Best Parkas for Women Reviews 2017

Ladies, are you someone who’s always confused about the kind of clothes to be worn during the winters? Are you bored of wearing the same old jackets that everyone else also seems to have? Do not worry, we will help you out.

This winter, you can add a bit of elegance and style to your wardrobe with these superb parkas. In this post, we will explore everything you ever wanted to know about parkas. We will see the top parkas available on the market along with their features. We will give some suggestions towards the end of the post, to help you select good women’s parkas for you.

Jessie G. Women’s Water Resistant Down Parka Coat

Jessie G. Women's "Grace" Water Resistant Down Parka Coat - Black X-Small

Jessie G. brings to you this fashionable classic parka which also happens to be one of the best parkas for women out there. With their hidden front zip closure, this parka has a fantastic design. The shell is made of polyester, the lining is made from nylon, and the filling consists of 80% down and 20% feathers. Sounds cozy, right?

This parka comes in 3 different colors and has long sleeves with snap cuffs. The hood is removable and has faux-fur trim. Despite being so comfortable and elegant, this is a rather cheap parka for women with excellent quality.

Canada Goose Women’s Kensington Parka Coat

This premium parka for women is brought to you by one of the popular parka brands, Canada Goose. The shell of this parka is made from a combination of polyester and cotton while the lining is made from nylon. This down-filled parka coat has snap-through chest pockets and a front zipper along with buttons.

It also comes with flap pockets at hips and features adjustable exterior straps. The removable hood is fleece-line and has the coyote fur to give you the ultimate warmth and coziness. This women’s parka costs more than others, but it is one of the best.

BGSD Women’s Quilted Down Toggle Coat

BGSD Women's Quilted Down Toggle Coat - Black S

BGSD brings to you this inexpensive parka for women having down filling. The parka has a front zipper along with the stylish toggle button closure. Polyester fabric is used to make the shell and the nylon for the lining. The filling is made of down and feathers, 80% and 20% respectively.

The two flap buttons and the two zipper pockets enhance the overall design and functionality of this parka coat. It also has interior pockets, one chest zip pocket, and one flap arm pocket. This is truly an amazing women’s parka deal that you could lay your hands on.

The North Face Women’s Arctic Down Parka

Want to buy a stylish parka for women? Well, this parka by The North Face can be a great choice. The polyester-blend fabric makes for a breathable exterior making it the perfect winter garment. This parka also doubles up as a trench coat with waterproof shell.

The removable hood made from faux-fur trim increases the level of warmth offered by this parka. It comes with a quilted lining and adjustable back hood webbing having buckle closure. This is one of the top parkas for women present on the market and it comes in 6 different colors.

Calvin Klein Women’s Parka

Calvin Klein Women's Parka, Black, X-Small

Calvin Klein presents to you these new parkas for women from one of its latest collection released only a few months ago. This affordable parka is made basically from polyester and cotton and it comes in 6 beautiful colors. They look as stunning in cool colors such as black and navy, as in bright color such as fire red.

The hood is removable and is made from faux-fur trim. This parka features the snap-and-zip placket and has a c=standing collar. It has the welted hand pockets, side-entry patch pockets, and the snap flap on both sides around the hips.

What are Parkas?

Parkas are essentially long winter jackets that keep you amazingly warm and cozy during the rough cold weather. They protect your skin from the harsh weather, keeping you warm the whole time you wear them.

Parkas are way ahead than every other type of winter clothing. They are the real deal unlike those jackets you find on the market that only look good but don’t provide any protection from the cold.

Women’s parkas not only look cool and stylish, they make sure they are extremely good with their jobs. Most parkas come with fur, such as faux-fur or the original coyote fur, or any other type of fur to make you feel exceptionally comfortable and cozy.

You can wear parkas to work, when going for shopping, hanging out with friends, and even for parties during the winters. You will never feel out of place in them, no matter what the occasion is. Also, they look as good in jeans or trousers as they do when worn over gowns or dresses. In short, they go well with everything.

They are the most versatile piece of warm clothing which you do not have to think twice before wearing. All you have to do is put them on over your dress and you’re ready for a comfortable day.

In the previous section, we listed some of the outstanding parkas for women that are present on the market. We also saw what their features are and what makes them stand above the rest. In the next section, we will take a look at some important factors that you must consider at the time of buying a parka for you.

What to Look For

Before buying a parka, there are a few things that you must consider. First of all, take a look at the fabric used to make the parkas. Usually, the shell of the women’s parkas is made from polyester and the lining is made from nylon. The filling is generally a combination of down and feather.

When wearing a thick garment such as a parka, it is extremely important that you do not feel suffocated or trapped inside a layered garment. The polyester shell makes it a breathable garment and the inner lining of nylon ensures the fabric feels soft on your skin. Also, some parkas have fur in them to increase the warmth and the level of comfort it offers.

Once you have shortlisted the parkas based on the fabric used to make them, you move to the next point which is their utility. By utility, we mean check how user-friendly your parka is. Is there a zipper front or are there buttons? Either one is fine, depending on your preferred choice.

Next, take a look at the number of pockets in your parkas and where they are located. Some parkas have chest pockets, flap pockets around the hips, the side pockets, and so on.

When you wear a parka, you cannot really access the pockets of the clothes you are wearing underneath. If there are more pockets in your parkas, you will have more places to carry your essential belongings. Also, we prefer to keep our hands inside the pockets to keep our hands turning cold and rigid.

At the time of going through the different aspects of the parkas you have shortlisted, pay special attention to the design. If you do not like the look of your parkas, chances that you’d wear them are quite less. So, it’s better to be sure about the design and style quotient of the parkas, beforehand.

The last aspect is definitely the price. Parkas for women are quite expensive when you compare them with other garments and clothing. In order to get some amazing deals, we suggest you to go through the different women’s parkas for sales option.

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