making it an ideal product for use both in restaurants and at homes. This affordable nut cracker along with its other friends in the toolkit is dishwasher safe.

Vintage Pecan Nutcracker

Vintage Pecan Nutcracker by Meglio is known for its simplicity and comfortable use. Whether you have to crack just a couple of nuts or you have a tree full of nuts, this nut cracker will not tire your hands. The design is made of a wooden base and a handle with adjustable nut holder. The nut holder has a firm grip and works with great precision cracking only the shell and not the nut inside. If you’re old or have lost your hand-strength, this nut cracker is perfect for you as it doesn’t let you strain your hands at all.

What are Nut Crackers?

A nut cracker is basically a simple tool or a device that helps you crack nuts easily without too much effort. Usually, every person in the house has to go through the turmoil of nut cracking, because the young and old, everybody just loves nuts. There are so many ways in which nuts could be included in our diet; they could be added to your dishes to make them rich and delicious such as in cakes, ice creams, etc. and they taste equally good when eaten raw. It is good for people of all ages as its great for health.

Due to these reasons, a good nut cracker should be compatible with every type of user. No matter how old you are or how week your hands are, nut crackers should be able to crack the nut shells with super ease and comfort.

In the following section, we will look at some of the features of a nut cracker. That way, at the time of buying a nut cracker you will know which one you should go for.

What to Look For

The first thing you must check in a nut cracker is its design. Nut crackers come in different designs and shapes. Some nut cracker brands make them with a wooden base and handle while some manufacture handheld ones that operate like a lever. Some go a little creative as well, when it comes to nut cracker designs, as we just saw above. Considering how you would like to use your nut cracker, you can go for the design that best works for you and your family.

Secondly, the material which is used to make the nut cracker is also very important. It would give you good idea about how long your device will last. Go for the nut crackers that are made of stainless steel or high quality plastic. You do not want your nut cracker to break when you press the handle to crack the shells of the nuts. A good material goes a long way in ensuring how comfortable you will be while using your nut cracker.

Finally, check for the prices and compare them against the features offered. Most nut crackers are decently priced, which means you have to pay only for what you get. You can get lucky and get to buy an expensive nut cracker for a lower price by checking out some good nut cracker sales.

Take care of the above factors, and you can end up with great nut cracker deals.

Happy nut cracking!

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