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Accurately measuring the acidity or basicity of a substance has been proven to be very crucial in many terms. With the accurate knowledge of the correct pH level, many fields will gain benefits such as in chemistry, biology, agriculture, procurements, healthcare and even the economic industry. In fact, us individuals also take benefits with the pH balance from the food we eat, water we drink and medications we take. In order to take the exact pH measurement of a certain matter, you need to equip yourself with the best pH meter. Whatever profession you are in, we know that you might be needing a pH meter someday.

HealthyWiser pH Test Strips 120ct

Nothing beats the convenience that the basic litmus paper strips can offer. The HealthyWiser pH Test Strips has 120 counts of litmus paper that is always handy and convenient. This is mainly manufactured to test the acidity or the alkalinity level of urine and saliva for medical examinations and other purposes.

Additionally, you can also add the HealthWiser pH Test Strips into your kitchen products since it can also be used to test the pH level of your drinking water, coffee and food for a healthier body. This is also a great addition to your household product to consistently check the pH levels of the water in your pool to check if it’s safe for swimming and for hot tub water to check if you need to clean or change your water pipes. If you are also taking very good care of a plant through hydroponics, you can make sure that the water around it is healthy with a single strip of the HealthyWiser pH Test Strips. Finally, if you integrated a magnificent aquarium in your home, be sure to also regularly check the pH levels of the water to make sure that the fish and other water creatures are safe.

This pH tester has litmus paper that features dual pad for more accurate and quicker reading just within 15 seconds. Unlike most of litmus paper that bleeds color that can affect the pH level measurement, the HealthyWiser pH Test Strips is made from Germany and Japan to make sure that your test won’t be messy too. Individuals who need to regularly check their pH level, like the ones who have diabetes, joint pain, arthritis and osteoporosis, will find this pH tester so much convenient and so much familiar.

Oakton EcoTestr pH 2 Waterproof pH Tester

The USA-made Oakton EcoTstr pH 2 Waterproof pH Tester is your heavy duty buddy when you need to check a pH level of a certain substance in a harsh environment. Setting aside the fact that it provides great comfort with its physical design, its three-point push-button calibration still offers a one-hand operation. These three points with the button provides you a different range of result which means that you can intensify the pH level measurement. This pH tester will definitely stay longer with you because its sensor has Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) reference junction which is protected with polymer gel for durability.

You don’t have to worry if you’re planning to use the Oakton EcoTestr pH 2 Waterproof pH tester outside the laboratory in a surrounding that has temperature variations from time to time since it has the Automatic Temperature Compensation feature that will still provide you with exact results despite temperature changes. It also has an Ingress Protection 67 or IP67-rated case that makes it waterproof and dustproof at the same time. It also provides a barrier against possible damages on contact with solid objects. It’s sole protector is its cap that is also responsible in maintaining the sensor’s moist which must sit upright so it stays calibrated anytime, anywhere. In addition to its controls, this pH tester has a hold feature and shut-off function. The hold feature lets you pause the test while the shut-off feature makes sure that your pH tester’s battery will last longer.

The Oakton EcoTestr pH 2 Waterproof pH tester is also a pocket meter that you can easily put inside your pockets and bags when you’re done using it. Its size also avoids chances of being dropped. Finally, with its simple, large and single-line LCD screen, you will no longer be confused since it is well-visible and will definitely provide you the ease of viewing simple results.

Digital pH Meter 6 Set of pH Buffer Powder

The Digital pH Meter 6 Set of pH Buffer Powder is your way to one-touch pH level testing. Created to test the pH levels of water in your pool, aquarium, and spa, this is sure to keep yourself and your business safe against hazards of imbalanced pH levels. Checking the pH levels of the water in your pool can give you an insight whether you need to change the pool’s water already. It also avoids itching and other skin conditions. At the same time, water creatures swimming inside your aquarium might have a safer environment to swim if the water’s pH level has been set to measure at the appropriate level. Whether your aquarium serves as a home for your favorite goldfish or home for breeding grounds and business purposes, this pH tester is sure to provide ultimate assistance. Speaking of business, you don’t want to get your spa business shut-off because of the hazards an imbalanced pH level brings to your water spa. Ensure your clients’ safety and relaxation by monitoring the pH levels of the water.

The Digital pH Meter 6 Set of pH Buffer Powder is a hassle-free scientific tool that saves you the trouble from creating mess using the traditional litmus test. Avoid chemical contaminations with your skin with its mess-free feature. Unlike the traditional way of using litmus paper to test the pH level, you don’t also need to visually memorize color charts to determine the pH measurements of substances. This process might lead to inaccurate data that might ruin your objective and purposes. With the Digital pH Meter 6 Set of pH Buffer Powder, it will give you concrete and accurate measurements efficiently and hassle-free. In fact, it has an auto-calibration button to help you out even if you need to test the pH level of substances that is influenced with changing temperatures.

PH Meter Digital PH-009 Water Quality PH Test Pen

The PH Meter Digital PH-009 Water Quality PH Test Pen is also your handy pH level tester that can ensure reliability and flexibility. It is ideal for testing the pH level of the water inside any aquarium that will provide a friendly environment to your water creatures. Avoid swimming into dirty waters with the PH Meter Digital PH-009 Water Quality PH Test Pen as well. Through measuring the pH level of the water in your swimming pool, you can distinguish right away if it’s still good or not. If you’re still attending school, your science class teacher will surely require you to bring one pH tester one of these days. Impress the class with the PH Meter Digital PH-009 Water Quality PH Test Pen that can also be used for food and beverage pH level testing. In addition, this pH tester contributes to the country’s economy by maintaining a good business inside the fishing industry.

You’ll have no problem if you have put away the PH Meter Digital PH-009 Water Quality PH Test Pen for a long time since you can just calibrate the pH tester into the buffer solution for accurate measurements. Also, pH testing with PH Meter Digital PH-009 Water Quality PH Test Pen will not give you a messy and chemically-contaminated workstation as it will not allow your bare hands to touch the substances you are testing. Finally, this pH tester comes in a very handy design and construction. You can just put it away into your pocket once you’re done with using it since it has a pen-like shape.

Jellas Pocket Size PH Meter / PH Tester / Mini Water Quality Tester

The Jellas Pocket Size PH Meter / PH Tester / Mini Water Quality Tester is your comprehensive and flexible pH tester that allows you to use it in different fields, profession and situation. You can use it in various activities generally for home, laboratory or even in some of the biggest industry. Firstly, you can now know if your drinking water is potable enough for your whole family. For water in your swimming pools, spa and your aquarium, you can check if they’re safe enough. Also, if you’re a water botanist, properly nourishing your water plant through hydroponics will be easier with accurate pH level reading. This pH level instrument will also help grow your wine and beer business. Imagine all of the possibilities that a single Jellas Pocket Size PH Meter / PH Tester / Mini Water Quality Tester can offer to you. Its physical and measuring features are great too. It can deliver fast and accurate measurements through its simple LCD display that lets you see the result after some seconds. The Jellas Pocket Size PH Meter / PH Tester / Mini Water Quality Tester has the ability to measure range of 0-14 pH under 0.1 pH resolution.

At the same time, this pH tester offers trouble-free usage. To measure the pH level of the substance, you can simply put off the cap, dip the tester to the substance and hit its switch. Wait for a few seconds and you’ll instantly get an accurate pH level measurement without the hassle of memorizing the color chart. This lightweight pH tester only weighs at about 1.76 oz. that you can carry wherever you need to go.

Qimius Digital pH Meter

The Qimius Digital pH Meter is your handy-dandy pH tester that is sure to always be ready whenever you need it. If you travel a lot, do much of your work outdoors, or you’re a certified adventurer who treks through rivers, forests and mountains, this pH tester will be very useful for you. It’s a multipurpose pH tester that can measure the pH levels of various substances from your drinking water, bath water, pool water, hot tubs and even aquariums.

This pH tester can meet your on-the-go demands and will provide you the ultimate convenience every time you use it. You don’t need to pack up color charts with you anymore since the Qimius Digital pH Meter has a large LCD digital display that shows you fast enough the pH level of the substance you are measuring. It also ensures a mess-free instrument usage since you no longer need to replenish test strips.

The Qimius Digital pH Meter is also reliable with its fast and accurate measurements. Its ultra sensitive electrode sensor gives way to precise pH level reading. At par with its reliability and precision, its auto calibration feature makes sure that the Qimius Digital pH Meter will still deliver exact results despite changing temperatures. Its calibration will also be easier with its one touch button using Qimius Buffer Powder.

PH Pen Tester THZY High Accuracy Pocket Size PH Meter

The PH Pen Tester THZY High Accuracy Pocket Size PH Meter is your go-to pH tester for any situation where you are required to get the most accurate pH level of a substance. This pH tester has a resolution of 0.01 pH that is best to check the acidity and alkalinity of liquids. You can bring along the PH Pen Tester THZY High Accuracy Pocket Size PH Meter to anywhere with you since it is very handy in size and in shape. Furthermore, it also comes with a case so this pH tester will not be contaminated and you won’t have a hard time trying to calibrate the instrument. In addition, it comes with a screwdriver to help you out on calibration so you will have the most precise measurements of pH level.

The PH Pen Tester THZY High Accuracy Pocket Size PH Meter is also your on-the-go pH tester since it is very easy to use. All you need to do is to pull off the protective cap and you can dip the pH tester straight to the liquid that you need to measure.

Beginners will also love the PH Pen Tester THZY High Accuracy Pocket Size PH Meter since the package includes an instructions manual that will also give out procedure details regarding calibrations and more technical details. Generously, the brand also gives calibration packet buffers for your first use of the instrument.

TDS Meter Professional-Grade Water Test Kit

The TDS Meter Professional-Grade Water Test Kit will make a scientists out of you. It provides you not only the measurement of the pH level of the liquid you are testing but it also gives you the TDS or the Total Dissolved Solids, the EC or the Electrical Conductivity and the temperature. It provides you a more comprehensive view of the subject you are working on that might give you new and better ideas on your research.

Do not be afraid of its name and its features, though. Actually, its wide LCD display might be simply read just by familiarizing yourself to what corresponds the measurements shown. Also, so you won’t need to do a quick write down of the measurements, it has the data-hold function that will make sure that the readings will be locked for your convenience. When not in use, the TDS Meter Professional-Grade Water Test Kit will shut itself down which helps it conserve its power that makes it long-lasting.

With the TDS Meter Professional-Grade Water Test Kit, you are sure to have a comprehensive view whether the water you use in various things like for your consumption, aquarium, ponds, pools, and many more is safe to use and does not have any pollutants nor chemicals. Ensure the safety of your health, including your loved ones’ health and also your business and personal activities.

Box Paradise Digital pH Meter

The Box Paradise Digital pH Meter lives out towards simplicity and accuracy. This will save you from the troubles of using the traditional Litmus pH strips from the messy chemicals to the inaccurate measurements via its complicated color shade chart. Since you don’t need those complicated color charts anymore, this pH tester’s wide LCS display will show you the accurate value of the pH level real time. Its accuracy is also improved with its auto-calibration function.

You will be able to obtain the result with just a few seconds of dipping of this instrument to the solution. Once you pressed the button on, you can just put it into the liquid, stir a little bit, and wait for the measurements to stabilize and that’s the way to tell if the measurements are good. Also, the Box Paradise Digital pH Meter is a portable pH tester that lets you measure the pH level of substances anytime, anywhere since it has a pocket-friendly size for easy storage. With its case made specifically for this pH meter, the Box Paradise Digital pH Meter is sure to be protected against any types of outer factors such as water and pressure. In fact, you can take this pH tester with you anywhere, even to the beach, without the tester breaking as long as it is encased with its protector.

What to Look For

Through our list, you have seen some features that some pH testers have while others lack. But the best pH tester must be guaranteed to accurately show the exact pH level of a substance.

Also, you can purchase other types of pH meters based on your professional and personal needs. There are the simple pH tester which are inexpensive, and there are also the pH testers that are being used inside the laboratory for experiments. These laboratory pH tester instruments are also expensive that can sometimes have computer interfaces, variety of input choices, conversion options and more. As a matter of fact, a holographic pH sensor is also existing that allows for the measurement of a pH level through only a compound’s color.

Bear in mind that some inexpensive pH testers, like the ones in our list above, can also deliver the same result on par with the expensive ones. In fact, inexpensive pH testers often come in a handy design that lets your hands do more work. Simple analyzation is also guaranteed if you don’t need features like conversions, temperature adjustments and more complicated details to get your job done in a more swift manner.

These inexpensive pH testers offers efficiency with its simple operational switches and buttons. Some also have protective features that will let you use the pH tester even on harsh environment and surroundings. Some can also be used to measure the acidity and basicity of different substances or compounds since some pH testers sometimes have a limited testing capability.

In terms of accuracy, be on the lookout to pH testers that can identify even up to +0.01 pH level. That means that you will be able to provide an exact data to your research, experiment and many more that will lead you to correct results and great outputs.


If you’re a scientist who does laboratory or field work, owning one is very crucial to your profession. If your subject is chemistry, identifying and manipulating the acidity and basicity levels of the chemicals is very crucial to your experiment. If you’re a biologist, you can distinguish and predict the well-being of animals and even humans by knowing their body’s pH level. If you’re on the field of pharmacy, the pH level amount on medications need to be accurately measured to have the desired effect and to avoid any misuse. In the field of agriculture, determining the pH level of the land or soil can lead to a healthy produce for all season.

On the other hand, you would also need one pH tester on school to do some researches and reports and at home for when there comes an emergency where you will need the pH level measurement of some things like food and water. If you take participation in the poultry industry, you would know how having knowledge with your livestock’s pH level will help you in your business. If you’re in the brewing industry, your alcohol or beer’s quality can be distinguished with a simple pH level measurement.

No matter what purpose you have in mind, having one pH tester with you all the time will definitely bring out the scientist in you. We believe that whatever profession you have, be it on the field of science, engineering, architecture, medicine, and even parenting, owning one of these is a must.

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