Best Paper Plates Reviews 2017

Disposable plates were one of men’s greatest inventions. Moms, party planners and event coordinators can agree with this as they make lives easier and simpler. Using disposable plates means that you can enjoy mealswithout having to worry about broken dishes or washing the plates afterwards. These productscan be used at small gatherings, birthdays and picnics.

Moreover, the best thing about these paper plates is that they’re fairly lightweight yet sturdy, that it can compete with fine china plates and win. From nacho chips to homemade meals, these plates can carry any kind of staple and not break or bend. For several years, these products have been so useful in households and events, so it’s understandable that you’d want to have your own paper plates too.

The paper plates of today range from simple to fashionably designed plates, but if you’re interested to know their history, then read out below. Furthermore, if you want to know the best paper plates brands, then it must be your lucky day! Because in this one, we have gathered the leading paper plates currently available in the market today.

Chinet 10 3/8 Dinner Plate 100-count Box

Planning for a huge gathering? Then you must try the Chinet 10 3/8 Dinner Plate 100-count Box. Despite being the most affordable paper plates for sale, this one is ensured to be strong and sturdy that it won’t easily rip off. This product is made out of recycled materials, but only created out of molded fiber products. For normal to classy gatherings, this product will surely fit it!

This product has a 10.5 inch diameter design that is biodegradable, which means that it will decompose has a helpful substance for gardens. Moreover, for better convenience, this product is safe to be put on microwaves and freezers. With this one, you’ll surely save a lot of money as it comes with 100 paper plates to serve to your guests. It is convenient, sturdy yet inexpensive paper plates you’d love to have.

Earth’s Natural Alternative Wheat Straw Fiber, Bagasse (Sugarcane) Tree Free 9″ Plate, 50 Pack

The Earth’s Natural Alternative Wheat Straw Fiber is one of the cheapest paper plate deals we’ve encountered. This package comes with 50 plates that are made out of sugarcane fiber and discarded wheat stalk. It is guaranteed to be chlorine, bleach, pesticides and dye-free as it is 100% tree-free.

It is environmental friendly that contains no harmful substances such as plastic or wax. It is strong and sturdy that is made out of plant stalk, which means that it is gluten-free. The Earth’s Natural Alternative Wheat Straw Fiber comes with their familiar brown color, so you can get the “earthy” feeling around your new paper plates. This one is a good paper plate, you’d despise to miss.

Chinet 8 3/4 Inch Dinner Plate (225)

Chinet 8 3/4 Inch Dinner Plate (225)

The Chinet 8 3/4 Inch Dinner Plate may not sound like the cheap paper plates you’re expecting, but it comes with 225 counts of plates that you’d want to use for huge parties. Like other Chinet products, this one is made out of 100% recycled materials. Moreover, after using, this one can be left in a disposable bin because it easily decomposes.

Additionally for better convenience, this one microwave and refrigerator safe! Perfect for any types of occasion because it can withstand any kinds of staple, whether it is cold or hot. With its leak and cut resistant feature, even your guests would love to try one of these. Buying paper plates sounds like an easy task, but buying the wrong product may give you more drawbacks than advantages.

Frills & Frosting Tea Party Plates

The Frills & Frosting Tea Party Plates is probably one of the most attractive paper plates in this list. They are delightful and wonderful to look at, for sure; any user would love getting this one for their homes. It almost resembles fine china plates, but without the fear of it breaking or having to wash it afterwards. These plates will work well with tea and cake parties.

They are cute and lovely, it is guaranteed that your little girl would love it. It comes with strong and sturdy materials that won’t easily break, unlike other products. So, in conclusion, as part of the top paper plate deals in the market, we certainly recommend getting this one not just for their designs, but because of their durability.

What are paper plates?

Paper plates are where we go to whenever we need a hassle-free means of eating. They are sturdy yet effective acting as a real plate. These products are typically made out of strong layers of paper with a thin coat of plastic, to prevent watery food from leaking through the plate. As a result, paper plates along with other disposable products are probably the most useful invention of all time.

As written in history, papers were originally made out of woods and plant like the Papyrus. Papers weren’t made for plates back then, but were created so people could easily write and draw. The usage of papers can be found as late as 2400 BC in Egypt and 150 A.D in China. So you see, the history of paper has a long story, there’s no doubt they are one of the oldest kind of invention on earth.

Several years came by, people saw potential with papers, using it for fashion, newspapers, paper bags and even cardboard. When 1904 came however, the invention of paper plates bloomed. In the late 19th century in New York, Martin Keyes observed how people, most especially workers eats their lunch in this pieces of maple veneer and how it looked unhygienic.

This thing inspired Keyes to invent something that would generally benefit not just the entire public, but especially the workers. So for the next passing years, he started developing machines that could make paper plates made out of wood pulp. Keyes’ struggle wasn’t as easy as it sounds, he saw potential in his invention, but so did the people around him.

Someone tried to steal Keyes’ idea, but thankfully, he won in the court and successful launched his own company by manufacturing paper plates. He then named his company the Keyes Fibre Company and began selling paper plates to the public. Obviously, people saw this as a useful creation, which made it an in-demand product.

Soon enough, more companies started producing their own kinds of paper plates too and today, paper plates are almost found in every household. They are convenient and very easy to use. After eating, they can be thrown directly in a garbage bin and be recycled to transform into a paper plate again, it’s that easy!

Paper plates usually exist in plain white design, replicating a real plate’s structure. However, nowadays there are several companies that produce paper plates with different kinds of design to level up to parties or other events. They are often colored and designed with attractive drawings that it almost looks like real fine china.

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