Best Oven Mitts Reviews 2017

Have you ever tried to take food out of the oven with your bare hands or using those cheap oven mitts made of cloth? How many times have you ended up burning your fingers? What if you had used a pair of high quality oven mitts instead? Imagine the difference it would have made to your cooking experience, whether it is baking, grilling, BBQing, or roasting. You could have made all those delicious dishes without worrying about your safety.

Oven mitts are one of the most essential accessories for every kitchen. You will never regret buying one. If you’ve never used them before or you’re fed up of your old pair of gloves, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we will discuss some of the top oven mitts available on the market along with their important features and selling points. We’ll also see the things that you should look for in a set of good oven mitts. Keep reading.

AYL Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Gloves for Cooking, Baking, Smoking & Potholder

This one-size-fits-all pair of gloves from AYL is made of 100% pure silicon. It is BPA free and FDA approved. Well, that says a lot about how safe these affordable oven mitts are for your kitchen use. With a heat resistant durability of up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, these gloves give highest protection to your hands when using ovens, BBQing, or handling any type of hot containers. The little embossed hearts on both sides ensure strong grip and prevent slipping. These water-proof gloves are lightweight and dishwasher safe, easily making it one of the best oven mitts to use.

Verde River Products Gecko Grip Gloves, Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ, Oven, Grill, Baking, Smoking and Cooking Gloves, Med-Large

You do not have to worry anymore about burnt fingers or slippery gloves. Verde River Products brings to you one of the top oven mitts available on the market. They are made of silicon which is considered a safe material for food handling and cooking accessories. They provide you with heat protection of around 425 degrees, which makes handling hot containers like roasting pans, grill sheets, or oven racks, and also hot food like chicken, pork, whole turkeys, etc. a comfortable experience. These gloves have a firm grip and are 100% water-proof.

HOMWE Silicone Oven Mitts, 1 Pair

This pair of inexpensive oven mitts by HOMWE is made from 100% FDA approved silicon giving you heat protection of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Coming in two sizes 13.7 and 14.7 inches, these mitts comfortably fit most hands. The raised texture on the surface gives you a firm grip. You can directly hold the hot food, pans, grill sheets, and oven racks in your hands, without worrying about dropping and slippage. This pair of mitts is water-proof and dishwater safe. This new oven mitt set ensures you get the highest quality and protection at a decent price.

Kitchen Elements Ultra-Flex Red Silicone Kitchen Cooking Mitt, 1 Pair

Kitchen Elements brings to you these highly durable oven mitts, which are 12-inch long and 7-inch wide, a size that fits most hands pretty comfortably. These oven mitts made from FDA approved silicon provide heat protection of up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The textured surface and the inner cotton liner make for easy movement and safe handling also giving you a firm grip. They are easy-to-clean; either clean them with damp cloth or throw them in the machine. These affordable oven mitts set is certainly a great value for money.

Cuisinart Oven Mitt with Non-Slip Silicone Grip, Heat Resistant to 500° F, 2-Pack

This set of non-slip silicon mitts from one of the best oven mitts brands Cuisinart, is made from 100% FDA approved silicon and is BPA free. It gives you heat resistance up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The textured design on silicon give you a firm grip and the thick, soft, cotton layer on top allows comfortable handling. They come in 6 unique shades such as sage, red, grey, tan, aqua, and rust which are quite different from other oven mitts. The metal hanging loops makes for easy storage.

BlueFire Pro Extreme Protection Cooking & Grilling Gloves (Pair) – Designed by Real Cooks!

BlueFire’s extreme protection pair of gloves is one of the most sough-after oven mitts; highly appreciated by its users. Its highlight is its heat resisting capacity; it can protect you from up to 932 degree F temperature. It is made from 100% Kevlar/Aramid/Nomex/Silicon which puts them way ahead of its competitors. Now, whether you pull out the meat, take out the oven racks, or dip your hands in boiled water; you won’t feel a thing. It comes with a forearm protection and the textured silicon design gives you a firm grip and makes for easy handling.

What are Oven Mitts?

Oven mitts are essentially the gloves you use when you take food out of an oven. Its primary function is to protect you from the heat while you are in direct contact of hot food or the hot containers. Most containers we use in ovens retain a lot of heat which makes it difficult for us to handle them after the food is cooked. This is where oven mitts come into picture.

They give you protection not just from ovens but also while you’re grilling, roasting, or handling hot vessels and even boiling water. So whether you bake or cook at home, or if your spouse does, having a pair of oven mitts at home will go a long way in preventing you from burnt fingers.

So, let’s find out the things you should look when buying oven mitts.

What to Look For

As with any product, first we should always check how the product delivers on its primary function and for oven mitts its primary function is heat protection. Find out the maximum temperature at which the gloves can resist heat. Generally, this is between 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit while some mitts can give you heat protection from up to 932 degrees F. Your choice should depend on how you’re planning to use your oven mitts. Generally, go for the pair that has a high heat resistance rating.

Next up is the material used. Most new oven mitts these days are made of silicon while some are made of thick cloth or even Kevlar. Their heat-resistance property is also dependent on the material used. Also, check if the material is BPA free and FDA approved. When it comes to food handling, the material used to make your kitchen accessories should be 100% safe.

Every good pair of oven mitts should allow you to have a firm grip, or else the food may be dropped or the containers might slip out of your hands. Go for the mitts having textured surface which would tighten your grip and ensure comfortable handling.

Finally, look at the prices. While most sellers sell a pair of mitts together, some only sell a single unit. The prices would vary accordingly. They would also vary depending on the quality of material used, heat resistance offered, etc. Some oven mitts cost more than others; however some cheap ones also do their job really well. So, do not be fooled by the price. Also, look up on oven mitts sales to find out if you could buy your favorite mitts at reduced prices.

Now that you know everything you should, we’re sure you’d safely manage to get the best oven mitts deal that suits your cooking needs perfectly.

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