Best Paella Pans Reviews 2017

Cooking is one of the many activities that are not only necessary but enjoyable as well. One of the popular foods often cooked, whether it be a special occasion or not, is paella.

One of the many key elements of a good paella is not only the spices and the ingredients used but the pan used as well. Hence, the list below accounts some of the best paella pan brands out in the market today.

Paderno World Cuisine 18.5 Inch Polished Carbon Steel Paella Pan

Best Paella Pans

The Paderno World Cuisine Carbon Steel pan is an affordable paella pan designed with two zinc handles at opposing sides. Unlike other pans that have straight cut sides, the pan is designed to have flared sides which makes it easier to cook the paella since it allows maximum evaporation of any liquid content.

The straight dented bottom of the pan also makes it easier to expand when heated and since the bottom has uniform straightness, it also helps promote uniform rate and heating.

The pan is not non-stick, meaning if you want to have a non-stick surface and maintain the smooth texture, you will have to maintain and season the pan regularly with a small dashing of oil that is spread thoroughly at the bottom. If you do this properly, you will seem to have a new paella pan even if used regularly.

La Paella 18-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan

Best Paella Pans

The La Paella 18-inch pan is made of carbon steel which makes the product a great conductor of heat. The inexpensive paella pan is also quite durable because of the material used.

It is flexible to use and can be used for cooking on an electric stove, gas stove, grills, and even on the oven. The bottom is flat and the sides are flared. The flared sides help for better evaporation while the flat bottom helps regulate uniform heating all throughout the pan.

However, since the pan is not made of rust-free metal, it can rust. To avoid this, you will have to regularly season it by rubbing a little cooking oil at the bottom or cooking surface after cleaning and making sure that it is dry. If rust does accumulate, you can use a steel wool to scrub it off.

MageFesa Carbon Steel Paella Pan, 24 Inch

Best Paella Pans

Another paella pan for sale is the MageFesa Carbon Steel pan. As the name says, the pan is made of carbon steel that allows fast and uniform distribution of heat. It has dual handles, placed at opposing sides.

The handles are riveted which allows a more secure and comfortable hold. The bottom is uniformly crafted as well as the flared sides. The sides of the pan are flared and the bottom is flat with a dimpled center. The flat bottom and flared sides promote better liquid evaporation which is great in order to keep your paella nicely cooked without being too sticky. The dimpled center makes it easier to accumulate and keep the oil at the center.

Like all other pans in this list, the product also needs regular seasoning and must be cleaned properly to avoid rust build up. Make sure that it is thoroughly dry before applying a small brush of oil.

Mexican Origins Nonstick Carbon-Steel

Best Paella Pans

Another great paella pan deal is the Mexican Origins Non-stick Carbon Steel pan. The pan is made of carbon steel that helps for uniform distribution if heat when cooking. The pan is also added with an extra coating to give it its non-stick feature which is great for those who hates scrubbing food that stuck to the pan after cooking.

The handles of the pan are chrome and dual riveted which gives it a more secure and form hold. It is flexible to almost all type of cooking device, which may include but are not restricted to electric and gas stoves, grills, charcoal, ovens, and many more.

The bottom of the pan is flat which makes it easier to sauté and cook food evenly. The sides are made to flare to support even better liquid removal through evaporation. And like other pans out there, it also needs to be seasoned from time to time but not as much as those pans that are not fashioned with non-stick surfaces.

What are Paella Pans?

Some of you might wonder, what is a paella pan? What makes it different from other pans? Well, to answer, this type of pan is actually the type of pans that are specifically crafted to suit the cooking of paella dishes.

The pan usually has a surface made of carbon steel that is wide and shallow. This makes it easy to sauté vegetables and meats before adding in the rice, which may be sometimes regular rice or the sticky rice.

Now, even though you can cook paella without having to use top paella pans or any pan specific to paella cooking only, buying one will still be beneficial for a couple others reasons. First, you can use the pan to cook any other dishes and not only paella, be it a stir fry, steak, fish fillets, pork, sea food, even casseroles and eggs. Also, since these pans are generally narrow and have the same flat surface throughout instead of a curving bottom, they are easy to manipulate around without you having to make extra efforts and is great to use when you are cooking food that need a flat surface.

What to Look For

When you buy any good paella pan, you have to consider many factor first. This will not only make your search easier, it will also help you find the right pan for your needs.

Now, the first thing that you should consider when getting a new paella pan is the size. You have to determine which your ideal pan size is. You have to refer this to the number of serving the pan will make.

Next, you consider the type of material used. There are cheap paella pans that are made of carbon steel. There are also high grade ones that are made of non-stick material with specialized metal coatings. You have to specify which type you prefer to use. Of course, this will also lead you do considering the paella pan cost.

Higher grade pans cost more than those that are average and those that are low grade. If you want pans with good material, you will have to be willing to spend more money when you buy paella pans. If you do this, you can guarantee that your pan will be of good quality and you will not end up disappointed or regretful of buying it.


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