Best Paper Cutter Reviews 2017

We all have been guilty of taking for granted the paper cutters that are present at home and in our offices. However, if you buy the best paper cutter, paper trimming activities will never be the same again. Easy and boring tasks that are associated and can only be done using paper cutters will be made easier and smooth with the right specs and materials of the paper cutter. You can now have fun doing paper works, literally, such as scrapbooking, bookbinding and more. We have listed down below the top paper cutters that might suite your personal and work needs and will definitely give you an effortless paper cutting experience.

Swingline Paper Trimmer / Cutter, Guillotine

The Swingline Paper Trimmer is a Guillotine type of paper cutter that can accommodate and can cut through up to ten pieces of paper. In addition, it has a maximum of twelve inches of cutting length that is just right for home, school and office use.

Unlike most of guillotine paper cutters, the Swingline Paper Trimmer is lightweight and also offers portability because its construction is made with durable plastic. From home to school and even to work, you can easily transport this paper cutter. Even though its base is made with plastic, this paper cutter will be able to cut through thin and thick materials with its amazing and sharp blades giving you a clean and neat trim.

For precise paper measurements, it has an alignment grid that will make sure that the paper will not be cut out of order and out of shape. Plus, the dual scale ruler makes it easier for paper cutting accuracy.

Your safety will never be at risk while using the Swingline Paper Trimmer since it has a protective guard rail safety feature. When not in use, avoid any accidents that might occur with its blade latch hook to securely lock the blade.

Fiskars 12 Inch Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer

The Fiskars 12 Inch Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer (196920-1001) is your best companion towards perfectly made scrapbooks. This is best used for your trimming needs in terms of crafting your lovely scrapbooks. Its twelve inches of cutting capacity can easily be transformed into 15 1/4 inches if you need a bigger size of pieces of paper for your scrapbook. This transformation is due to its swing-out arm that provides an extension to increase the cutting capacity and accurately as well.

The ultimate straight and neat cut can be easily achieved using its TripleTrack System which is the brand’s sole patent. The TripleTrack System makes sure that the cuts are straight and steady by interlocking the sharp blade to the rail.

Also, to provide you more scale visibility, the Fiskars 12 Inch Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer (196920-1001) has an aluminum-made cutting surface that will surely improve your cutting precision. In addition, reference guides have been printed on the smooth surface to further improve the accuracy. What’s even better is that this paper cutter is lightweight due to its aluminum material and offers the convenience of portability. With all these amazing features, starting from its specialization on scrapbooking up to its portable feature, you are sure to create the most artistic scrapbook project you have been dreaming of.

Fiskars Recycled 12-Inch Bypass Trimmer (01-005452)

The Fiskars Recycled 12-Inch Bypass Trimmer (01-005452) is a heavy-duty and multi-purpose paper cutter that can fulfill heavy and urgent needs. In the present where all events happen in a fast pace, the Fiskars Recycled 12-Inch Bypass Trimmer (01-005452) can definitely adapt to your situation to help you produce the output needed. It can cut ten sheets of paper that weighs up to twenty pounds in only one go.

Environmentalists will sure to like this humble but elegant paper cutter since its trimmer base a purely made from recycled and durable postconsumer resin. The Fiskars Recycled 12-Inch Bypass Trimmer (01-005452) is perfect for big loads of work such as mass produce of fliers for advertisements, handouts for the class, invitations during big occasions, and many more.

One of its unique features is its never-dull blades that can self-sharpen which makes it an immortal in the world of paper-cutting. The longer you use it, the sharper it gets. It also ensures you that blade replacements will no longer be needed.

For better accuracy, it has its own precision printed scale and grid for paper alignment that will give you an organized and a smooth papercut finish. Furthermore, it also has a built-in arm lock to ensure that you’ll have a safe usage of the tool.

Fiskars 12 Inch Titanium SureCut Paper Trimmer (01-005454)

When you are looking for the convenience of portability and flexibility, intense accuracy and paper cutting reliability, the Fiskars 12 Inch Titanium SureCut Paper Trimmer (01-005454) can definitely satisy your fantasy. The brand takes pride with its product that has been integrated with its Portable Paper Trimmer or PPT which will perfectly deliver the desired results for cutting sheets of paper that are commonly used in different industries and in the corporate offices. This paper cutter is a space-saver since it has a compact design that is perfect for easy storage.

The Fiskars 12 Inch Titanium SureCut Paper Trimmer (01-005454) also has its SureCut Cut-Line indicator that pinpoints the exact cutting line of the tool for supreme precision. The quality will not suffer but will instead be boosted with the TripleTrack blades which interlocks with the cutting rail so you will have a clean and neat paper cut finish. To avoid any motion while you cut the sheets of paper, this paper cutter has an ergonomic cutting carriage for a good grip and straight cuts. Also, its titanium carbide coated blade makes sure that seven sheets of paper can be loaded and cleanly cut by the tool.

Materials used to create the Fiskars 12 Inch Titanium SureCut Paper Trimmer (01-005454) are also recycled with 100% post-consumer resin for the trimmer blade. All in all, 80% of this paper cutter construction is made up of purely recycled material.

Swingline Paper Trimmer / Cutter, Guillotine

f you need a paper cutter that can swiftly produce more numbers, the Swingline Paper Trimmer / Cutter, Guillotine is the perfect one that can satisfy your need. It can cut without any efforts and strains up to fifteen pieces of paper that is so much more than other paper cutter. It can also cut through multiple sheets of photo paper and labels. This paper cutter has a wood cutting surface that is partnered with a metal cutting arm that is sure to be reliable, durable and convenient for daily use.

Like most of paper cutters, the Swingline Paper Trimmer / Cutter, Guillotine also has a printed alignment grid in addition to its dual scaler. The alignment grid and the scaler will ensure that the cutting precision is is increased. All you’ve got to do is properly align the pieces of paper you are going to cut to the grid and push down the blade through its handle for a smooth and neat finish.

You are also protected every single time that you use the Swingline Paper Trimmer / Cutter, Guillotine since it has a protective guard rail that locks the blade together with the blade latch hook. Get your work done easier and faster with this paper cutter and you will definitely have more time to do other tasks that will put you to the top.

Westcott Paper Trimmer With Titanium Bonded Cut And Score Blades

The Westcott Paper Trimmer With Titanium Bonded Cut And Score Blades is elegantly made to assist you on your daily needs at home, at school, at work or even for your business growth. The brand takes pride with multi-achievement awards that they have garnered for the past years and they are proud to present the Westcott Paper Trimmer With Titanium Bonded Cut And Score Blades as their top caliber when it comes to paper cutting. Its distinctive feature is its blades that is not your usual ones. The blades of a Westcott Paper Trimmer With Titanium Bonded Cut And Score Blades is bonded with titanium and is three times harder than a blade made out of stainless steel. This guarantees a longer-lasting and an ever-sharp blade for quality and convenient trimming.

Accuracy is one of this paper cutter’s forte because it has integrated a swing out ruler flush that has a base for precise measurements. The Westcott Paper Trimmer With Titanium Bonded Cut And Score Blades can cut up to ten sheets of paper that weighs about twenty pounds. With its elegant look, accuracy, portability and convenience, this paper cutter will give out high quality results to make a perfectly cut paper.

Westcott TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Another treasure from Westcott is the Westcott TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer that is a heavy-duty, reliable and durable paper cutter. This is ideal for mass production of different types of paper. In fact, this paper cutter can cut up to 30 sheets of paper that approximately weighs about 20 pounds. With its durable wood base plus its titanium-bonded blade, you are sure to get high-quality paper trims.

Its blade is made to outgrow other stainless steel blades with its titanium bond that makes it up to three times reliable. The brand takes pride in this development. In fact, the titanium bonded scissors gave them the award of ‘The World’s Favorite Scissors’. The titanium keeps away the bacteria which makes the blade long-lasting, odor-free and rust-free. The titanium bond also makes the blade sharper for a longer period of time in comparison to non-titanium bonded blades that other paper cutters use.

The brand also integrated a contemporary and ergonomic design that ensures the safety of the user at the same time. It has a comfortable handle that has a safety guard to protect you from accidents and other risks when you use the Westcott TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer.

JLS A5 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer

The JLS A5 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer is not only portable but is also user-friendly. Especially made for scrapbook making for perfectly preserved memories, and greeting cards creations and invitations this paper trimmer will surely do its job without giving you any trouble.

The JLS A5 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer is easy to use. You can just place the sheets of paper you need to cut behind the clear bar and start cutting. The cutting process starts when you press down the square blade carriage. Together with the clear bar, you can now slide up and down the square blade carriage and you can now remove your perfectly cut from the clear bar.

You can bring the JLS A5 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer anywhere with you since it has a compact design with a lightweight construction that is guaranteed to save you from the usual troubles of transporting heavyweight objects. Its portability also provides a storage-friendly design so you can store the JLS A5 Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer to almost anywhere.

Its accurate measurement is brought by the swing-out ruler and the printed alignment grid plus the dual scale ruler. All in all, it can cup up to eight sheets of paper.

What to Look For

There are so many variations when it comes to paper cutters. Most of the paper cutters we have listed above is sure to diligently do the tasks that no other normal paper cutters can do. However, there are just some features that the other paper trimmers do not have.

One factor to consider when buying a paper trimmer is the amount of paper that needs to be cut. There are paper cutters that can trim fewer pieces of paper while there are some that can trim and cut more sheets of paper. Be sure to buy just the right paper cutter that is appropriate to your needs since price might greatly vary in between.

Another factor to be mindful about is the length of the material that needs to be cut. Be sure to pick out the right size of paper cutter that can trim the length of the paper such as legal paper. Always check the length capacity of the paper cutter. This feature is often shown at the back of the paper cutter when you are shopping.

Be also mindful of different paper cutters around the market. Generally, there are five paper cutters. The first one is the Guillotine Paper Cutter that are the most common paper trimmers. It will cost you almost no time and effort with its quick operation as long as you’ve properly set up the paper on its surface. The Guillotine paper cutters are also popular in classrooms and at home. Another type is the Form Paper Cutter that might have a similarity with paper shredders. This type has the ability to continuously cut sheets of paper through since most are electronically powered. The next type is the Rotary Paper Cutters that is suited for paper cutting that requires accuracy when it comes to the size but setting up the sheets of paper might take longer than the guillotine. The fourth one is the Stack Paper Cutters that operates like the Guillotine type but can accommodate more sheets of paper in between. In fact, it can cut through hundred pieces of paper. Finally, the Corner Paper Cutters are made specifically to smooth over the corners of the paper.

Among these, be sure to check out whether your choice of paper cutter has a safety feature and a sharp blade. For example, guillotine paper cutters have a safety rail and some have the finger guard. A sharp blade will also ensure that your output will be neatly and quickly done. Finding the right paper cutter with the right features that will perfectly suit your needs shall really tell if you have the best one.


Having a paper cutter always available in good condition at your home or in your office might prove to be helpful for you one of these days. Actually, paper cutters have been known to discreetly contribute a lot for classrooms and home offices too. We hope that you have found the best paper cutter that will perfectly go along with your needs and preferences.

Paper cutters existed as early as 1830s. We must be thankful for the innovations that the manufacturers made to ensure a more practical and convenient way of getting our jobs done when it comes to cutting papers. All you’ve got to do is to determine the right paper cutter that will suite your needs perfectly then you can go ahead and use it to your heart’s content. Bring out the artist in you by creating an artistically made scrapbook or even create a photograph collage that has fine borders that can be achieved with the accuracy of your paper cutter. Your imagination is the only limit with using your paper cutter.

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