Best Paintball Mask Reviews 2017

What’s not to love about Paintball? Paintball is an enjoyable sport that allows you to practice strategic thinking, exercise your muscles, and release your stress. In order for you to make the most out of this adventure, you need to have the right gear that can keep you safe and comfortable while you play.

Often, people choose the best paintball mask depending on their preferred brands or features that would suit them best. While these products vary in price, the most important thing to remember is that you choose the one that’s able to meet your paintball needs.

OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection

Here’s a sinister looking mask that will surely intimidate your paintball opponents in the field. You can choose from its selection of 8 amazing colors. Fully protecting all delicate areas of your face, this mask has built-in cheek and forehead cushions. Instead of having the typical eye lenses you often see with most paintball masks, this one has mesh protection in the eye area that shields your eyes from glaring lights. With this mesh, you don’t have to worry about fog issues.

This mask can also be used for air soft. For paintball users, it is highly recommended that you use eyeglasses for added protection in case you accidentallyget splattered with paint in the eye area. There’s no size options for this OutdoorMaster paintball mask since it’s fully adjustable with its built-in straps.

It’s lightweight, sturdy, and can also be used as a Halloween mask. What more can you ask for?

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

This paintball mask comes in 25 unique and exciting colors you can choose from – Black/Gold, DyeCam, White/Gold, and more. With these color varieties, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to choose one that appeals to your tastes.

People rely on Dye Precision’s vast selection of i4 paintball masks for their anti-fog thermal lenses that promise excellent vision no matter the environmental condition you’re in. The i4 paintball mask features an adjustable strap at the back to fit you just right. It also comes with a scream venting system to facilitate optimal communication with your play mates.

Take note though that this paint ball mask does not cover your entire head. The back of your head is totally exposed. However, this has contributed to the minimal weight of this mask. So if you want a paintball mask that’s really lightweight and handy, then this one will surely appeal to you.

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle, Black

Empire Paintball offers you this black colored paintball mask that guarantees performance and comfort while you play. The goggles of this paintball mask is designed to withstand fog and humidity so you can enjoy the clearest view for hours regardless of whether or not you wear glasses beneath the mask. You’ll be able to detach the goggles from this mask if you don’t want it on. However, you might need some help because it can be a bit difficult to do so.

Because this paintball mask is super comfortable, you’ll forget that you’re wearing it. If you’re wondering what this mask is made of, it’s built from sturdy and flexible plastic. For those who play air soft at the same time, they’ll also be able to use this mask for protection.

Providing a perfect fit, durable and easy to clean, this paintball mask is worth every penny.

Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask – Olive

If you’re a newbie to paintball and would like to try on a reliable mask to help you maximize your playing experience, you need this one by Helix. You’ll be able to enjoy over 9 hours of paintball using this mask without experiencing any fogging issues. It’s made up of high-quality plastic and rubber. It can withstand high heat and humidity, making it last longer than any paintball mask in the market.

Just because some consider this one an entry-level paintball mask for its super simple design doesn’t mean that t has mediocre performance. In fact, most users have been delighted with its durability combined with great performance. With this olive-colored paintball mask by Invert, you’ll get your money’s worth.

JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles

This mask has a superb looking exoskeleton frame that anyone can appreciate. You can wear it for more than 10 hours and be delighted that it won’t ever fog. It guarantees clear, topnotch vision with its high-quality goggles. Providing you with 100% protection, this paintball mask by JT Spectra is well-covered from front to back. Delicate areas of your face will be padded to prevent unwanted injuries during extreme activity.

Ideally, this one is made for smaller heads. It has lots of areas for adequate ventilation so you can move around a lot without losing your breath. You’ll be able to adjust this paintball mask according to your size with its built-in strap.

You’ll notice that it has a removable visor in case you need it for playing in a bright environment. Though it’s fully covered, it’s also lightweight. However, you should know that with this mask, your ears will be slightly exposed. Overall, this JT Spectra product makes an excellent buy.

Save Phace Diss Series Paintball Mask

This elegant, badass looking paintball mask by Save Phace is what you’ll need to get that maximum protection for your face during paintball. If you get hit in the face, this mask minimizes impact – a huge bonus for all users. However, one aspect about this mask which may not appeal to all is its tiny holes. Some wish these holes were bigger for better ventilation.

To help you have a clear view of everything that’s happening around during the game, the lens of this mask comes with a scratch-free and fog-proof feature. Moreover, you’ll be able to catch a hint of motion since this mask allows you to enjoy peripheral vision. Just note that you’ll be more comfortable without your personal eyeglasses on.

Aside from paintball, this mask by Save Phace can also be used for other outdoor activities like air soft. Overall, this makes a worthwhile addition to your paintball gear. It’s durable, looks great, fits well, and ensures optimal support. It’s also easy to clean.

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask/Goggles

The V-Force paintball mask comes in 35 exciting colors. Depending on your preference, some of the available colors come with visors to shield you from glaring light while some don’t. However, all options feature a reliable thermal lens that’s easily replaceable and fog-free.

By the way, you’ll also be able to change the foam inside this mask whenever needed. If you opt to use your personal glasses along with this mask, you’ll enjoy great peripheral vision. That’s a bonus. The mouth area of this mask is well-ventilated so you can communicate with your play mates with ease. Be careful though – paint might get inside!

It’s large enough to protect your entire face and durable to last for years. To add more comfort while you play, this mask has built-in ear pads. But what you’ll really love about the V-Force paintball mask is that it looks really badass. You’ll definitely feel more confident. This mask has everything you want – from aesthetic appeal to maximum protection and comfort.

Proto Paintball Switch EL Goggle

If you think you’ve already discovered the best paintball mask, wait until you see this one by Proto Paintball. With tough design and multiple features, this high-quality mask has a special Switch Triodial lens that allows you to benefit from vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. This lens has also been designed to withstand scratches.

For you to properly hear what’s happening around you, the Proto Paintball mask has multiple ear pieces. As you’ll notice, this mask is embedded with multiple holes to provide adequate ventilation. You’ll be kept cool the entire game. It fits closely but comfortably around your face (due to the cushion), letting you play with ease in the field.

The most important aspect of this mask is that it provides ultimate protection to your head and neck. Now, you can play paint ball without any fear that you’ll get hurt. Take note that this paintball mask comes with a clear lens – not a tinted one.

Coxeer M01 Army Skull Skeleton Airsoft Paintball Bb Gun Game Face Mask

Want to scare off your opponents to have a higher chance of winning? If so, you might want to check out this skull skeleton designed paintball mask. Not only does it look fantastic, it also ensures maximum comfort and protection. The insides of this mask are actually padded to minimize impact, keeping your face secured at all times.

It comes in 4 unique colors – Black, Black & Silver, Green, and White. Aside from paintball, you’ll also be able to use this one for other games like air soft or water balloon. You can also have this as your Halloween mask! Simply adjust this scary-looking paintball mask according to your desired fit. It’s lightweight so you can easily move around with it. Also, this one is totally safe to the environment – free from toxic substances unlike some paintball masks in the market.

You’ll notice that this mask doesn’t come with a visor. Actually, the mesh surrounding the eyes act as a visor to help reduce glare and keep your vision clear. Please note that it’s better to wear this mask without your eyeglasses on.

Gen-X Global XVSN Paintball Mask (BLACK) G-302 XVSN

If you’re going to play paintball during daytime, you need a paintball mask that’s capable of reducing glare and ensuring you fog-free vision. Check out this paintball mask by Gen X Global. Unlike other masks, this one has a noticeable visor to shield you from glaring sunlight.

It features a lens that prevents unnecessary scratches and fogging so you can win the game every time. Moreover, it allows for full-field vision. With this mask, you’ll gain some competitive advantage. This mask by Gen X Global is made according to the highest standards. It fits perfectly and comfortably on your face.

HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask / Goggles

The HK Army paintball mask has an awesome futuristic design that comes in 27 great colors – Sandstorm, Fire, Onxyx, and many more. It’s thermal lens provides you with UV protection so your eyes will stay safe at all times. Critical areas of your face such as your nose area and cheekbones will be padded. You’ll love this paintball mask for its perfect balance of physical appeal and performance.

To allow you to breathe effortlessly especially during extreme movement, this one ensures proper ventilation with multiple air passages. Your entire face, including your ears and chin will be fully covered to prevent serious injuries.

Lemongreen Skull 40d Mask Full Face Wire Mesh Mask for Airsoft , BB Gun and Paint Ball

If you want a paintball mask that will make you look exactly like Deadpool, this one’s definitely for you. This one looks a bit more scary and intimidating though. Available in one design, this paintball mask covered your entire face and leaves the back of your head exposed. You might want to go for another option if you want 100% protection.

Inside the mask are comfortable pads to keep your delicate areas well-cushioned. If you normally wear eyeglasses, you might want to take them off since they won’t fit when worn inside this mask. The eye area is covered in mesh to help reduce glare and do away with fogging problems.

Durable and comfortable, this mask will guarantee you enjoyable Paintball and other gaming experiences.


It is important that you select the best paintball mask that will meet your unique needs and personal preferences. A common misconception is that the cheaper the mask, the less durable and reliable it is. That’s not always the case.

The ones listed here have topnotch features. They offer full protection for your face (though some are open at the back area), are well-padded on the insides, come with great colors and designs, and ensure eye protection.

Make sure to choose a paintball mask that fits you perfectly – most likelyone with adjustable straps. For sure, you don’t want to be interrupted in the middle of the game due to headache.

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