Best Paperweights Reviews 2017

Ever worked in a busy environment and everyone is occupied with whatever they are doing? In an office, that is pretty common. Before air conditioning was available, companies used to work with electric fans or would open their windows to get some fresh air. However, since there are several documents and papers hanging around, there’s a big chance that the wind can blow the papers away.

This is why paperweights are invented. Paperweights are typically placed on top of documents or papers to prevent them from flying because of the breeze. They are an essential in every office since not everybody likes picking up hundreds of papers and gathering them again in the order that you’d like. They are typically heavy and have a flat bottom to hold the papers properly.

If you are preparing to get yourself a new paperweight, then you have found the right page to help you! In this article, we will offer you the best and leading paperweights that are currently for sale in the market. If you are as ready as we are, then read out the article below for more information.

Legal Lawyer Decision Maker Paperweight by Bey-Berk

The Legal Lawyer Decision Maker Paperweight by Bey-Berk is definitely among the top paperweights for sale. This one has a measurement of 4.7 x 4.6 x 1.2 inches with weight of 13.6 ounces, so it can easily hold paper bulks. Working in a legal firm? Then this one is definitely a helpful yet quirky paperweight, especially at your most indecisive moments.

It has options such as: lie, not guilty, settle, beg and the best one of them all, call mom. Furthermore, it is sturdy and heavy, so it doesn’t break easily in case you drop it. Know anyone in law or currently in law school? Then this is definitely the best gift for them. Lastly, as one of the cheapest paperweight deals in the market, we can assure you that this one is a wonderful product to try.

F Bomb Paperweight

The F Bomb Paperweight is also another quirky and witty paperweight in the market. This one has dimension of 2.5 x 2.5 x 5 inches with a weight of 1 pound. Give your office or cubicle a little chuckle with the F bomb paperweight. This product is made out of recycled solid metal by a metal artist located from Utah, it is guaranteed to be environmental friendly as it is recycled.

The F bomb is guaranteed to be easy and fun to have, do you hate someone? Give them the F bomb! It is really guaranteed to be funny and humorous. With this one, never let your papers go and blow away ever again! It is pretty heavy and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about your papers anymore. This one may not seem like an inexpensive paperweight, but we encourage you to give it a try.

KALIFANO Gemstone Globe Paperweight

The KALIFANO Gemstone Globe Paperweight is a wonderful yet still among the best paperweights brands in the industry. This one comes with different colors and aesthetics of the globe such as the: bahama blue, rubalite, black opalite, Caribbean blue and peridot green. Moreover, upon ordering, this one comes with an elegant red satin gift box along with a sim.

It has a dimension of 5 x 5 x 5 inches with a weight of 1.4 pounds. Furthermore, it is hand carved and installed with precious jewelry gemstones to further lovely aesthetics to your paperweights. It is one of the most beautiful yet affordable paperweights that you must buy. It is sturdy and the perfect gift for people who loves globes.

Design Toscano William Shakespeare Bust in Antique Stone

Know anyone who’s a writer or actor or just loves books, then you must certainly try the William Shakespeare Bust in Antique Stone from Design Toscano. It has a dimension of 5.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches with whooping weight of 2.9 pounds. This product is created individually and hand-finished by artisans themselves.

It is made out of crushed stones bonded with grade A designer resin. It is a unique design by Design Toscano and perfectly mimicked William Shakespeare bust. The artists made sure to get every quality and details to give you a high quality and attractive paperweight. In conclusion, as one of the good paperweights in market, the William Shakespeare Bust in Antique Stone from Design Toscano is certainly a must try.

Design Toscano Desk-Sized Guillotine

Want another attractive yet new paperweight? Then try the Design Toscano Desk-Sized Guillotine. This one has a measurement of 4 x 5 x 5.5 inches with weight of 2.5 pounds. Moreover, this product is made out of cast iron and carefully crafted using old and aged techniques. Each and every piece of this product is created and hand-finished by Design Toscano’s artisans.

This one may have a guillotine design, but it comes with a blade that is 100% safe and harmless. Furthermore, Design Toscano also offers not just guillotine, but also a catapult. This one may not seem like a cheap paperweight, but it is definitely a good try having one. If you are buying a paperweight that is extremely unique, then this one is a good one.

What is a paperweight?

A paperweight is a tiny miniature object typically placed on top of papers or books prevent them from flying away. Papers are one of the lightest materials in the world, due to their weight, there’s a big chance that they can be blown away. This is why most paperweights must weigh from 1.5 to 3.0 pounds to be able to hold the papers down.

Besides holding the papers down, paper weights also acts as a decorative item in a person’s office or cubicle. Of course, paperweights may not be as common as before, but for many people, they still hold significant importance. Paperweights often have different attractive designs such as miniature infrastructures, a person’s portrait or bust and some millefiori.

Paperweights can be made from different materials such as metal, marbles, resin, glass or acrylic. They are also widely available in different sizes and may act as a decorative piece in home or in your office. If you want something that is extremely useful yet great in the eye, then you must surely consider getting a paperweight.

The inventor of paperweights was unknown, but it was first located in French factories. There were several companies making paperweights of course, but only 4 major ones made it on the list such as the: Clichy, Baccarat, Saint Louis and Pantin. Paperweights back in the 1800s were deeply decorated and designed by artisans as they are typically given to loved ones as a gift.

Around 1860, the art for paperweights also went through all over Europe and especially, America. The market for paperweights was so strong, that companies would often hire artistic European artists to make attractive pieces of paperweights. More and more people created unique paperweights that are made the competition tough for all businesses. Nonetheless, around 1900s and the rise of technology, the production for paperweights halted, but it is still available today.

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