Best Oil Sprayers Reviews 2017

With many diseases and illnesses linked to obesity, it is no wonder that most people wanted little to do with food or food ingredients that can add bad cholesterol and calories to their system. Since oil appears to be the most likely culprit, people either eliminate or use cooking oil sparingly in their diet. Unfortunately, one cannot eliminate the use of oil in cooking. Thus, oil sprayers are created.

A good oil sprayer can help you control the amount of oil you use in cooking. Here are the most popular oil sprayer brands in the market.

Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

Best Oil Sprayers

From the top oil sprayer manufacturer, this item features an easy to use a non-aerosol pump to produce fine, even oil mist you can apply on your cookware and food. The aluminum-coated plastic body is certified BPA-free and re-usable. Just wash the bottle with hot water and soap before re-filling it with oil. The sprayer can also contain juices (for zest), vinegar, and sherry or Marsala wine.

This is an affordable oil sprayer perfect for grilling and basting meats, and tossing salad dressings.

The Fine Life Ideal Olive Oil Mister/Sprayer

Best Oil Sprayers

This oil sprayer costs a little more expensive than other brands but it is certified FDA-approved and BPA-free. The sprayer features an air-pressure pump and a clog-free nozzle that produces a fine mist. The plastic body is durable so you won’t have to worry about chipping or breaking it even when you use it outdoors or while traveling (like in an RV).

If you are thinking of buying an oil sprayer, you should consider getting this brand.

Prepara Deluxe Oil Mister

Best Oil Sprayers

Available in four colors, this new oil sprayer features a unique design that can hold 4.5 fluid ounce oil capacity. The material is also confirmed BPA-free so you don’t have to worry.

Definitely, not a cheap oil sprayer, but the price you pay might as well be worth it.

Evo Kitchen Grill and Cooking Oil Trigger Sprayer Bottle

Best Oil Sprayers

If you are looking for an inexpensive oil sprayer, you might want to consider something else from this list. If, however, you are looking for an oil sprayer of the highest quality then this is the item for you. With a volume capacity of 18 ounces, its ergonomically designed bottle is BPA, latex-, and DEHP-free. Basically, it had covered all its bases for potentially harmful and cancerous chemicals that you can find in an ordinary plastic bottle.

It also features an easy to use trigger pull and a twist-on funnel for easy refilling. Probably the best oil sprayer deal in the market.

Orka Flavor and Oil Mister

Best Oil Sprayers

One of the smaller oil sprayers for sale, this can only hold 3.25 ounces of your favorite oil or vinegar. What makes this special is its built-in filter that you can use as you add your own seasonings (like herbs and spices) to your oil to make it more flavorful.

A great oil sprayer to consider if you like your oil with a little kick in it.

Zyliss Olive Oil Mister/Bottle

Best Oil Sprayers

This oil sprayer features a no-clog filter that allows you to add inclusions to your oil or vinegar to make it tastier. The plastic bottle is BPA-free and has a volume capacity of around 6 to 7 ounces.

A low-priced, no-frills oil sprayer that does the job.

What are Oil Sprayers?

There are several reasons why people choose to use an oil sprayer. Some might want to use oil sprayers to create a thin coating on their pans and grills to prevent the food from sticking. Some might just want to start eating healthier food by adding just a fine mist of oil to their food. Others might just want to season their meat and vegetables better.

Whatever the reason may be, oil sprayers are definitely one of the most popular kitchen devices in the market today. While there are commercial cooking sprays that consumers can use, these are generally more expensive than a regular virgin olive or coconut oil.

Oil sprayers make it possible for a regular vegetable oil to be atomized or misted, just like the commercial cooking sprays, thus reducing the oil used in every cooking.

Oil sprayers and misters are particularly useful for sautéing, roasting, grilling, basting, broiling, and baking.

What to Look For

One advantage of oil sprayers over the commercial cooking sprays is that sprayers are refillable and reusable therefore saving you more money in the process. So of course, the first thing you need to look out for is if your chosen mister is easy to refill.

You can check this out by trying out how easy or hard it is to twist or get the head off the bottle. Some oil sprayers have very delicate threads that a simple twist might lead to damaged or broken threads, hence, it will not seal properly anymore and will start to leak.

You need to also check the thickness of the head or where the nozzle is. If the plastic is thin then it’ll be more likely that it will crack under slightest stress or pressure. Stay away from those if you want an oil sprayer with a guaranteed longevity.

The next thing you would want to check is the ease of pumping the nozzle. You don’t want a hard to pull trigger. Similarly, you don’t want a nozzle that can be triggered with the gentlest of touch. Choose an oil spray that is easy to use without having to worry if the oil will leak from the nozzle at each touch.

Next, check the nozzle itself. If you had just brought your oil sprayer, you need to check whether the nozzle easily clogs or not. Built-in filters are handy because it catches whatever debris you have even before it touches your nozzle.

A technique to check if your nozzle easily clogs is to put vinegar in the oil sprayer and begin squirting. If the vinegar comes in a stream instead of a fine mist or spray, then you do have a clogged nozzle. Mostly, this can be clear with soap and hot water but you wouldn’t want an oil sprayer that needs to be cleaned every day.

Finally, check the manufacturer’s manual or website if your oil sprayer is BPA- and DEHP-free. Generally, oil sprayers have plastic bodies for extra durability. Unfortunately, most plastics also contain BPA and DEHP – two chemicals that have questionable effects on human health when ingested. This is specifically scary for pregnant women and for those with small children in the family as these chemicals are known to target under-developed children, bringing birth defects in newborn babies and gene mutations on little kids.

Though FDA released a study that shows inconclusive results in their testing of BPA, they had already put a stopped on its incorporation to baby feeding bottles. On the other hand, DEHP has been verified to cause cancer, increase the chance of obesity, and heart and autoimmune diseases, and have significant deteriorating effects on the male reproductive organ.

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