Best Oil Drain Pan Reviews 2017

Vehicles can be hard to maintain. You need to own various parts and tools you can get your hands on. Everything should be ready in your garage by the time you need to have maintenance. You must also get these parts/tools ready for oil flush or oil change. In emergency situations such as oil spills or leakage, you must acquire the best oil drain pan. Below are the 8 best oil drain pans that will make a fine addition in your garage. Read similar and distinctive features to compare and assist you in deciding which one to buy.

Lisle 17942 Drain Pan

Lisle 17942 Drain Pan is a black, plastic oil drain pan used to drain/hold approximately 4.5-gallon of oil or used fluids. It is specifically created for easy transfer of liquids. The product is made from polyethylene material which makes the exterior smooth. The material is also chosen because of its ability to resist chemicals and solvents. Apart from the aforementioned, polyethylene makes the product easy to clean after each use. You can wash it or wipe it with cloth without difficulty. The best thing about it is that they do not leave residues.

The oil drain pan has an inch wide diameter spout. It is intended for quick and easy pouring. If you are careless, you can spill the automotive fluids. You can now avoid this through the wide spout. Another feature to avoid spillage is the “anti-splash” lip. It also has large grip handles useful for transport. The built in large handles makes your movement from one place to another easier. Placing the automotive liquids in larger containers can be done conveniently.

If you want a hassle-free oil change solution, you have to purchase this product. Its features will help you make a not-so messy way of draining, storing, pouring, and transferring oil. Plus, learning that cleaning it is fast and easy will give you much relief.

Hopkins 11838 FloTool Oil Drain

Hopkins 11838 FloTool Oil Drain is an oil drain pan that can drain and store as much as 15 quart of used oil. The top section of the oil drain pain does not come off which means less spill when you are changing oil or checking out all of your vehicle’s fluid levels.

FloTool technology by Hopkins Manufacturing offers high quality oil handling products such as Hopkins 11838 FloTool Oil Drain. FloTool also comes with “No Spill Oil Spout” that is great for eliminating spills as well as messes. Its molded groves design helps to drain oil filters swiftly.

If you are looking for oil drain pan that can provide easier as well as cleaner means for change oil, this oil drain pan is the right choice for you. It is best recommended for oil changes on huge vehicles. It can also handle multiple oil changes for smaller automobiles. This is the greatest purchase for multiple car owners, having both small and large vehicles.

Behrens 2168 Seamless Drain/Utility Pan

Behrens 2168 Seamless Drain/Utility Pan is mostly used for draining and storing at least 3-Gallon of oil or other automotive fluids. The best feature that the product has is its galvanized steel component. It is guaranteed not to flex or deform especially in heat. It does not soften or degrade just like rubbers or plastics. You can easily wipe the pan after using it.

It is lightweight as compared with other oil drain pan, so it makes pouring and transferring of oil faster and easier. It weighs only 1-½ lbs as compared with standard oil drain pans that weigh as heavy as 4 to 5 lbs. For multiple transfer of large volume of liquids, this will be the best type of oil drain to buy.

Behrens 2168 has multiple uses. Other than serving as an oil drain pan, it is used for Dutch oven cooking and watering container for your dogs. If you wish to have flexible drain pan, you will be excited to own this product.

Capri Tools CP21023 Oil Drain Pan

The Capri Tools CP20123 Oil Drain Pan is made from high-grade polyethylene material. This material makes the pan sturdy and solvent-and-chemical resistant. This special feature also makes it possible for you to clean the pan easily.

This oil drain pan has “anti-splash” lip for easy transfer of oil or other fluids. The built in molded handle makes pouring, storing, and carrying liquid as easy as possible. It can hold as much as 16 Liters or 4.5 gallons of liquids. This is ideal for oil changes in large vehicles, where you can simply drain fluid in one go.

What attracts buyers on this Capri Tools CP21023 Oil Drain Pan is its unique color. The enticing green color makes the product eco-friendly. Although it also comes in black, most of the costumers prefer this green one.

Hopkins FloTool 11845 Drain Pan

The Hopkins FloTool 11845 Drain Pan has an open top and wide drain. It can hold as much as 5 gallons of oil. The FloTool technology comes with an anti-splash lip. The wide drain is great for pouring the oil into a larger container. Easy drainage and disposal is what inspires the manufacturers to have the design.

Unlike the previously reviewed Hopkins 11838 FloTool Oil Drain Pan with an enclosed top section, this drain pan has an open top. This is created to avoid huge messes and spills. Open top is beneficial if you feel that there are some parts that might actually be drained as well. You can easily see the liquid as compared with the closed-top oil drain pan.

The FloTool feature also makes the drain pan easy to clean. You can wipe it with damp cloth and you are done with the aftercare.

Custom Accessories 31118 Oil Drain Pan

Custom Accessories 31118 Oil Drain Pan is best for any automobile liquid. It holds as much as 6 quarts of oil or other automotive filters. The oil drain pan has a spout to aid pouring efficiently. To help reduce spillage, it has wide diameter. It is 4.2 inches in height that means it can store large volume of liquids.

It is also lightweight for easy transport of automotive fluids. Going back and forth to a larger container to place used oils can create spillage if you have heavy pans with large volume of fluids. To avoid this, you can purchase this lightweight product for carrying oil filters without difficulty.

This standard oil drain pan can hold as much as 6 quarts of oil in one drain. Multiple draining can be avoided if you estimate to drain oil this much. Multiple drain can be tiresome and time consuming. So, you need an oil drain pan that can help you solve this problem.

If you do not want to spend more on oil drain pans, this is suitable for you. This cheap drain pan can last for a long time. Although it is thin, it is actually durable. This is the best purchase for those in tight budget but still want high quality oil drain pan.

Lisle 17892 Transmission Drain Pan

The Lisle 17892 Transmission Drain Pan is best used for transfer of large amount of oil and other liquids. The pan is flexible enough to hold up under heavy pressure and extreme usage. The drain pan is also durable it can come back to its original shape when run over.

The fluted design is for easy draining of oil filters. The plastic lift drain is high quality and heavy duty. It is placed to extend the catch area for the lift drain. The funnel is created in order to catch loose parts, if any. Loose parts can also go with the automotive fluids, it is best to purchase an oil drain pan that can easily catch minute parts.

This transmission drain funnel suits Ford E 40D and other types of transmissions. It has large dimension in order to reduce spillage and messes upon draining, catching, and storing automotive fluids and loose parts. This drainage transmission pan is suitable for large vehicles, yet it can also accommodate smaller automobiles.

Lisle 17922 Drain Pan

If you are searching for a single transfer oil drainage pan, then Lisle 17922 Drain Pan is the right one for you. It can carry as much as 7.5 gallons of fluids. The tub’s dimension is designed to facilitate easy pouring and transferring of liquids. You can transfer the oil into a large jug or container without any kinds of hassle. This product is helpful to have a cleaner and mess-free oil change or fluid transport/disposal.

The multi-purpose drain pan with useful tub works efficiently for draining transmissions, radiators, crankcases, and cars/trucks differentials. It also has an apron that will be used for washing and sorting parts. These inclusions are great advantages if you want more from your oil drain pan.

This drain pan by Lisle is reasonably priced for its amazing features. If you need multi-purpose and durable drain pans, the Lisle 17922 Drain Pan will be the right oil drain pan for you. If you want to make sure to have convenient and stress-free oil change, you can never go wrong with Lisle 17922.

What to Look for

Best Oil Pan can be hard to find especially if you are a choosy buyer. If you want to find the “perfect” oil pan, you need to lower those high standards and aim for helpful, realistic features. Let us help you by providing helpful hints on what to look for the best oil pan.

Choose an oil pan that captures oil easily with less mess. It cannot be helped that changing/flushing oil will be messy. There is no such thing as a mess-free oil pan. Do not believe in manufacturers that offer these products.

Opt for the oil pan that is designed for ease of transporting. If you truly want to avoid mess with oil, choose easy-to-transport oil pan. Its design will be wide and concave. You may also choose to have fixated top, open pans have the large percentage for spillage when transporting the fluid.

Go for built in handle. You may find oil pan products with larger handles. Large, secured handles will reduce the risk of spilling it while you walk to and from used oil container.

Pick products that offer “anti-splash” lip and spout. Transferring the oil from another container may be troublesome. If you have built in spout, you can do away with making enormous fluid spillage. These are helpful features to carry or pour oil.

Own a quick and easy to clean oil pan. Oil pans are reusable, so you have to have after care with each use. Ensure also that you follow environment-friendly ways to dispose your used automotive fluids.


The list of the best oil drain pan will help you distinguish each oil drain pan products. They have distinct as well as similar features that will be useful for your oil change or fluid drainage purposes. If you are searching for the best out there, you need to think of useful features and reasonably priced products. For comparison, you can refer to the great features mentioned in the “What to Look For” section.

Owning your own oil drain pan is a must for your garage. If you feel that going to the automotive shop for oil change is hassle and costly but you can do it on your own, you need to get one now. You can save money and at the same time reuse your automotive fuels when you do oil change at home. In emergency cases wherein leakage take place, you can do oil drainage right away without depending on any automotive service provider. Just ensure that you have the best oil drain pan that matches your own vehicle.

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