Best Pea Coats For Women Reviews 2017

Pea coats, also called as pea jackets are an elegant type of coat typically worn by both men and women. They are usually in dark or mild colors such as navy, gray, black and beige. Pea coats can easily be identified as it comes with broad lapels, large buttons made out of wood or plastic, huge pockets and double-breasted fronts.

Despite almost looking the same, pea coats that are marketed towards women are a little bit different in terms of length and fitting. These pea coats may either be made out of cotton, wool, leather or tweed. Even though originally, pea coats were exclusively worn and sold for the marines and sailors, as years pass, it started entering the fashion world.

If you are planning to buy a pea coat for women then you have found the best page to give you the best information! In this article, we have dropped and included some of the leading and top pea coats in the market. Furthermore, we have also included a little guide and history about pea coats and what to know about them. If you are interested to know more then read below.

Noroze Women’s Check Hood Coat

Noroze Womens Check Hood Plus Size Duffle Coat (4 (UK 8), Black)

Are you buying pea coats for women? Then you must try getting the Noroze Womens Check Hood Coat. This coat is made out of 35% cotton and 65% polyester to make sure that it is incredibly comfortable to use. Additionally, this one is also available in 16 different designs and colors such as wine, black, cream tartan, charcoal grey and fuchsia.

Furthermore, this one came from a trustworthy brand named Spring Fever, an American trusted brand. Additionally, this one also has an approx. 80cm length from the shoulder and a 64 cm length from the sleeve. It also comes with a detachable check hood, which makes it an overall good pea coat. In conclusion, the Noroze Womens Check Hood Coat is definitely among the best ones in the market, so you must try everything not to miss it.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double-Breasted Classic Peacoat

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Double Breasted Classic Peacoat, Heather Olive, X-Small

Want something from a reputable and most definitely among the best pea coat brands? Then try the Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double-Breasted Classic Peacoat. Additionally, this one is also made out of polyester, wool and other fiber that will make this coat the best coat you will ever have. Furthermore, this one is available in 3 colors such as black, heather olive and navy.

This product features a double-breast, which means that you are fully protected and warm. Furthermore, it also comes with a princess seaming along with a buttonhole over the notched collar. This one may not be the cheapest pea coat for women, but we can certainly make sure that Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double-Breasted Classic Peacoat is one of the best.

Thever Women Long Sleeve Coat Cape

Thever Women Ladies Celb Long Sleeve Wool Wrapped up Draped Belted Coat Cape (One SZ(6-12), Black)

Want a fancy yet new pea coat for sale? Then go for the Thever Women Long Sleeve Coat Cape! This elegant coat is made out of elastane and polyester to make sure that you have a comfortable yet sturdy garment. Additionally, this design can also be purchased in 15 different colors such as cherry, mocha, silver grey and royal blue.

Moreover, this one comes with a length 117 cm from the shoulder to hem. It is an open from pea coat with a detachable belt, so you can close it according to your liking. As one of the most attractive yet affordable pea coats for women, the Thever Women Long Sleeve Coat Cape is a wonderful product that is too beautiful to miss.

Calvin Klein Women’s Single Breated Wool Coat

Calvin Klein Women's Single Breasted Wool Coat, Black, 2

Want to get the top pea coat deal? Then it must be coming for Calvin Klein! Introducing the Women’s Single Breated Wool Coat! This pea coat is made out of 10% silk, 20% nylon and 70% wool, to give you the sturdiest yet cozy coat in the market. Furthermore, CK also offers this pea coat in 3 colors such as black, charcoal and oatmeal, which isn’t too loud in terms of color.

This pea coat is equipped with a center back vent, a button-flap side pockets along with a large notch lapel, which improves your overall experience with this one. With a coat coming from this brand, expect only the best. The Calvin Klein Women’s Single Breated Wool Coat may not be a cheap pea coat you are looking for, but it is certainly one of the best.

Wantdo Women’s Coats with Skirted Hem

Women's Fold-Collar Tie Front Wool Coats with Skirted Hem MZX1272(Camel,US-Medium/Asian X-Large)

Want an inexpensive pea coat? Then go for the Wantdo Women’s Coats with Skirted Hem! This product is made out of 100% polyester and available in 4 different colors such as khaki, dark green, orange and pink. It comes with a modern design and a slim fit structure, so it can emphasize your shape properly.

This product comes with a skirted hem, single breasted button, a waist belt, long sleeves and funnel collar to give you a flattering coat yet comfortable one. If you are planning to get this one, it can be used in washing machine and tumble dry, just never bleach it. All in all, if you want an affordable yet attractive pea coat you can wear in the office, then we are positive that you’d love having the Wantdo Women’s Coats with Skirted Hem.

What is a pea coat?

A pea coat is a classical coat worn by all sexes as well as all ages. The term pea coat got its name from a Frisian or Dutch word “pijjjakker”, in which the pij signifies a type of cloth that pea coats are normally made from. This material is normally called wool, which provided warm for the user. Around 19th century, government employees and officials started wearing pea coat as a part of their uniform.

In the 1800s, European navies wore pea coat as their official attire. These coats can easily be distinguished as it comes with wide lapels, huge pockets, double-breasted design and large buttons. The first ever kind of pea coats were made out of 30 ounce of wool and had the color of the dark navy blue. It was used by navies primarily to stay warm even in the sea.

The design and look of the pea coat remained the same even after so many years. However, compared to 100 years ago, pea coats can now be worn by not just men, but also women. Moreover, it has been considered a fashion statement and it is an extremely popular coat during fall, autumn or winter. Additionally, they are also very good in keeping a person warm whenever it is needed.

What to look for in a pea coat?

The perfect pea coat are literally everywhere. But, if you are not in the mood to go shopping then you may also do it through online sellers. The first thing you must always keep in mind is if the seller is trustworthy enough to give you what you want. Thankfully, most of the products listed in this article came from reputable brands, so looking for one won’t be an issue.

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