Best Pen Light Reviews 2017

Pen lights are handy tools for a specialist. Doctors, nurses, mechanics and even policemen use this in their line of work. In any situation, having a portable pen light that can emit the best, concentrated light to assess a patient, a personnel or a specific machinery is important. You’ll need a handy and efficient pen light you can use for a specific area. There are few general uses for a pen light, nevertheless, having the best pen light on hand is necessary. Here are some of the best pen light we found in the market.

Streamlight 88039 ProTac Flashlight with White LED

The first on our list of the best penlight in available in stores is the most popular one, the Streamlight 88039 ProTac 2AAAHigh-Performancee Alkaline Flashlight. This has a white LED light that is energy-conserving and bright, good for assessments whether you’re in the medical field or other specialist work. This has a sturdy build. It’s made of anodized aluminum all over its body so you can guarantee this will last for a long time. It’s quite handy and serve its purpose as a small tool you can carry around. This will nicely fit in your pocket so you can have it anywhere you needed it.

One of its defining feature that sets it apart from other pen lights in the market is its anti-roll head design which is specifically made to prevent this pen light from rolling away. Its LED light also keeps its life-expectancy long so you don’t need to change a lot of batteries. This has a 50,000 hour product life. The body case and lens are impervious to any form of damage including the shock from a fall. This doesn’t get damaged easily unlike other cheap pen lights you’ll find in the market. You can turn this on with the pushbutton at the tail cap either momentarily or have a steady one by pushing it a little further. It actually has different modes of light that you can choose from. This is an ingenious feature especially if you need a specific beam of light in your inspection. Many professionals highly recommend this pen light.

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED Pen Light with Holster

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED Pen Light is an inexpensive pen light which is highly recommended by many people as well as professionals. This has a holster you can use to carry with. This is powered by a LED light mechanism that’s not only efficient but also earth-friendly and can save a lot of money and energy. The white C4® LED can deliver as bright as 90 lumens. This can run for 6.5 hours straight and has a 58m beam sufficient enough for detailed inspections. Its size is portable enough to carry inside your pocket. It only measures 5.3-Inch (134mm) in length and weighs 1.64 oz (46.9 g).

This pen light has a push button tail switch that’s easy to operate even in emergency cases. You can switch this to have a momentary “on” mode, or have it in a constant operation. This is powered by two “AAA” alkaline batteries which can last for a long time. The holster built into this product is made of tear-resistant nylon which is made durable for long-lasting use. Its body is made of corrosion-resistant and aircraft grade aluminum that’s unbreakable and resistant to scratches. You won’t worry about any abrasions even if this encounters impact from falls or other damages. What’s also amazing about this product is its water-resistant feature which is not commonly seen in other pen lights in the market.

Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Light

Here’s another efficient pen light we found that might be the one you’re looking for. This Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Light features a very bright LED light that’s high-flux and will only need ½ watt needed to operate for a 30,000 hours lifetime. Having a LED pen light is the best option since it conveniently conserves energy which helps you and the environment. This pen light is specially made with a micro optical system which allows you to have optimum output and run time.

Even if you accidentally immerse this into water it won’t get damaged easily since this pen light is made with water-resistant construction. The lens are impervious to breakage because it’s made of polycarbonate lens. Its pocket clip is also made of durable materials that won’t break easily unlike other pen lights in the market. This is made very compact and only measures 3-1/2 inches long. You can switch it on and off with the use of only one hand. The tail cap switch is conveniently placed at the end for easy operation. For such a tiny pen light, it emits such a bright light in comparison to other pen lights. Overall this is a pretty decent pen light for its price.

Primacare DL-9325 Reusable LED Penlight with Pupil Gauge

This pen light is one of those inexpensive ones that delivers good enough performance for its price. This pen light also utilized LED technology that’s why it’s one of those energy-conserving ones good for long term use. You can actually reuse this pen light thanks to its LED feature. This has a sealed and concentric beam which is suited for specific medical functions such as when a doctor needs to assess the eyes, ears or throat of a patient to check any abnormal findings. This is specifically made for medical use and to gauge pupillary action as well as assess pupil size.

This also has pocket clip that has dual function. Its first function is for portability. You can clip it somewhere you can easily have access to it, as in the case of nurses or doctors they clip it on their breast pocket where they can absentmindedly grasp it in the event of emergency situations or when they need to assess their patients. The second function of its tail clip is for activating the light of the pen light. Printed on the body of this penlight is the different pupil sizes from normal to abnormal. It’s important for a medical practitioner to assess the pupil size of a patient especially those who are suffering from seizures as well as those who have brain haemorrhage.

Streamlight 65018 Stylus 3-AAAA LED Pen Light

This pen light is another Streamline product but a different model. This is a stylus LED pen light that’s waterproof and made of anodized aluminum. It has a specially made body of machined case with a non-slip and knurled handle for easy grip. This has a pocket clip you can use to clip this portable pen light somewhere you can easily have access to it such as on your shirt pocket or breast pocket. Another feature of this product is a glare guard which protects the user from the bright light it emits in order to view the intended purpose clearly.

It has a high intensity light caused by its LED solid bulb. It can last for a very long time, 100,000 hours to be exact. It can also do a run time action of 60 hours. This is a very handy pen light with the length of 6 ¼ inch long. It design is made slim, lightweight and solid unlike other pen lights in the market which has a bulky appearance and are quite heavy to place inside your pocket. This is powered by AAAA batteries, though, which can be hard to find, but its LED technology ensures that you won’t have to change its batteries often. Its energy conservation feature makes it an ideal pen light to use. Its price is so affordable yet it gives a high quality performance.

Rayovac Value Bright 3 Lumen LED Pen Light

Next item on our list of the best pen light you can find in the market is the Rayovac Value Bright 3 Lumen LED Pen Light. This is another LED pen light you might like to use which can conserve a lot of energy and saves you the time and money to change its batteries. You might never have to replace its batteries ever again. This LED pen light can give its intended purpose of light for up to 100,000 hours thanks to its LED technology. One of its amazing feature not usually seen in other pen lights in the market is its magnifying lens. The additional magnifying lens built into this pen light actually provides a longer range for the beam of light.

Its body is made of aluminum alloy. Its durable and sturdy construction gives is a impervious quality compared to other pen lights made of plastic or other weak material. The high-quality material gives this a plus points for many of this users. This also includes a convenient pocket clip for you to clip anywhere you can have direct access to it in case of emergencies. It’s powered by one heavy duty AAA battery. For heavy duty AAA batteries the run time can last 5.5 hours, but you can also use alkaline batteries which has a runtime of 6 hours. This pen light has vibrant color selection you can choose from.

Escolite 9416A Medical LED Penlight

This is another specifically made penlight for medical use. Its main purpose is to check the pupillary action of patients as well measure the pupil size as part of the assessment of doctors and nurses in their line of field. This is a reliable tool you can use if you’re a nurse or a doctor or someone working in a medical profession. When you purchase this it comes in two packs so if ever you misplace one, which can happen especially in a very busy hospital setting, you’ll have spare one ready for usage. Also included in your purchase are four free batteries. You’ll need two for each pen light.

This pen light has a pupil gauge on the side as a reference for the normal and abnormal pupil sizes. But what really makes this pen light a great pen light for medical professionals is the ruler on its side. You can use this when you need to measure wound length during trauma assessment or other physical assessments medical personnel needs to do. This product is a good find for someone who works in the medical field. Its price is quite appealing too since it delivers a good performance for such a cheap price.

Primacare DL-9224 Disposable Diagnostic Penlight

Last on our list of the best pen light in the market is another medical pen light you can use. For a pack of six of these pen lights you can have them for such a low price. This diagnostic pen light is one of the highly recommended tool for those who are working at the hospital or has a medical line of duty. It’s actually a disposable pen light, something you don’t usually encounter in other pen lights. It has a sealed concentric beam which is good for directing light at a specific body part such as the ears, eyes or throat. The pinpoint lens also aid greatly in visualizing certain body parts for assessment.

Its pocket clip serves dual purposes for portability as well as in activating the switch of this pen light. On the side of this handy pen light is a great guide of pupil sizes you can use to measure and compare the pupil size of your patient. It’s important to assess the pupil sizes especially for those who are experiencing ailments of the brain function. This is a portable pen light only measuring 5″ in length and 1.2 inches in diameter. What’s good about this product is it’s easy to use and very affordable. Its lightweight since its made of plastic so placing it on your pocket won’t be a bother.


Pen lights have many uses, mostly in directing light for a closer scrutiny especially for those professionals who are in the medical field as well as those in the police enforcements and machinery. Having the best pen light on hand will make your job easier. Most pen lights available in the market are affordable but buying something worth its price is still the best option.

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